Shadows House

Raws for chapter 128 dump.

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Keito-sama's unrivalled charm won Sara over instantly without effort

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Sara is influenced way too easily, thankfully Mia is there to get her back on the right path.

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>The face of someone brainwashed beyond repair

End. I also forgot the cubari link earlier, here it is

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oh shit

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I think you mean this user The soot and blood with her euphoric smile are really well done. The only thing that'll save her is drinking water until she pisses herself repeatedly, successfully expelling the coffee from her system

Douglas: You told Thomas about Edward's plan? Are you a fucktard?
Sara: No I just
Douglas: You useless bitch, don't do anything else, I'm off to hunt some powerless idiots and making my team great again

Sara: Oh no, I'm garbage and I'll never be rated highly, the only one I can believe in to save me is Kate! The current Shadows House is wrong!
Mia: I think you're a little confused, Miss Mia. The Shadows House is absolute, now grab this stick and listen to my propaganda and listen carefully because this will be on the test
Sara: You're right Mia, I am the best Shadow ever

You can expel the coffee, but not the abuse and trauma. Even if she's rehabilitated, it'd be really hard for her to accept it just like coco couldn't accept it

So Mia is the evil one here, I thought Sara was bad
Just look at this perverted bitch

kate discovered the shadows were brainwashed by the living dolls

Sara isn't bad, she's just easily influenced and has issues with being possessive.

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Aka: Dumb

yes aka is very dumb

He's gonna be important to this somehow after he listened in on Douglas and Sara while she shittalked Christopher, right?

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Nononono don't do this to her, please.

>I am become Shadow House

Am I fucked or does Mia look really beautiful here?

Mia is always pretty especially when she's getting spanked by Sara-sama!

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Man, can't wait for translations,because right now it looks like Mia is forcing Sara to do and say this.

I won't translate the entire chapter, but Mia is forcing her to do it. She calls out to Kate for help in her head, too.

That's what you said last time, but translated everything anyway!

I'm not the same guy.

Holy shit.

Mia is absolutely gorgeous. So is Barbie.

Who's really the shadow and the doll in this relationship?

The shadow imitates the doll. The Doll is infested to ensure loyalty. They're both dolls of the Great Grandfather.

It's too bad Barbara permanently disfigured her during an autistic fit.

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Mia will kill Emilyko if she's not stopped

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So what's the deal with this? Is it slice of life with the little servant girl or does it get more interesting later on?

read and find out, it's comfy

it has comfy parts but also shadow politics

when are we getting a sarah getting a spine mini arc

right after the patrick gets his powers arc

how is it in the black and white raws, does it have these "Shadow House is absolute" background as well?

She's still beautiful. I want to run my tongue along every edge of her jagged broken teeth.

it looks like this

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Looks like Kino Shadows House is back on the menu ladies.

yes, but I can't find the raws on nyaa so...

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Try searching the whole magazine

That's what I did, it's not up yet

Little bit too erotic there to be honest

is the hype alive again?

It's the anime OP.

Finally something interesting happened.
Was getting worried for this manga these past few chapters.

So you're saying this isn't also kino as fuck user?

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