The hiatus is finally over and Precure will be getting new episodes starting next week.

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I'm very excited.

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Beautiful Towa

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I just want it to go back to normal man

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Dork Elf princess...

I want to wear YumYum's outfit after she's done working and fighting in it for the day. Imagine the smell while faping in it.

Cure and Spicy

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Cure splitting from her civ self like Riker and Thomas when?

DP is coming back and this place is dead, what the fuck.

Must be your fault, fucking retard, how dare you do this

Next week, retardo

Fucks off shitholes

Fuck on shitholes.

I will await for DP's return. I miss Yui.

I wanna see her stuff her face more


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Have we really reached the point where people think a thread that isn't five shitposts a minute is 'dead'? Are people so used to the disgraceful state of what /pc/ has been for the past year they now think it's thenorm?

Fuck off

Fuck on

Fuck shit

No that's just another shitposter

Let's talk about YumYum

What did you want to know about her buddy

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I miss Kome-kome and need to see her grow more.

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No wonder she gets so many cavities

It's kinda sad knowing this was her VAs first gig and then you remember it was the first show for a lot of staff and then this happens

Toei just updated DP is getting delayed again. The hacker attacked the site just now.

Why is that guys dick so brown

Ran will return soon

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Come on!

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Fuck he's not joking

stop replying to yourself

He's not lieing dumbass, go check the site for yourself.

fuck off troll

You fuck off DP hater

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Go check twitter and the site yourself dumbass.

Can she cook or she just for looks?

Three more weeks to find out...

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Yui must really enjoy eating her fairy partner.

I know you're just the vitriolic troll, but in case anyone falls for this moron's gaslighting:

Toei has just confirmed on its own Twitter account that DP is coming back.

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Want to spread Pamupamu’s lower lips like this.

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samefag sicko

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Kill yourself dogfucker iToddler

You wish it was just one person, you diaperfag

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