One Punch Man Raw


Muratards what's this?
KEKou is already finishing his JOB.

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>not a complete 0/10 this week
How did he do it

the fuck is this shit even

Garou looks so retarded.

Garou is retarded, that's the point

i guess i'm supposed to be hyped but that felt underwhelming

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I fucking HATE Murata.
What a worthless fucking faggot.
Fuck the manga. When will ONE come back?

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>that's the point
His retarded vision of a monster at least looked cool in the webcomic.

did Murata doll up the kid too or sth kek
what's wrong with this faggot

kek he's literally doing the pose

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I read that so long ago I don't even remember what it looked like, isn't it like 8 years now?

this is so fucking bad, holy shit

When will you retards except that's ONE is still writing this? Stop with the cope already.

oh no oh no Muratabros what's this cartoony shit

What did you say, Muratards?
All of this fanfic bullshit is done by Spicrata

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I think he looks fine honestly

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>people still reading shit that they hate

never change losers.

Well this was fucking shit. No tension, no emotion, nothing. How do you even fuck up this badly?

Just as boring honestly.

Feels like Murata skipped a couple of chapters.

i looked on one's page, the design wasn't that cool, it's just that one's style has really nice paneling and framing so you get a lot from minimal drawing

Now that the dust has settled, he must have fucked Murata's wife or something, right? That has to be why Murata is deliberately making the manga as bad as possible.

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Is he giving birth?

Why does this feel so "weak"? It's doesn't give you the emotions while reading it as the original does. Is it because i have became jaded after so many rewrites and changes?

>What did you say
I said stop with the cope already retard. ONE still writes this. Did you get that this time?

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>Now that the dust has settled
MOB PSYCHO 100 >>>>>>> OPM

I guess you hate fun

Smurf a shit.

That panel is gonna get fixed in the redraw or the volume. Look at Garou's arms.


Did this ever get more than one chapter? She cute

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>Garou already went buff and desperate meaning the fight is nearly over
Jesus, what a mess...

Yes, Shitrata asks ONE before he changes anything. ONE approves it. That's how it goes.
The WC is good. The manga is shit.

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Time to kneel to Saitama and most importantly, to our hero GOKU...

Genos' daughter

Concession accepted.

Yeah you're right. It even got the better anime adaptations.

It's really not that complicated - webcomic is still good, manga has been bad for a while. If ONE is still writing it, he clearly doesn't care for it as much and treats it as money printer.

>running away

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No more "ah" for the dodge.

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SHITren lost.
SHITgeta lost.
SHITcomic lost.

Goku won. Broly won. Murata won.

Fucking webcomic tards seething once again and starting the thread with insults.

kill yourself smurf

The chapter literally ends with this, so I don't think so.

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Holy fuck I hate Murata

How are they flying here?

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>that god awful design

hitting the air creates momentum, that's how planes fly

>hack who can only draw

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>what could have been

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What a mess. Murata, ONE or whatever is responsible, fuck you.

wow smurf really likes making blacked edits


You dont get it
Garou already gave up using martial arts so he is trying brute strenght. That would only make things worse for him
Even if Murata stretches the fight with a hundred chapters/redraws there is nothing left to see

you don't even know japanese

I mean, he is a frenchnigger...

Kill yourself ma103

Soulless garbage

The critique that WC readers offer is valid because they have read both the WC and Murata version.
The opinion of a Muratafag is completely irrelevant, because he, with utmost certainty, has not read the WC.

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I dont need to read moonrunes to call a clusterfuck when I see one