One Piece

Chapter 1046: “Raizo”

- We already saw that Raizou used his scroll to "save" Kaidou's attacks (Bolo Breath) and return them to him.
- Something similar he did when he was in Zou, he kept in his scrolls the water that Zunesha used to bathe.
- Raizou had this idea in mind ever since the Oden castle burned down 20 years ago, so that if he were ever in a similar situation again, he would be prepared.
- The water in his scroll has flooded the interior of the castle, and Jinbe is the one who controls that water as his was a sea current to put out the fire.
- The 1st page is the cover (no details about it yet).
- The first 5 pages of the chapter are from Luffy vs Kaido.
- The next 9 pages are inside the castle (everything about Raizo, Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro...).
- Sanji and Zoro appear in 1 panel each.
- Sanji appears talking and Zoro is carried away by Franky (he doesn't say anything or is still unconscious).
- There is 1 page about Yamato and Momonosuke (and something about the clouds of flames).
- And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack Kaidou (and Kaidou seems to laugh and say "Go ahead" or something).
- Luffy's final attack has no name yet.
- At the end of the chapter, Kaido's clouds that lift Onigashima have begun to fade.(Yamato and Momonosuke started to notice that). The Island started / about to fall.

According to the JP leaker, Chapter 1047 will get Color Spread and WSJ Cover for One Piece (#21-22).

Break next week.

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I fucking love Raizo so much bros

we will one week break or two?


Where the fuck is he?

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Is Raizo the strongest Scabbard?

>Kaido laughs and says "go ahead"
>Luffy's final attack
>Kaido's clouds begin to fade
Was Kaido defeated?

>Luffy catches lightning
He can now catch fire and lightning, whats next?

He realized the raid sucks and just left

Zoro's Asura is haki. CoC generates an illusion. How does anyone not see a deity or animal illusion behind Luffy, Kaido, or anyone else?

Is this ugly nigga even anyone's favorite scabbard?

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Raizo confirmed for nakama

Damn he really was the most based scabbard after all.


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I hate all scabbards equally, they're just one big amorphous blob of odenwank to me.


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Kiku's going to win this because of girl dick, isn't he?

>Raizo so strong he held Kaido back

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where are you faggots at who told me that we would get deaths during raid? nobody fucking died yet. not a single Scabbard. not even that old fart from the prison.
this is weak. this shark week.

I read it as him literally catching a bolt of lightning. Is it actually just him using electricity like Gigant Thor Axe?

So what do we think happened to the rest of CP9 after the end of their cover series

SHUT THE FUCK UP. Oda just draws whatever the fuck he wants. Stop trying to justify every corny and crazy shit you see in One Piece.

All the Scabbards are the excact same person with different appearances.

Ashura Doji

It's weird that they're making him so fucked up after this fight
King didn't seem like he was that difficult of an opponent

I assume if Lucci and Kaku made it into CP-0, the rest were either given other government positions or were allowed to retire gracefully, which I'm sure some of them took

Rubber does not conduct lightning you fucking mong its a well known insulator, if anything since rubber is so resistant luffy should catch fucking fire from trying to hold it, it's toon physics it doesn't have to make sense

>WG letting super secret assassin people retire
Ehhhhh I don't know if I buy that unless they're under perma surveillance

There's no way the reaper plot line doesn't end in anything but a power up, especially for Zoro who is arguably more popular than Luffy


he's my second or third favorite, though that doesn't say much because they're all so fucking bland apart from kinemon

How Big Mom was presented and some scary unstoppable force in Whole Cake and then in Wano she becomes the biggest joke? Oda cant in to consistency

King wasn't, it's the mink medicine and bone destroying yonko team up attack that killed him.

denjiro is going to save orochi because no one is allowed to die in this war

Denjiro will always be my favorite Scabbard solely for being the first nigga post-timeskip to actually give Zoro a challenge. I was convinced from this panel on he was the strongest Wano native that wasn't technically a Beast Pirate and would have been happy with him being Zoro's main fight for the raid but I don't mind the 'SEETHED LITERALLY SO HARD HE CHANGED HIS BONE STRUCTURE' because that shit's insane. And then pimping out his lord's only daughter, the dude's based as fuck

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>people predicted that Zunesha would put out the fire by spraying water
>Zunesha's water spray is used but it's Raizo who does it
funny considering Zunesha is right there but not doing anything.

She was pretty unstoppable during the Kid + Law fight too until they wombo combo'd her through the floor

To be fair, how the fuck is it supposed to enter Wano?

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Oda just wants to show off the scabbards more, even though there are already people more than capable of handling a little fire.

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Is Denjiro stronger than Zoro?

>especially for Zoro who is arguably more popular than Luffy
Good one

Mihawk is stronger than Shanks.

Back in your grave kineschizo.

Break next week for OP, new chap, break for whole jump week after.

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Because in WCI she wasn't going to get defeated, speed reader-kun. Luffy only had 5 shipmates and two minks with him versus her whole crew. In Wano he had all of his crew, Law and Kid, and all the samurai plus Yamato and Drake

He is, though.

i fucking laughed how Toei always jerk off to Zoro. They made look Zoro having the upper hand when in the manga it was only two panels

Luffy's gonna be sent on the verge of death after using Gear 5 and it'll end up like Seven Deadly Sins, where Luffy and Zoro have a trip through Hell and come back out alive

so Enel > Kaido confirmed?

Then why has he not won any of the popularity polls?

He was in a similar power lv before Zolo unlocked CoC.


he is if you are a fucking spic but you guys dont matter to the world anyway

Hey so does Ivankov´s fruit does a full-on magical sex transition or are the genitals not changed?
In case its the former...... would you?

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it's up to how much hormone she injects into you

Could pre-TS Strawhats clear Fishman Island

Is Chopper feeling the bulge?


How did Raizo end up becoming the most important scabbard?

This what we need to revive Zoro

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scaming kaido's prostitutes

It's halfway up his ass.

because ninjas are cool

any minute now

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Where's Usopp? We haven't seen him since pic related?

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will join Momo as his bodyguard and faithful cock servant

Ussop is not relevant in Wano.

We saw him some chapters ago before the Nika reveal, he was just riding the giraffe dude with Kinemon and Kiku to a safe place, nothing important

>faithful cock servant
Fourtricks is more qualified for that position.

>we 100% will get a flashback/backstory for croc and akainu
I think Croc's secret will be revealed like
>Kaido/Xebec/Blackbeard flashback
>We see Croc in one panel
>Croc is a woman

Nah. Momo is a slave to Wano like Vivi is to Alabasta.

Yamato is best girl


wtf ?

Found this too, wtf Oda and your tranny bonner.

Got bored since its Break week,so i re-read One Piece from the start of the raid/battle at the sea (chapter 974) up to the recent chap(chapter 1043) and decided to count the number of chapters each Straw Hat member appeared..

"Straw Hat" Monkey D Luffy -53 chapters
"Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro -47 chapters
"Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji -40 chapters
"Cat Burglar" Nami -34 chapters
"Cotton Candy Lover" Tony Tony Chopper -31 chapters
"God" Usopp -29 chapters
"Devil Child" Nico Robin -27 chapters
"Soul King" Brook -25 chapters
"Knight of the Sea" Jinbe -24 chapters
"Cyborg" Franky -23 chapters

Some additional favorite allies:

Kozuki Momonosuke -44 chapters
Yamato a.k.a Kozuki Oden -41chapters
Eustass "Captain" Kid -35 chapters
"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar D Water Law -34 chapters
"Firefox" Kin'emon -30 chapters
Marco "the Phoenix" -23 chapters
Zeus/Wata(Cotton) -22 chapters
Carrot -21chapters
O-tama -19 chapters
"Massacre Soldier" Killer - 18 chapters


I cant believe after 50 Onigashima chapters people cant realize Yamato is staying in Wano.


Luffy's catching lightning because he's made of rubber user

Kiku is evidence that one piece is for trannies


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This is a little disingenuous. A character could appear for one panel and that is enough to count as "one chapter" ?

Yeah i hate the fact that in the MOST IMPORTANT ARC so far half of the Mugiwaras barely have screentime. Oda jerk off to Law and Yamato so much is dissapointing.

>no love for chad Doji

>This is a little disingenuous
Probably the point. The panel count is more accurate.


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How is that sword collecting going, Tashigi?

and people will say

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I mean what did you expect from an arc with like 200 named characters?
But on the bright side, all the Strawhats have gotten meaningful character moments. At least none of them got the Carrot treatment


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