Who is your most /literallyme/ in every conceivable way character?

who is your most /literallyme/ in every conceivable way character?
>pic rel

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Op rel

The vodka tractor.

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Literally me.

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literally me

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Literally me.

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Haha benis

cute butt, shit character.

probably a generic isekai mc

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literally me

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Nishijou Takumi.

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literally me

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The glasses guy from Wotakoi. Started reading it because I was told he was like me.

Substitute the gambling with some other shit and he's literally me

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Why Hide? Btw I'm literally Furuta in every imaginable way.

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>favorite activity is stealing
>only cares about herself
>gets mad when girls dont want to have sex with her
>cries when she loses a fight
literally me

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why? she is a bunny with a cunny


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>its cool to be Satou guys look at me lol look how depressed and worthless I feel because I didn't talk to a girl one time in 5th grade

Fucking hate zoomers

Literally me.

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It's not a generation thing. It's always going to be the mark of noob, in a hundred years someone is going to make the same post from ganymede.


being a loli doesn't save you from shit design.

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Why the long face?

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How did you get this video of me?

literally me

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Literally me

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Literally me including the rape part.

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I'unno, who's pathetic, miserable, self loathing, ad would reject a females' advances because he thinks he's getting prank'd?

That's not a character that's an npc. You'll have to come up with a better backstory if you want to play.

Really? You'd think that'd be a thing by now.

Nips too

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What did he mean by this

long face equals long penis

my nigga gosunkugi

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What a coincidence because

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Funny how no one on Yea Forums acts like Miroku or Inuyasha.

you're fucked beyond repair cause of conspiracies?

even the disability

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Hi yotsuba!

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literally me

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I am so much like this man it's crazy, I even have fake phone conversations in awkward social settings

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