What makes Aqua-sama so likeable and iconic?

What makes Aqua-sama so likeable and iconic?

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her huge, fat butt
but needs to be fatter

Besides her perfect body, it's her personality that's quite heavily flawed but there's still considerate for her friends even if she messes up a lot. Nice having somebody you can kick back and do stupid shit with.
And of course, her generosity to her followers.

She's borderline retarded.

Is she unironically the best anime girl of all time?

She's basically a character from like "I dream of Genie" but with an edgier kind of flaw

So much in common with her followers

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>great body
>heavily flawed yet hilarious personality
>chemistry with the MC (and others) without it needing to be romantic


Her fat ass and her dumb brain

I would fuck Aqua until I died of exhaustion and she brought me back to do it all over again

dumb, but not too dumb
scummy, but not too scummy
useless but not too useless
Once you get past her shitty exterior, she quite the charming and nice girl. She's also very pretty.
Essentially all of her negative traits are in perfect balance, to make her very appealing.

I want nothing more than have a relationship of mutual bullying with Aqua-sama!


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The "Aqua Effect"
>A character that you find obnoxious and irritating at the beginning, but over some time grows up on you and then you end up liking or even loving him/her and finding his/her antics adorable.

On the contrary, there is also the "Megumin/Megumeme Effect":
>A character that you find entertaining in the beginning, but realize after a while that he/she is a one-trick-pony and her sole antic becomes tiresome and overrated after all this time.

She's the kind of goddess I would have a drink with

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Aqua is genuinely funny. That is the reason.

They are the same character one just has a nicer ass and tits.

aqua is retarded and dumb

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She gets me hard...

My Goddess cannot be this lewd

open door see this wat do

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Go for sex with Aqua of course

find darkness

360 and fuck her

Disgusting american art

That would be a 180, though

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her dumbness

the fact she's stupid and does dumb meme faces

I see you're as dumb as Aqua.


Point at him and laugh, for he lacks the chromosomes.

Based retard

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>not too dumb
Is this what Aquafags really believe?

>everyone I don't like is american
based obsessionbro (the artist is a nip too)

you are literally retarded
the artist is japanese

I know this is bait but based nonetheless

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She's dumb but she's a home

It's a mystery

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Sex Aquasama

Have mercy on my dick


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>being this new

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Adventurer Trainer update when?

yes, she's not "too dumb".


Bottomless goddess

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When you ask her how many dicks she took last tonight.

Love useless goddess

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Mine three times

Can't stand those salty chocolate sticks.

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Aqua is not at all a one-trick / gag pony like megumin.

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It's correct in its own way, just incredibly retarded. High quality aqua post.



I'd breed this goddess every single day till the day I die, her body is literally perfect

She's a bimbo that thinks highly of herself, when she's pretty insignificant for the most part. Also, she loves to get drunk and wears no panties.

>never actually dresses like this in the anime

Missed opportunity

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I don't understand, is it because Mexicans are more likely to appreciate good ass?
t. Mexican.

>t. Mexican.
sorry but i hate mexicans and aqua too.


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I hate Mexicans too, no need to be sorry about that part, but hating Aqua? Come on m8

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Call me Mario because I'd be all up in her pipe