Mahou Sensei Negima 31; Akamatsu-Verse Part 3

Bad Guys crashed dickhead's ball

>What is this about?
Wizards 'n shit or whatever

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Part 2 Love Hina hina part 2/
Part 3 Negima sensei Negima part/

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You guys notice that Kurt is sort of like Rossiu?
Just a guy doing what he can to save as many people as he can within the constrains of logic and reason
Only this time without personally betraying the MC

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>things have gotten hairy
hee hee hee...

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Based tan long-faced bro

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This is the weirdest Avengers x Kingdom Hearts crossover I've ever read...

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Just tell me the secret!

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>Just tell me the secret!
B-but then it would not be a secret anymore, would it?

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Thread theme:

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Fucking Ken, you can't just expose Yue's sexy back and belly button during a tragic situation

'Cept Fate is trying to do what Thanos lacked the courage to do. He's aiming for a percentage much higher than 50

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Jesus Ken

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Ku's got a sexy rockin' body alright

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Imagine holding your friend's head while they're still alive and talking before disappearing
Ken is a hack but he knows how to make tragedy

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UOOOOOHHH!! Yue's belly erotic! ToT ToT

Also I guess some people died whatever


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Kek, fucker wills himself into existence


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Even Rakan knows who is the designated waifu

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>Nude Rakan part of the montage

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Kek, Chisame can't forget his naked form

Cute Chiu

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Cool dude, I liked when he flipped the girls skirts.

>Vegeta no!

Here we go

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Big F

F, for real this time for sure

From the last thread it sounded like rewrite only works if you're from MM. Would it do anything to Nodoka here?

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Definitely... Definitely?

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Which chapter do we see the real Asuna again? I want to check something

wow, goddamn

They go into *a lot* more in UQH but they have something else cooked up for the non magic folk

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>giving a despairing calculating girl some hint of where the people went
They truly underestimated her

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Forced shit, fuck you Ken.


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The fucking balls on bookstore-chan.

Best fucking girl, her and Yue would've been the unstoppable duo if not for the amnesia shit

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When did she steal it?

At this point she's just openly treating him like a shitter

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