Did you buy your $55 ticket to the Eighty Six season 2 announcement stream yet? Only 84 more hours.

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It’s at like 5am where I am, I can’t stay awake for that

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Arent garter belts just the best?

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I'll just wait for a recap here

yes they are

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I want to hug Lena

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I will defer to the chinks to get me a stream link

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>$55 for a live stream
Literal why.

They think we're idolshit
S2 confirmed?

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we know Shiden

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I always confuse Shiden and Raiden

Shiden and Raiden are the best characters so I can see you confusing them.

Why is Vanitas in the bottom left?

I could understand Shin vs Shid (especially given their love of Lena), but Raiden vs Shiden? Come on, user

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I can see it because they're names sound kind of similar, however one is the squad mom and the other is a guard dog.

What's with the sudden change in Shin's character between Vol.4 and vol.6?
He was teasing Lena, laughing with her and bantering with shiden and then he's crying and being all emo because of the toaster.
Too much of a 180° in personality

It is a short "i" for Shiden though, right? Not pronounced "Shaiden"? My nipglish is rough, but シデン・イーダ would be pronounced "Shi-den ee-da," I'm pretty sure.
Maybe I'm just autistic

I think you're right on the pronunciation there, I was mainly thinking that their names are both two syllables and end with "den." I think typically hen Japanese is written in romanji, or with English characters, the pronunciation is how it's written.

Yes it's the same shi as shin.
I still don't understand why native english speakers have so much trouble with phonetic pronounciations.

Yeah, Japanese is more straightforward than say Chinese. Fucking tonal language bullshit

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I think it's probably a cultural thing that comes from over-pronunciation in either trying to come across as offensive or inoffensive to that language

Can someone explain to me why everyone is calling Raiden "Shaiden?"

It’s because they’re both named after WWII fighters

At least nobody’s mixing Theo up with anyone

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>Violet Lightning
>Lightning Bolt
Very cool, I actually didn't know that. Thanks user.

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>paying for an announcement
Do cucks really? I don't even pay for the show itself

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>Do buzzword really?
Love Live fans have in the past. This is mostly unprecedented other than idol concerts besides that.

B-but we're getting a concert and some dumb skits with the VAs

Unless they figure out how to dispense direct blowjobs through the internet, I ain't paying 55$ for an announcement stream.

It’s a nip honor thing

If they had any, they wouldn't have done Unit 731 or teach alternative WWII history in schools

I would suck off Ishii for $55

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The Japanese version of ww2 is arguable the only critically taught one, it is Americans who teach it incorrectly. You probably don't even know who Kichisaburo Nomura even is lmao.

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Fucking cumbrain. I feel like there are no good manga authors left who focus on telling a good story instead of trying to make the viewer get a boner.

Women are hornier than men.

She's not trying to make the viewer get a boner, she's trying to get a boner herself.
Pretty sure she wanks to LenaXShin porn too


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I love single mothers

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me on the left


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Good writing and attractive characters are not mutually exclusive. Also GTFO.

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Now we need an airport edit.

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Is this something from the LNs I havent read yet?

Just a running joke that Raiden is a single mom with 4 kids.

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He's everybody's mom.

kind of, in volume 7, shin calls raiden the squad mom


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> manga authors
user...come on, man.
Get both.

The Japanese are pretty crazy with their events I remember the dangan ronpa 3 anime had lotto tickets in the bluray for a chance of your ticket getting pulled for a chance to go to a voice actor event.

Imagine you pay 50 bucks for the ticket and then they just announce a fucking gacha

I'd play it and spend 50 more bux!

>She's not trying to make the viewer get a boner, she's trying to get a boner herself.
Whatever her intent, its pretty clear from the last thread that she has given at least a few dudes shoujo brain that has motivated them to lift and eat better. That's a great public service.

If i knew a Lena was waiting for me at the end i would also stop bieng a lazy cunt, but i know that having a Lena of my own is but a pipe dream.

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maybe if you get strangled and kill all your friends you can get a lena

All i have to do is get strangled then, that might be doable.

Imagine you pay 50 bucks for the ticket and it's region locked and you don't get to watch it anyway

They probably won't accept foreign currency or debit anyway.

Lena's white pubes