Yang... Wen-li

Yang... Wen-li...

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What a loser

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the empire looks a lot more chill to live in honestly, at least reinhard's does

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he just like me fr fr

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Why he love democracy so much?

This fucker should've acted, taken power when it was freely offered to him and improved his federacy's life instead of sitting on his ass and sighing. He might have even saved his crush's life if he just acted when the moment called for it.

>t. Rudolf von Goldenbaum

HOLY SHIT did the painting of Yang wen li just speak???!!

The empire is better is all ways
Best Characters, Best aesthetics, etc

How did Japanese people accept a Chinese man as the main character?

He was just using democracy as a shield against assuming responsibility; Yang was so absurdly popular that he would have easily won any election he ran for. He just didn't want power at all, regardless of how it came about.

1. The anime makes several references to ancient china, so I guess they're taking it from that angle, not about the CCP.

2. Writer makes it clear several times that all politics, current or past, don't matter in the big picture. So he might not give a fuck about the current relations between CCP and Japan

3. He could be a Chinese from outside mainland CCP China (there's a lot around the world, you know)

4. Not all Chinese from CCP China are bad people. That should go without saying.

5. Most people don't give a fuck, and just enjoy the story

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Also, the writer could've thought having a Japanese as the (one of the two) main characters would be arrogant and/or corny. He clearly wanted the Alliance to appear truly international, and having a Japanese man at the front would break the fourth wall and hinder that appearance (especially to the Japanese viewers).

In other anime, futuristic international nations for some reason have a lot of characters from Japan, so it's very clear to viewers that this anime was made by the Japanese from a Japanese perspective. LoGH's writer wanted to make a "real" and "timeless" drama. I think there's only one character from Japan.

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He's simply advocating for a healthy system. Relying on a single individual or special technology to assure your prosperity and safety is unhealthy and bound to lead to problems in the long run. Reinhard says so as well.
The corrupt politicians and stupid masses are the ones running from responsibility by relying on him as some kind of saviour.

In the first place why should he give a shit. Reinhard didn't become Kaiser for the people but as an act of revenge and because he's crazy like that.

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>healthy system

yeah, that's not working out...

It's not democracy when you just tell everyone lies through the news and stop people talking to each other to figure them out, and take away their right to vote or throw them in jail if they get around these measures.

I am from Korea, and whenever there is a futuristic sci-fi movie, drama, or manwha that shows a lot of Korean characters at the front of the international UN-like nation/organization, it really does feel corny and clearly reminds me every moment that what I'm watching is fiction.

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Post what futre historians thought of Yang Kekli

it actually makes sense for you at least, korean gamers have insane skill and you can kind of extrapolate that in fiction to make it justify fighting skill

japan is literally only good at telling stories and having the only functioning country in the world that isn't controlled by insane pharisees, telling me all the best fighters are japanese in baki makes NO sense

Well, overt fiction such as Baki (obvious fantasy) are fine if all the god characters are Japanese. It's fiction, and it's fun so who cares.

It's the manga and anime that tries to take itself seriously and try to appear at least somewhat-realistic, that an all-Japanese cast breaks the fourth wall and look awkward. Especially sci-fi where an international army/organization is for some reason led by the Japanese.

I think Sidonia has an all-Japanese cast but it's justified in-story because each nation built their own ship and they all lost contact. And the IRL reason was that Nihei wanted to write what he knew (Japan) and not have to research to make foreign characters realistic.

I mean, as long as there is a reason for it, it's okay

>He's simply advocating for a healthy system
Job Trunicht.

That's because the FPA is going all in on the war and is on the brink of collapse during the series. Empire can even afford to make their ships orbital entry capable with marble columns on the bridge and the like. Conscription was never a thing in the empire.

*dies because his admiral gets pissy over an easily resolvable communication error*


Mods, this user has lost his composure.

It's often a truism that people who most want to become politicians are least fit for the job, and if the opposite holds true, then you should force someone to do the job if they're good at it, especially if they don't want to

To continue, in Reinhard's case, due to his conquest in blood, he would have lost long ago if his subordinates didn't have faith
So the truism only really works in democracies where politicians aren't required to display proof of capability or honesty to win over the hearts of people; it's often enough to be rich and less obviously bad than your opponent

>it's often enough to be rich and less obviously bad than your opponent
Or to fix da roads!

Democracy is retarded. No, I will not elaborate.

That's the point. The overall political philosophy in LoGH is that autocracies are easier to corrupt and uncorrupt. It just depends on the quality of the ruler. In contrast, democracies are harder to corrupt due to power being decentralized, but harder to uncorrupt because the corrupt stuff isn't caused by one entity as well as that the people may have voted for their getting fucked over, usually in the form of sacrificing freedom for security.

They don't call him the magician for nothing.

I wonder if this show inspired a lot of idiots to waste money on a history degree

He is a historyfag

In the first season/first book, the anti-war/pro-peace party (which Jessica Edwards was in) was gaining ground and winning local elections, and on the way towards possibly winning the big election. If Reinhard hadn't invaded, if the status quo had been maintained for a few more years, then the pro-peace/anti-war party could have grown enough to remove Trunicht from power.

No Cap He just like me fr fr fr on the deadlocs

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That's the point they were trying to sell you on. What the FPA has going for it is the illusion of freedom/freewill but as we all know, true democracy is easily corruptible and easy to sabotage. While the Empire is a dictatorship through and through, everyone knows their rank, their worth, and are just content serving the kaiser since the Empire has stability at the very least.

But that'd go against his moral values and wanting to stay true to a democracy. The dictatorship only worked as well as it did because of of Reinhardt himself. If the Empire was run by that tubby fuck in a toga, then absolutely no one would think the galactic empire's way of ruling was the way to go.

I can't fault Yang for sticking to his principles and I think he was completely right when it comes to the people needing to be more personally engaged/responsible to preserve democracy. That said, I'd say his expectation of people to actually take that responsibility seriously paints him as an even bigger idealist than Reinhard.

Are you people legitimately brain dead? The Empire was shit for anyone who wasn't nobility and/or military or connected to aforementioned. Complete serfs where a retarded Lord quite literally controlled his domain as he saw fit. Which, you know, wasn't that well seeing as how fucking everyone knew the Goldenbaum Dynasty ran its course... Retards like you are why people make fun of this series, Christ.

>never run out of supplies/food/necessities
>always protected by nobility if you obey the law/practices
>don't have to waste your life being a farmer or soldier to make ends meet
Sounds pretty alright being a civilian in the empire to me

What you fail to understand is that, if I were isekai'd into one of my favorite fictional universes, then I would be one of the protagonists, so I would be one of the nobles and not some lowly peasant.

It looks good when Reinhard is running it, yes.
But remember that in a mere 500 years of ruling, the human population under the Goldenbaum empire shrank to literally less than 10% of what it was at the dynasty’s inception. We know that at least some of that was due to active purging, though it’s unclear exactly how much. Either way, that extreme of population loss is most certainly NOT the sign of a healthy government, which is illustrated further by the steady stream of runaways and refugees risking their lives to escape the Empire and flee to FPA space.
It doesn’t seem super apparent when we’re mostly only seeing Imperial life from a disgruntled (low) nobleman’s perspective, but as bad as the FPA may have gotten, it was clearly still seen as preferable by a great deal of Imperial subjects, and at least everyone wasn’t fucking dying over there.
For the common man:
Reinhard’s Empire>FPA>>>>>>>Literal shit>Goldenbaum empire.

what would you do if you were isekai'd into Africa instead?

At least you admit it. Sure, standing around looking cool in your nobleman smoking lounge is cool and all but for everyone else finding enough food and fire wood to last the winter sucks. God forbid everyone stops the 18th century German larp in a galaxy where space battles are common.

Yang died he never scored

>and you can kind of extrapolate that in fiction to make it justify fighting skill


I dropped it when Yan died.

Virgin role-model.

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i remember reading a korean story where the author gets sucked into his own story. korea is this world's most powerful nation in it, and the author just says straight out "I made korea more important than america and china because i'm korean"

That's brutal lmao

Kek, poor yang.

lol based

He was banging Frederica every night for a year

Yang and Reinhart were true warriors first and political leaders second. What stood out to me about Yang was how fervently he stuck to his principles . Does it make his selfish and a hypocrite? Maybe. But he was a fighter and for that he gained the respect of men on both sides of the conflict.

That sounds like the in-universe equivalent of contrarian pop historians who say outrageous shit in order to gain literary attention.
>Had Yang never existed, the tumultuous period from the end of the eighth century SE to the early years of the ninth would have deprived far fewer unwilling victims of their lives.
This is objectively wrong. As a commander in the alliance fleet, Yang's actions saved countless conscripted servicemen whose lives would've been thrown away in the disastrous battles the FPA government kept jumping headlong into. Astarte and Amlitzer would've had even worse casualties had Yang not been around, and yet another fleet would've been utterly decimated in a failed attack on Iserlohn had he not been the one to lead it.
His actions during the FPA's civil war brought it to a swift end, stemming the growing chaos and death ensuing as a result of that.
Men certainly died under his command as the commander of the El Facil government's forces, but the men of those forces were composed of revolutionaries and volunteers, so they cannot be considered "unwilling lives".
This guy is just pulling the "Dude if he was such a great guy why didn't he just surrender lmao?" card.

These faked screenshots that are fake say that you are wrong.

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I wouldn't btfo yang this hard, the man became a tactful in the field of battle from just reading history books. That takes a lot of wit, this faggot is just writing him off as some low-t, history romanticist. He's constantly emotionally conflicted cause he knows that history repeats itself no matter his best efforts

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