Now that Code Geass is doing alternate timeline stuff, when are they gonna make alternate timeline anime?

Now that Code Geass is doing alternate timeline stuff, when are they gonna make alternate timeline anime?

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What is this? Some gacha shit event?
Spinzaku was always the best character.

It's Suzaku from a different timeline.
On Shikine, instead of being told to Live, Lelouch made him his slave. Lelouch felt guilty for what he did, got worse in his efforts, his identity is discovered, Nunnally gets killed, loses it and tells Suzaku to indiscriminately kill Britannians which resulted in him even killing Euphie.
When he gets freed by the Geass Canceller, he just decides he is...not happy to say the least.

Him and regular Suzaku fight in the latest event.

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Is the game out in english too? I am honestly surprised such an old series was getting one. It's not some mega franchise like Fate. But it looks interesting enough at least.

>Is the game out in english too?

>I am honestly surprised such an old series was getting one.
Actually, it's getting 2. The 2nd one comes out soon.

>Nunnally gets killed

Forgot image

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Lelouch's identity got discovered, and she got targeted by a Britannian nobleman.

>if only you knew how bad it could get.

I'm guessing Lelouch went batshit insane as a result.

He ordered Suzaku and other Japanese as "living weapons" to indiscriminately slaught Britannians so I'd say yes.

Wasn't geass supposed to get a new anime?

Holy shit I can only pray this gets made into anime
Does he still do the whole Zero requiem thing or is the story not that far yet?

Recent story event was this Suzaku being brought over to Fimbulwinter (It's C's World related to the Gacha game) where he fights against the regular Suzaku and the rest. He survived the fight and was saved by the main antagonist so he's not going to be a one-off enemy to the story.

In his home timeline, after he was freed he killed Jeremiah and Charles before trying to kill Lelouch but he got away losing his eye.
This Suzaku wants to kill everything.


Why didn't lelouch just geass his ass again? it was cancelled before right, so he can use it again

Why is a gacha story more intetesting than than the shit we got.

If it makes you feel better, he became a Knight of the Round in that timeline.

And if that doesn't make you feel better there is another timeline where he becomes Nunnally's Knight when V.V. has her become Empress

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Based I feel happier already.

He probably tried, which is why he lost his left eye in the process.

Probably because it's a gacha. They don't have to animate all this. They probably want to experiment.
Cheesy as it is though, having a character fight an evil counterpart is cool to me. It could be interesting see other Bad Future versions of other characters recruited.

Next month's event is for the Akito the Exiled cast, so we'll see what they do there.

And of course, regular Jeremiah is also in Fimbulwinter too.
Though that story event for Empress Nunnally was entertaining to read for the stuff with that Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen too.

>having a character fight an evil counterpart is cool to me
This is my favourite trope user

>Why is a gacha story more intetesting than than the shit we got
This. I give no fucks about the upcoming post-movie anime, but this sounds fucking amazing.

Every franchise wants to be the next Fate, or at least a portion of the success it had. It makes good money.

You can definitely see a similar mindset here since Genesic Re;Code deals with history, Codes and Geass. Most of its original characters are from the past like ancient China and brings these people from the past, including Renya from that manga, together.

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>Next month's event is for the Akito the Exiled cast
>Akito the Exiled cast
Into the trash it goes.

>slavezaku is canon now

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After all this time... Do you still have the finale wedding thread edit? Lost my CG folder years ago.

I searched it in my folders just for you user

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This is Gigi from it, one of the primary new characters from it. She is another Code bearer.

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Fuck yes, thank you! How nostalgic.

Stumpzaku canon when?

now I feel old

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STUMPZAKU holy shit. The fanfiction, the stumplust, the Suzaku destruction. We had a lot of fun.

Kinda wish I could find the stumps again to see what teen me was memefapping to, but no Japanese artist can be trusted to not nuke their pages.

When are we getting a Revival of Clovis arc?


Is Rolo still a thing? I liked him.

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>He survived the fight and was saved by the main antagonist so he's not going to be a one-off enemy to the story
Oh boy. Wait, who's the main antagonist in this again?

He's a thotslayer, that alone makes him based.

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If you get Stumpzaku, you have to agree to wash and feed him and help him shit. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Lpeaking of luluko, didn't that akito spin off actually have a femlelouche or something? I've forgotten, but I could swear that was a thing.

Can we add unhinged Suzaku to this list? I wanna roll for him

>*Speaking of

Kinda. Her name was Ayano.

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What about Rapezaku?

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He's gonna be a playable unit in tge other gacha coming out soon. But pretty much everyone from season 1 can be used as a pilot there.

He's in the game, but he hasn't yet showed up in the story. Leila is a recent arrival, so he might show up soon.
You know who IS in the game though? Fucking Mao. And even more of a shocker, he's on the heroes side here.

He calls himself Zero.

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No, thanks. Slavezaku is way hotter. I will never give up on writer user, by the way.

There were two of us, and at least one of us is still here! I’m not writing much anymore, but it’s appreciated.

This ain't no Zaku

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Is mao on the heroes side because of CC?

Ironically, in this timeline, Lelouch and Suzaku decided to talk to each other instead of trying to kill each other at last episode of season one.

Later,Schneizel joined Lelouch against Nunnally(v.v)

Boomer thread? Boomer thread.

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Every time

Pretty much, yeah. She tells him during the Lelouch's Birthday event that she knows how he ended up, so she is using this opportunity to keep an eye on both him and Lelouch.
He's been pretty minor so far otherwise though. Only appeared then and in this event story briefly.

>15 years

A very belated thank you, then, because it was really fucking hot so thanks for sharing

I really like this, it always annoyed me how she disregarded mao in the anime untill the very end.
Also wouldn't having mao be OP as fuck? but like you said hes a minor character.

I come back to Yea Forums every couple of years for a few months at a time for some reason. It’s comfy, I guess. It’s really nice to see know you other /codegeasscodegeasscodegeass/ anons are still around, too.

>He calls himself Zero.
Fuck fuck fuck I want more of this


You’re welcome, user! I’m actually really touched you remember my nasty horny fanfic. I used to be really excited when I saw how many people downloaded it kek

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Nostalgia thread?

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>Also wouldn't having mao be OP as fuck? but like you said hes a minor character.
The story is sort of out of order in the sense that while events take place after others have been brought there, the main story hasn't reached that point yet. There is a lot of continuity between them though.
According to this event, the enemies they've been dealing with so far haven't been human so his Geass wouldn't mean much when you have KMF pilots, ancient Chinese warriors with magic weapons, Renya with his arm, Shinsengumi with karakuri weapons, and an android from the future.

>can read the minds of anyone
>but not really
lmao goddamit