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It's over. Any hopes or expectations left before the subs are out?

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Did Mari win the Shuubowl?

Unironically the only winter show I enjoyed till the end.

>Any hopes or expectations left before the subs are out?
Anything but a "Shuuta restores the status quo with a reasonable compromise" ending.

I feel like the rat thing is a red herring. The fire was provocated, the rats are a convenient cover up story.

None at all. It was trash and the worst of the 3 Cloverworks series.

With the power of DAISUKI everything got magically fixed, the end. Also nobody won any bowls or died or anything.
I wonder if they just cut it short or it ended up being this much of a waste of time on its' own.

They talk Asumi down and she finally gets to rest, and the Kanae system is shut down. The end.

>he didn't watch AOTS

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If it's a nothing-ever-happens show, romance shit or moe stuff or Yaiba then no.

Not really my kind of humor. The shitty animation didn't help either.

After watching it it felt that the 3 main guys didn't interected all that much in front of the camera to make their friendship believable, it was mostly just narrated to us "trust me, they are super bros!"

Well it's no secret this had production issues. Doesn't really excuse why the story ended up this way though.

So just to double check: the last episode IS airing today, right? It's not getting Wonder Egged and having the last episode delayed by months?


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Get inside the trolley, it's time.

But they said I could flip the switch!


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My sides.

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It already aired.

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Not today truck-kun.

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Wasted opportunity for cool mission impossible jump stunt scene here.

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I like her outburst and got me somewhat emotional, but pic related pulled me back.Fucking cloverworks, man.

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Did you forget that this anime is a precuel to a yaoi switch game?


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Fug. Legit got me sad.

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>based on a bl novel
>the boys barely interact
Is like taking the fanservice out of an echi anime, what is even left

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What game?

What did they mean by this?

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This one I presume

>has the exact same title as this
Wow, he wasn't kidding. What an unfortunate coincidence.

Bretty good ending, an overall heartfelt ending to me. The emotional scene with the insert song was pretty good I'd say but the QUALITY kinda killed it a bit but then the scene where Shuta was stopped by the other two and when he was on his knees followed by suki da! scene was 10/10. Reminds me of those other >dead childhood friend returned as ghost trying to connect with friend series. Everyone crying was pushing it but shit works on me.

I like the ending, there was some boss fight-ish with Asumi fucking with the truck and shit but it wasnt as bad as I expected.

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We kew that from the first thread when the ankle started airing

Pic related for the other 11 anons around for the finale.

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Sasuga, Cloverworks


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what in the goddamn

is this how coding works?
just write a bunch of random work and press enter?

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will be funny if the episode was delayed

don't forget the brackets, you need to put some brackets in there!

>random work
Yes, copy paste from Stack Overflow.Activate your windows, fag.

This was one of the worst anime of the season.

>Activate your windows, fag.
He never will. His screenshots are the next evolution of tripfagging or avatarfagging. If I knew his address, I'd take a plane down and beat him to death with a thinkpad.

Started off interesting, then petered out like it didn't really know what to do with its premise. I was worried it would be another Wonder Egg.
But this was a good final episode and I'm glad I stayed with it.
7/10 show overall, but it stuck the landing. Which is more than most shows can say.

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Is this why there was a recap episode?

Would be funny if its the reason,the ones no longer heavily involved in the episodes get a breather too.Cloverworks doing anything this season?

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There was no compromise. There was never any way of bringing back Asumi, and no actual way of fixing the Kanae system. I'm glad they didn't have a happy ending cop-out. All in all, this show was very flawed, but for some reason I can't dislike it. For all the shit it gave me, I do think the people making it tried their best, and I can respect that.

They're doing Ninja lolis and collaborating with Studio Wit for Spy x Family

I didn't watch a single episode. I visited the threads

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Oh, doesnt seem like they are gonna kill themselves this season, should be good.


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