ITT: Weird/Unexplained things that were never brought up again

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I forgot all about flashback man.

J Geil not being touched by the rain

He was saved by some dude with a unique and memorable style, and so he went on to dress and style his hair exactly like he did to honour him/remind him to help others. Will admit the anime made it a bit too on the nose by making it appear like It's straight up him from the future as if there would be a time travel plot.

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fuck anno

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am i retard for suggesting this might be an early draft of jobin given the facial features?

This or an early Damo. Too bad retards will keep asking this question for the next 10 years until JoJolion finally gets adapted

Araki would have just needed to put in a line about Josuke matching them up and it would have been fine if that was the case (even if that part was redrawn with a new face) but he didn't even do that. Which leads me to believe that the guy was neither Jobin nor Damo.

Jobin appears in the same chapter. Also if it was meant to be him Josuke would have reacted when he saw him, this is the problem with the idea that he was an early design for any of the characters, Josuke never goes "That's the guy from my memories!". It's just a dropped plot point.

it's obviously an araki forgot (the initial design) moment
but yes, it's much more fun to imagine that flashback man is the true JOHO LION or the washed-up baby or some other nonsense

Didn't watch Evangelion.
Can I get a quick explanation?

Girl with the glasses on the right is the main character's mom's friend. She doesn't age and met him when he was a baby. He shacks up with her when he becomes an adult.

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Worse than flashback man imo. Flashback man at least has the excuse of being early on. This shit happens at the start of the final arc and is Araki straight up lying to the audience

Wasn't there also a hidden Rokkakka that everyone forgot about?

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IIRC Kira or Josefumi were supposed to have had a rokakaka plant in their house.

> whiter than you, ahmed

Most likely another Zunisha

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Part 8 must have been cut short for some reason and Araki told to wrap it up, he's 'forgot' things before but this was ridiculous.

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>using the anime
he looks completely different in the manga

The anime also inserted little magical looking scene transitions that weren't in the manga.

I just rewatched it. WTF WERE THEY THINKING. The anime literally has head canon in it

He founded that drug trafficking country and was killed by a chimera ant, his story is finished

wasnt there narration saying that gon will cross paths with him in the future?

he's alive, no clue what user is saying

There's a lot, but off the tip of my tongue the robot birds, the hallucination of the laughing Subaru, and whatever happened to Ram in one of the failed timelines. She just dissappears.

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Nowhere in that does it say or imply he's dead. Get some reading comprehension, it literally says eventually. He's alive

That was before we learned he died to a chimera ant

Maybe I'm dumb, but I always thought the implication was that Gyro's personality became Meruem

Gyro reincarnated as a chimera ant but kept all his memories intact because he was strong willed and disobeyed the queens orders

Can't unsee now

People forget that flashback man was retconned some few chapters later. When asked about his past by Kei, Josuke responds that he has not even a single memory. FBM could be a big lead but it is never mentioned of again. Despite the bumpy road, JJL was mostly fine until the final arc though still had big issues. The rock human gang being dealt with... only for there to be bigger, badder rock human gang right after sucked the wind out of things. The Tsurugi lie, the flat and rushed ending, the Joseph chapters raising more questions instead of answering anything.

Why does Holly have bites of her brain missing?

Dr. Wu did say that the fruit for some reason tries to exchange with the brain first and his work was to try and block it from doing that. So Holly's brain might have been destroyed by the fruit by eating it several times, possibly because she was an experimental subject.

JoJolion is about breaking a curse.

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Did you miss the "Curse of Eva?" Spending too much time in LCL basically stops your growth.

JoJolion's ending was already bad, but this makes it an absolute joke.

Then post the page that confirms that

>Rokakaka in the apartment
>Rokakaka at the stadium they just didn't bother with
>All rokakaka at the hospital was destroyed by Josuke
>New rokakaka only
>Both fruits are eaten
>Lol the sap works just as well for Tsurugi

No, it's about breeeeeeaking a cuuuuuuurse.

Which ones ? Those hidden in the stadium, or the one in Kira's appartment ?

We are especifically told he reincarnated as a regular ant and retained his memories so he just left.

That said I dont think he would have been a dropped plotline had Togashi not dropped the manga. His followers going to meet him in Meteor City lines up very well with the PT going to mostly get wiped up in the current arc, since that would naturally create a vacuum of power in the city.

The stupidest thing is the Joshu's stand would be able to mass produce new rokakakas, so there was no need for a conflict at all

I mean it would have been the old one, which is useless for the purpose of the main plot anyway. They also destroyed all the old plants in the hospital like said.

Both Josuke (to some extent, though it's kind of invalidated by Holly still being alive when the series ends) and Jobin/the Higashikatas were on a time limit so the conflict makes sense because of that. The sap working fine though invalidates it. Especially since earlier in the series it was said you needed to eat some large fraction of the fruit for it to work.

>Weird/Unexplained things that were never brought up again
No wonder why this quickly devolved into a JoJolion thread.

Giorno's gold experience suddenly only being able to give life through his hands during the little B.I.G fight.

Ya. I don't know what Araki was thinking. Hamon Beats is a cuck who tried to say he needs to hands to make it work on other parts of his body. Which is dumb.

I dislike the concept that stands share permanent wounds with their user. For some it makes no sense anyway like the non-humanoid stands.

Also remember that Koichi was the one telling the story, and he admits he was only half listening to Josuke when he told it.

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Does the translation for coloured jojolion halted because of Obladi Oblada?

That's just a reference to Umi Bozu, a sea Yokai. THESE MOTHERFUCKERS though, are genuinely freaky with how unexplained they are.

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Are you serious? They explain these.