Stupid dumb idiot

stupid dumb idiot

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Idiot with fat legs!

SEXY idiot

don't you feel gulity fapping to a innocent naive woman just because she has a nice body?

Hotori is actually pretty smart!

you made me remember that newgrounds animation in which she gets spitroasted

Yotsuba's idiot mom


Fuuka is fat


It's not nice to talk about Koiwai's wife like that.

Remember when Koiwai had lots of casual sex with Fuuka until he got her pregnant and married her?


Now post pic related OP

I'm convinced there's a spiritual connection between Azuma manga and Soremachi.

Yousuke is so lucky

Yea I memeber. it's canon

Fuuka has a feedee fetish.

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Fuuka the fucker. The home invader. Her sister knows. Eats all their food too.

just google "fuka ayase hentai"

Guys could you point me in the right direction, it's known that Azuma drew hentai at some point. Where do I begin to look for his works.
I know Pretty Neighbor is not by him, unfortunately.

Iirc the panda has something

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>jonokuchi jouji
Huh. It was that easy. Thanks

What up Hotori
What up Fuuka

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I thought for sure I had a few of "those" edits but I can't find them:Sadge:

Asagi is better.

It’s Yomi/Tatsuno.

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Yomi/Yomi clone*

I got very excited for the momentary prospect that there was another soremachi thread before I realized who it was

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Soremachi isn't popular enough for us to have constant threads without constant bumping or leaching off of another series

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Now that I think about it, isn't Hotori just a more layered, less bratty Tomo?

Good lord.

We have our own threads sometimes, with hundreds of posts, but only like 20-30, at the MOST 40-50 participants.

The last thread that reached both limits was really fun but it also felt kind of cheap because I made sure to bump it periodically

You gotta do what you gotta do when you have a fanbase this small.

Sort of like Seaside and the rest of the shopping district, when you think about it

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Hotori is a more outgoing, bookworm Fuuka.

Only difference is that there is no dorky maid bringing us curry every once in a while

she exists in our hearts and thats all that really matters

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She has some Tomo moments in the earlier chapters, they're just never chaotically evil actions like Tomo

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She was chaotic but not intentionally harmful. Like a genki Osaka.

That maid's got a nice ass

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I have yet to watch the anime and so far the only impressions I've had of it are constant ass shots

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>"those" edits


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My wife

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not hotori and her big eyebrows are cute

i binged soremachi once but stopped about 5 ch to the end because i don't want it to finish :(

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in chapter 35, fuuka gives yotsuba a shirt that says 15才 and says she's sixteen so she doesn't need it anymore
in chapter 104, fuuka goes to salon scissorbug and, when asked, says she's seventeen

fuuka therefore celebrated her seventeenth birthday and we, the readers, were not invited to the party

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>A glasses girl who takes off her glasses isn't a glasses girl at all
What a shitty take, holy fuck.
Glasses girls will always be what they are.The glasses are connected to their soul.
The same way a non glasses girl doesn't just become a glasses girl by putting a pair. This guy is so shallow, it makes me sick.

>The same way a non glasses girl doesn't just become a glasses girl by putting a pair.
I don't know how you can say that, Hotori is pretty damn cute as a glasses girl

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oohhh mama

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