Shield hero/Tate no Yuusha season 2 episode 1

Episode 1 aired earlier today. Any opinions? Grievances? Come and discuss!

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Filo (both forms) is the best part of the show.

Filo and Melty skinship is the best part.

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IIRC the fight against church/pope dragged out stupidly in S1. If that sorta shit doesn't repeat, what volume or arc is a good stopping point for 13 eps?

Did they air season 3 by mistake? I have no idea who any of these characters are

the chinkvirus killed any hype I had for this series. It's been like what 2-3 years since the last season?

Nah, it's the MILFQueen.
> Butthurt Shield
Who are you talking about exactly?
I've never read the LN and I've recognised everyone.

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for me, it's the royal loli.
the chicken in annoying.

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Well there's a few possibilities:
>You only seen the anime
>You didnt read the source materials/manga
>You're really really really drunk

I love this series

And they are butchering it, fucking why

Tell me about Rishia, why does she wear the suit?

I've missed Slut Bitch.

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If I pull off the suit would she die?

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It would be extremely painful.

She's a big girl.

for you
But memes aside, as soon as she hits lvl 70 she'll hit her stride and wont need it anymore.

how many more seasons until THE STAB

Impressive, umu.

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That anti seizures brightness attenuation is making this shit unwatchable.

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Assuming they'll get to vol 8 this season. Maybe about 3-4 seasons.

Fucking spastic brained assholes ruining things for the able.

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too much slideshow for a first episode.

They've gotta stretch the budget for 2 seasons.

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think i'll just pass on it, season 1 was just average at best

The first chapters seems rough. Shield prision effect animation was laughable.

Oh god is she CG right here?

>for 2 seasons
what, is this getting 2 more seasons?

When will the Shieldcock shatter the Glass?

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Stretch the budget for season 2+3, but if dubs then yes another 2 seasons and a movie.

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Are they?

Never because she's a lesbian.

Glass prefers the fish tacos

Hopefully soon, lesbos need to be broken physically.

Just tell me where the penguin suit comes from and who was the pink haired knight pleas I don't want to rewatch.

Yeah they're skipping a lot

The penguin suit comes from the latter episodes of s1 in calmira island where they won it as drops from the karma penguins they had slain.
As for pink haired knight, she's the daughter of the lord of the lands where raphtalia's territory is. She doesnt make an appearance in S1, just a mention.

What is that based sheildbro

Knife to the head tier

there are people that like the fucking bird? she's the worst part and ruined every iteration of this story

Who scrambled your eggs?

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Who choked your chicken?

its just me or Raphtalia voice sounds almost completely different than S1 and isekai quartet?

Watching it reminded how I didn't understand why it was hyped back then and I still don't understand why it is being hyped now.

>Become Naofumi-sama's slave girl
Based. She is a keeper.

Does anyone else feel like this manga/show ran out of steam after the main arc concluded?

She's cute and I liked her fight with Fitoria. She's also great at making sure the tone doesn't get too dark again, been there done that early on and this isn't suffering porn like ReZero

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I like her alternate timeline counterpart more

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>Filo seemingly dies
>chicken gone, time to completly lose my shit REEEEEEE

The main arc (why the heroes were summoned in the first place) is remains unresolved, and the other set of heroes adds a tension that I don't want to be disappointed by.

Look at those chicken bones.

Why are the main girls all cucked by alternate world versions of themselves.

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Okay so the other three heros knew what the spirit turtle thingy was and nope'd the fuck out of there. Why?

I wish she had slightly bigger chicken thighs.

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I literally cried seeing my wife Kizuna

She has HUGE thighs in her bird form.

Impregnate Melty

The Queen made sure Naofumi did that.

So we wont see the rapist and the cutest autist from another world this season?

We're on turtle Namek this whole season

To fight and kill it themselves

Why didnt the other heroes realize the Spirit Tortoise was a world ending threat?

Oh so it's not an annoying event they wanted to get away from, but to hog it for themselves.

But they jobbed to Kyo

They do know. They're just selfish idiot retards like always and want the solo kill.


Jobbing to Glass LArc and Therese didnt realiry check them?

Yes, Naofumi marries Melty (along with Raphtalia obviously) and the Queen was really pushing for it too.

That's in the WN, right? I'm assuming the LNs arent to that point

In the WN, and at least one spear hero timeline they do. In the LN the author is pushing raphtalia's cousin and melty together.

Because spear tard is a retard
Bowcuck doesn't care about it
And the forgettable one is a literal who

>3 dumbfucks
>ever realizing their limits or making wise decisions
Ren is the only one of them with half a brain but he's too much of a Kirito to stop making dumb choices anyways.

>shield hero has the most insanely op oneshot abilities out of all the heroes
>oh but if he uses them he goes totally insane
>nvm he just keeps using them np

This is my one gripe with the anime. I needed to get it off my chest

He did almost die when using the dragon sacrifice one. And Iron Maiden didn't even dent Glass.

Do they ever add any depth to the other heroes and have them not just be consistently shitty for seemingly no reason? Like I'd get if one of them was written to be spiteful as hell and do the same shit over and over just because, but for all 3 other heroes to constantly just ignore the option that makes the most sense feels like just such lazy writing to make the shield hero look great in comparison

To be fair if they had practiced using all stregnthening methods they would have been able it to do it with just their own parties.

He can't use it for too long and the most powerful and dangerous ones have backlash and costs attached.

Once they get their asses kicked after getting BTFO'd but that starts past vol 11.

>shield hero has the most insanely op oneshot ability
The ability to nuke yourself and your surroundings but suffer radiation poisoning is a more apt comparison to his ability

They're all retards for different reasons. >Spear is your typical dudebro led by the nose by a manipulative woman (who he knows is evil after the trial but is too deep to cut her off)
>Bow has a MASSIVE hero complex and naive about most things, he's the most childish of the 3.
>Sword would be cool if he could check his ego and solo autism for 5 seconds. But he can't.