Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

What this disaster should have been

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is there any kind of sport that hasn't got an anime featuring a group of girls playing it yet?


should've shown underboobs

I want to say curling.

I feel like the show had an international feel to it somehow, like Yuri!!! on Ice but the cast is narrower in regard to nationalities.

Still waiting for a high quality cricket anime.

What an improvement!

Why is there so much shitposting these days? Is it because of the Toei hack and these idiots don't have their shounen to circlejerk about?

So did you guys like the first episode?
I feel like it had a lot going on. Could be interesting, could also turn into an amusing and convoluted trash fire. Eve is pretty hot.

it was alright, we'll have to see what direction it goes but so far so good

It could be fun. The first episode all I could think about was the constant similarities to pro golfer saru.

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I wonder if it will turn out to be like Saki in terms of superpowered all girl spokon charm?

Missed the last thread before it archived but they are "sisters" aren't they?

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from the ones i'd like to see:
pool, snooker

the main girl looks like Nikkaido

Seems so based on the mom, guess mom must have lost a few golf bets and slept around alot.

Rugby League

Eve is very breedable

it's great

pole dancing


>perfect grade
Good shit.

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Somehow both less and more entertaining than I expected. The IN song with the panning shots seemed completely pointless but the music the rest of the time was great. Looking forward to more.

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Mud wrestling.

next best thing was a gag in teekyuu

Curling had a VN, no anime yet though.

There is a manga about that: Silver Pole Girls.

Yamato Nadesico by Toshihiro Ono.

>that cast
i guess i have to pick this up

Mental gymnastics

Is this another "original anime" that is just a gacha game ad like estab life

>The Ladies Professional Golf Association
Wow it exist

Yurifags should just pack up and leave. Nothing yuri from this show. No need to seethe that hard from Amuro and Char being in it (and in the promo art).

My thoughts so far
>yes, Europe, where everyone speaks Japanese
>why didn’t she just wait for the train to pass
>why is her flashback a music video
>sure is a lot of black people

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>>why didn’t she just wait for the train to pass
She explained why though.

>wait for the train to pass
literally explained seconds earlier, speedwatcher-kun. she is a handicap junkie.

Yeah, to show off.

didn't it get cancelled already?

48 inches!?

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Who mentioned yuri?

>yes, Europe,
>sure is a lot of black people
I mean...

was this Eve making money to buy the presents?

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lmfao this vocal flashback training session

This soundtrack is too good

Happy Gilmore: the anime

Nah, Amuro and Char are based.

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Strong start.

weak release though, like 18 hours to get subs


Has anyone bugged subsplease on irc about fixing the release time for the subs yet?

I don't even know why they delay it for almost a day for the streams.

No one, but it's clear OP is someone like prick-kun or whatever.

t. shit taste

t. literal faggot

t. retard

Cup stacking.

It was explained in the previous thread that Japan didn’t stream the episode until 12:00 noon yesterday. That was the schedule that Crunchyroll was following and not the Late TV broadcast.