One Piece

Cute and canon

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Agreed, SaNaGod

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I agree with this picture, Sanji and Nami are like siblings :)

Nami is lesbian and tranjji had his ass drilled in newkama land

>I agree with this picture, Sanji and Nami are like siblings :)


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Incestfags are gross

Guys I love Luffy so much

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I HATE Kiku!

What a brave and controversial opinion.

OKiku is a MAN and HE is my WIFE!

Why don't you respect your wife's pronouns?

LuNa sisters, why didn't Luffy protect Nami? Sanji had to ditch Kanjuro and Momo to save her

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SaNa bros...

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What is the context of this image? What happened to Bonney on this pic?

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What accent would 4kids give to your favorite post-Alabasta character?

How did crocodile speak?

Nami is for Vivi
Usopp is for Kaya
Sanji is for pudding
Luffy is for adventure

It will be a glorious day when the Sunny leaves Wano without Yamawhore. The tears of the Yamato fags will flow like a mighty river. The rustling of their jimmies will put the Gura Gura no mi to shame.
The accumulated butthurt of all their seething will foam up about their waists and all the waifufags and edgelords will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper "No."

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LuNa will never be real.

I miss short haired Nami
I miss Chopper's original design
I miss cowgirl Robin
I miss Franky having a good design

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I don’t
I do
I don’t
It’s still good

This is how Tama is treated by the new merch

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What's with that incredibly garbage Luffy shadow in the back?

This is how Yamato is treated.. as a allied captain.

The towel was not that strong.

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Yeah, Yamato is joining the crew.

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Film red propaganda.
Shit tier to be honest.

I did the best I could....

Sabo is on the run with Vivi probably, so they'll end up fucking
He'll end up marrying a royal like his parents wanted just one that isnt a piece of shit

The towel was literally just because she plays a large part in the volume that merch was celebrating.

How the fuck did Crocodile become a warlord with a sub 100k bounty

Poor Koala

I miss [something pre-timeskip related that I've already said every thread as if it's going to change anything]

Blackbeard did it with no bounty

Oda can't into scale.


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>Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder)

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Yes my favorite captains right there: Moria, Teach, Inu, Neko and Kawamatsu

It was an impressive amount for a woman and they were trying to diversify at the time.

I miss that one scene where Nami got sexually harassed :(

I miss chapters without cluttered panels.
I miss the dreams of the Strawhats.
I miss character development.
I miss good pacing.

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probably stayed under the radar until he went for whitebeard then shifted back to plot mode.

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Loki should be a bishounen

You forgot to add
>that still happens post-timeskip

>Dragon: “The day we meet will come.”
Dragon has expressed zero interest in Luffy’s progress post-ts. What happened?

wrong pic, sister

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Are any of you following any other manga?
I've been reading Edens Zero and PokeSpe

I know. But they act as if the towel is something super important and a sign that she will join. LOL
Yeah. She's with the shit group.

Is it not wasted potential that in a manga about people gaining superpowers by eating DFs, we never got a main character who we could follow on his journey to discover his new power?
At the beginning of OP, I expected at least one of the fruitless SHs to eventually eat a fruit. First being constantly annoyed and handicapped by the weird ability misfiring, but over time getting better at it and learn to use it unique ways.
Instead we only get people who already mastered their fruits.

It’s almost like one of the purposes of message boards is to vent out your opinions that ultimately won’t matter in the long run because it’ll just be enveloped by the internet void as time passes.

I think this arc and the Reverie were the only times Oda did the whole meta recap thing.


Foreshadowed events, hyped up characters & plot points Oda doesn't address:
>Awakened Devil Fruits.
>Void Century
>World Government Agenda
>Shanks motive, powers and role in the story.
>Dragon & his powers.
>D. meaning
>Whitebeard pirates vs Blackbeards
>Akainu vs Aokiji fight
>All the strawhats dreams
>Zoro becoming the strongest swordsman.
>The One Piece
>Green admiral
>Luffy’s Family
>Voice of All Things
>Captain John's treasure
>Tashigi's resemblance to Kuina
>Enel on the moon
>All Blue
>Origin of Devil fruits
>Cursed swords
>Mysterious person in crocus' cover story
>Aokiji joining Blackbeard
>Crocodile's secret
>Zou's crime
>Great Serpent soaked in blood that can survive Elbaf attacks
>Treasure Tree Adam
>Sunlight Tree Eve
>Fujitora blinding himself after seeing something tragic
>Doffy being targeted in prison
>How Im got into his current position
How will we get any satisfying answers to all of these things with the current pacing?

>Brook standing off against Big Mom in that big spread
I don't remember this happening in Wano at all

His main island kinda got fucked up and put on the run

That didn’t happen until after Zou.

Im not entirely equating bounty to power level but how the fuck would someone with a sub 100k bounty even be noticed for a warlord position
It's not like we hear about any of his feats before then

I still follow Edens Zero but it has gotten boring after the timeskip. It got too serious compared to the pre timeskip and there's too many characters

Half of these are fan theories

inb4 you get called a speed reader

I don't care about 99% of the characters in Wano

after franky and brook ran her over

>with the current pacing?
Where current arcs are hundred chapters long and go into detail of everything occuring, no matter how minor or "irrelevant"? Gee, I wonder.

Half of these can be explained by just covering D. and the ancient kingdom/void century

>Yamato is in the chapter
Maybe it wont be completely shit then

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Where was the opportunity to meet before then? They were planning for the Reverie

He was severely disappointed in the lack of diversity in Luffy's crew, I'm sure he will gain interest again when he realizes Jinbe joined.

99.999999% of the people you know don't care about you

My point is that Luffy seemingly hasn’t been on Dragon’s mind at all, not that their meeting hasn’t happened yet.

Top waifus
1- Nico Robin
2- Boa Hancock
3- Jewelry Bonney

>Tashigi's resemblance to Kuina
sometimes people just look alike
>Captain John's treasure
It's the inverse of the One Piece
It's going to be actual riches and wealth but Buggy won't have actually gained anything from his journey beyond cash
Meanwhile the One Piece will be actually spiritually enriching shit that changes the world

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What do you mean?


Yes. Problem?

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not seriously. use to read more but lots of series finished years ago.

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Why is Law's bounty lower than his fruit's price?

'ate Bonney

Simple as



Robin was amazing. The little hints that she wasn't a villain, her dream of knowing about history, saving Luffy and all that.
The surprise when she appeared will never be topped.
It's a shame that Yamato tried the same trick without the history behind and got told that she sucks instead.


>>Akainu vs Aokiji fight
Addressed in punk hazard what are you talking about user
>Whitebeard pirates vs Blackbeards
Addressed already

Almost all of the big mystery ones like the Will of D and void century are interconnected

You can ask. Caribou tried and got a yes.
The problem is asking and having as answer:
>You can't be Oden because people love Oden and no one could love a piece of shit like you.
While ignoring your request as if it's dirty.

>Yamato tried the same trick without the history behind and got told that she sucks instead.
Nothing of this actually happened though.

Here's an interesting question, can dehydration from Crocodile kill Kaido? Or Bonney and her aging power?

t. speedreader

>Robin before turning to shit.jpg
is this the obsessed "year of jinbe's death" "bimbo granny" faggot?

Oda himself said he was a promising rookie just like Luffy was (sbs). Plus, shichibukai bounty gets frozen the momment you join so they're the worst to use bounty as parameters for like... anything

t. Seething nakamafaggot

why didn't they offer Crocodile's empty position to Luffy

Lying about a manga panel.
His words are basically:
>You can't be Oden. People actually love Oden.
Guess what is implied about her?