Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

How do you Think Naruto would have been received if Kishi started the franchise with Minato's story first?

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Kill yourself, narutard.

What do you think if we started as mainatotards first?

I've never understood the hype around Minato, he's a boring version of Naruto

People like him because he’s connected to Naruto. It’s the same reason people pretend to like Kushina even though everything about her is boring.

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>Literally solo'd jonin kidnapping his girl that he had the hots for and Talk No Jutsus her panties into moistness and then coming off
>Taught Kakashi how to fight
>Has a sick teleport
>Bodies a Kage candidate and the Jinchuriki of the 2nd strongest Bijuu in under a minute
>Actually fucking killed people and was considered a 'Run on Sight' monster
>Beat Kamui without another Kamui, the only person in the series to do so
>Developed the Jutsu Naruto uses more than anything.
>All while being absolutely normal for 90% of his panel time.

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He was wanked for half the series before Kishi switched to Hashirama.

I liked Naruto as a character when he was the funny loser. He got so generic in Shippuden.

They're not late though.

Doesn't matter it's all kino

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Canonically Naruto has a small penis, i worry about Hinata's sexual satisfaction bros....

>main character was inspired in the USA
>He's literally called NAruto

There is only one man who can satisfy hinata

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But that's his mom...

Is Konohamaru gonna fuck Hanabi?

Is Raikage taking the pic?

Bigger isn't always better

Naruto uses his signature jutsu even in bed


Wouldn't surprise me

What happens if you create a small rasengan inside a woman's pussy?

Either death or water fountains

Considering Minato had no bloodlines to speak of, I'd be interested in an arc about him, but I don't know about starting with him. I like the ambiguity in early Naruto of why he'd seal the Nine Tails in Naruto specifically.

Kill yourself Minatotard

When did Raikage become a sex symbol?

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Always thought he was the most boring out of all the hokages

>bro look at the thing I did! I spent 10k to make a bunch of images no one will save for a porn scene that barelly even exists anymore!
No one wants to talk about Naruto anymore you massive tard. Spamming garbage threads on Yea Forums won't change that fact.

I've seen Sasuke hiden episodes.
I didn't know that Kekkei Genkai users were sold and enslaved.

only for americans, they love BBC in the ass

He was a big fucking deal until he came back during the war and was made just a Naruto clone.

It would have been axed early on.

Damn, based.

What would Minato's story even be about? Taking into account that Naruto still remains the same, Minato's story seems linear and predetermined.

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Haku told Naruto about it back in the first act

He was super popular before we really got to see anything about him. So a lot of his hype was built up just because of his position as the 4th and the probability of him being Naruto's dad.

>Journey to become hokage
>The other parent characters
You could easily make a 200-300 chapters with those plot points.
Heroinecucks would cope and seethe for another decade.

Do you mean something like a Minato: Naruto Past Generation?

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-Minato's childhood And his journey to become hokage

-The 3 sannin and their fallout

-see Minato's generation and of course the ino-shika-cho previous formation

-watch kakashi's generation grow and become ninja themselves leading up to the third ninja great war and eventually the day of Naruto's birth

Main characters:
>Neji's mom

>beelzebub in s

>Fairy tail in S
>Rave in B
Based. A lot of the issues that were prevalent in fairy tail can also be found in rave. Rave's ending was even worse, and Mashima's art and panelling were leagues below what it was in fairy tail.

I still enjoyed rave but on a reread I realised that it's been romanticised a lot, it's not much better than fairy tail (if at all).

No, only me.


When the anime starts animating mommy Eida's episode ? We damn gonna die waiting

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>He solos the verse
Not after we find out his weakness

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If you exploded the building he was in with a timer, would the explosion transfer to you?

> Neji's mom
> Design covers her forehead, meaning she's probably from the branch house
> Loses the MC-bowl in her series
> In the main series her son dies so her (main house) niece can win the MC-bowl

Salt in the wound.

What a "heroine". Befitting of Kishimoto's legacy.

>Minato has a son that becomes that prophecy child to save the world.
>Teuchi's has a daughter who helps run his restaurant and serves Minato's orphan son.
>Neji's mom's son gets his jaw broken by Minato's son, almost dies against spider gamer, and later after doing nothing dies because of Minato's waifufag student.
>Jiraiya's son becomes a scientist who worked for Pain and later worked for Jigen and is now planning something sinister with with Minato's son's adoptive son. Probably gonna a villain.
Something with wrong with the other half of the team.

He could be a grower. We don't know what he's packing when he's at 100%

>why he'd seal the Nine Tails in Naruto specifically
Should have remained a mystery because the actual reasoning was retarded as fuck

> Minato in the series: "When I become the Hokage I'll fix the Hyūga!"
> Does nothing
> Naruto in the next series: "When I become the Hokage I'll fix the Hyūga!!"
> Does nothing
> Neji's mom becomes a salt pillar

I honestly kinda like it. Neji's mom's entire life would be a tragedy.

I'm not sure. Kishi is the one who decides what Daemon can reflect, and he can even change his mind via retcons.

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>When the anime starts animating mommy Eida's episode
Likely next year, but we might get a sneak peek this year if we are lucky.
>We damn gonna die waiting
Well, you could die by thinking about Daemon.

To pile on even further, she would have never really had any chance with Minato because of the Caged Bird Seal. No matter how much he may or may not have liked her, the Hokage could never marry someone that the Hyūga clan head could use to blackmail him by making a hand sign.