One Punch Man new chapter translation

One Punch Man new chapter translation

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Oh my god they're finally fighting? Holy shit I waited YEARS for this

why would you wait years for a fight to happen in a manga where every fight involving the mc is literally LOL HE KILLED HIM IN ONE PUNCH LOLLLLLLL

Dump it faggot

Because this is the fight where that doesn’t happen duh.

I don't know I liked Garou at the time. But I don't like how he looks now though, so cringe.

saitama: *holding back* hey buddy you're living your life wrong :)
anti-hero: you're right. i kneel

this was sick, I can't believe they're finally fighting

Adding scenes like this now just comes across like "hey remember the thing!" rather than a proper adaptation.
I'm very disappointed, this arc went on forever and yet the manga skipped over a bunch of shit to rush into a very deflated version of the final fight.

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Back to Plebbit.

don’t be toxic bros


The story peaked at Boros. Should have ended there.

Same, he looks like a generic shonen villain. How did he look in the source material?

Hype status: Buried
Parody status: Oblivious
Benchmark status: Subjugated
It's over

About what, Plebbitor? You're so easy to sniff out.

the problem is that they kept adding stupid shit that detracted from it instead of making it better. the only good addition to the manga was mizuki and that's because i enjoy female:muscle

Why are there so many fucking larpers that are saying this was bad
Jesus fucking christ you bunch of faggots

There has been an overlap in reddit and Yea Forums users for years now, get with the times grandpa. Or are you a newfag trying too hard to fit in?

bros... even the reddit translation team knows this shit sucks ass

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You know it's bad when even the what killed the hype poster stopped doing his thing. Where did murata fuck up this badly?

Saitama comes off as an asshole picking a fight with Garou for no reason. What a shitty change.

Cool chapter. It's lame that some very loud people hate this manga so much without even reading it that you can't really discuss it, but I guess it's inevitable for something so popular.

He was like that in the webcomic as well

saitama has literally always been a jaded asshole.

OPMfags told me for like 9 years to wait for this ...

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This version lost all stakes that made the original one awesome it's sad really

No, in the webcomic he was eager to save the S-class from getting their ass beat. He was giving Garou his just punishment, while here he's just a bully.

What a shitty adaptation.

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don't worry, he's gonna redraw the entire thing in a few months and it will still be worse than the webcomic

Saitama is shit now, what happen?
No no no you see Saitama is actually growing out his depression phase.

Wtf is wrong with murata?

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at this point i feel like murata is just a very talented manga artist, not a writer

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He literally did shit while they were being beaten to a pulp.

Look at the kid.

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I hate reddit

Somehow more reasonable than the muratacucks on here lol.

OPM fell off harder than SnK

theyre the niggers of the internet

Somebody just tell me why Garou's design looks so awful

Because Flash begged him not to. Saitama was eager to fight to save them the whole time, but was being prevented from doing so. That's why the moment when the two finally engaged was so cathartic.

I liked it. I don't understand the negativity. It's pretty much the same thing with added content to flesh out an even greater battle and outcome. Y'all just looking for something to heckle. It's clear that Miura is setting up Garou to transform further and you'll get your One kino panels eventually.

i think the thing with snk is that it was more abrupt. this has been going to shit since boros lost, so it was more of a slow descent

Okay maybe I'm just retarded. I was talking about the size differences, he grows and shrinks, a a feet but now im just nitpicking

No soul

His art is not doing anything to me anymore, it's just pretty pictures but very uninspired and forgettable

Tareo really doesn't know about Garou's brutality when hero hunting. He just knows about the moments Gaoru tried to protect him from monsters and heroes. That is why he is on his side in this chapter and not the heroes, represented by Saitama.

Because is an inferior product of what is supposed to be
It misses many points on the story, it has so much filler, and worse it made changes to what should be canon

Just because murata can draw very good doesnt mean he knows how to write, he already has a script and a good one, he doesnt even need to be "creative" on it, yet here we are

Technically, but I also recall Garou just straight up ignoring him when Saitama would pop up and be all like My Turn!

This is imperfect Cell. An added form so Miura can lengthen the fight and give reason for the Kino design One made. Have faith, lil nigga.

>Saitama was prevented to do something
Cope more.

Murata can only draw pretty pictures, but any ounce of originality is met with disdain from his readers

surely he will do a redraw and make it better right?

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someone forgot to tell murata that less is more and turned him into a clusterfuck

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In the webcomic he is just ignored because everyone is so full of themselves, until he is the only one left standing, and then after some joke saitama just overpowers garou in such a way that he considers saitama as an unfair existence

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smurf a shit

Fucking lame

the fights gonna be longer and hes gonna keep mutating further until hes fully mutated

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>How did he look in the source material?
Like a generic shonen villain.

Not the best chapter but after blueballing us for 3 chapters, next should finally br about the fights. The two alone, without other characters reaction, hopefully, so we can immerge ourself.

The manga is going to go full scale divergence. Gaoru is actually going to be strong enough to hurt Saitama and then they team up to fight God because that would be gay

>his design is going to get even worse
Cant wait

And then there's that weirdo who repeats 50 times every thread that the artist writes the manga when the writer is credited on the opening page of every chapter.

Because its only 1st phase
And even then he is no longer supposed to look human, the more he fights the more of a monster he becomes

But for the crappy drawings of the webcomic it seemed that his "skin" was made of his bandages or something but its pretty much his skin at that point, only after saitama completely beats the shit out of him we can see that garou is still human
And only saitama tells him that he is not a monster, from the outside he should look monstrous and huge

More like monsterizing. Thr more he is obssessed with Absolute Evil, the more he will monsterize.

This has to be a joke lol
Murata wasted all that time on that filler and releases this turd for what everyone has been waiting for years?
Garou is fucking laughable and Murata keeps paying more attention to drawing his ass than everything else.

>tfw when even Psykorochi seemed more threatening than Monster Garou

it was funny in the webcomic, not sure it will be here

It feels so good to be right. I've been saying that the manga was going to shit ever since they added orochi lmao.

>going to go full scale divergence
>going to
It already has, by the fact that they showed us Blast and some of his powers

garou is going to convince saitama into being evil and they team up with god to obliterate the planet

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>There has been an overlap in reddit and Yea Forums users for years now
That doesn't mean faggots from reeddit are any more welcome. If you're going to be a faggot, then do that in Reddit, don't bring your cringeshit here

With all the changes, how likely will Garou do some serious damage to Saitama in the Manga version?

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Obligatory reference minus the humor and bluntness that made it funny to begin wih

murata's going full spicbrain so at least 40%

forgot pic

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This is such a terrible change over the original.
First golden sperm, now this, the only good thing that came out of this is homeless emperor moment.

>Moon on page 10

Why do people like the wc AG design more? It's completely inconsistent, sometimes he looks like a demon or bald nigger with horns. The size of his horns changes every panel. And he gets randomly pointy or normal teeth.

because he doesn't look like a shitty power ranger

this fight is going to last like five volumes and it will be the greatest fight in manga history
webcomicucks are getting upset

It fits Garou better and it’s more subdued, not flashy and generic.

> It's completely inconsistent,
> sometimes he looks like a demon or bald nigger with horns.
> The size of his horns changes every panel.
> And he gets randomly pointy or normal teeth.
You described it. You get it but for some reason you don't get it.

can someone link the webcomic for comparasion

less reliance on spikes and glowing lines

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>No humiliation of the S-class
>Maybe no serious table flip
>S-class calling for his execution will be out of nowhere since he basically saved a bunch of heroes by killing Platinum Sperm and the centipede

Why did it have to be like this bros?

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>throwing in lines from different scenes that weren't adapted so the reader can go "hey I remember that"
This shit is so fucking bad that I can only laugh

Webcomic looks like shit, lmao

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>of what is supposed to be
It's supposed to be its own thing not a 1:1 recreation of the webcomic ONEtard.

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