Kengan Omega - 153


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who is this secondary character Kanoh is training?

Lolong and Agito's son

Godga aka redditorsbane

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kill yourself

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Is that how eyes work? you gotta toggle them?
This time I'm on time baby

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The casual training chapters to show off that Koga has gotten stronger but still gets picked apart by high level fighters is neat.
Lolong showing up being drawn completely different out of nowhere is some Aunt Viv getting a new actor shit though.

Cubari chad wya?

Did Lolong bulk up or something

Yeah but they usually call it blinking

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Lolong... shaved????

>Xia is a master of stealth
>Literally walks behind one of Kengan's important figures in a very obvious manner after they declared war against the worms.
He looks like Naidan in the first panel of the second page.

I thought that was Wakatuki

Lolong always looked bulky, he's just lighter than he looks because of his 84kg.

It's just not the same without the wifebeater and slick back hair. He just looks like Wakatsuki now

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How much time left unitl Koga gets to train with beard?

I thought that too. And it's funny Xia Ji is like 6'6'' of course he's going to be head and shoulders above everyone else in Japan and stick out like a sore thumb

I mean it's just paying extra attention using your eyes instead of focusing on something else

cool beans

>Canonical American chad goes out of his way to help todays youth
10/10 guy

Lolong’s actor blew up on twitter and got canceled, Sandro and Daro found a new guy to play the character

>implying training with beard would be beneficial

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Who? Adam?

So uhh, where the fuck was he after getting raped by cohma?
Was he stuck under the ring and was only freed recently?


Lolong took the Big pill after his loss to Ohma

Premonitionchads, are we finally free?

>Literally walks behind one of Kengan's important figures in a very obvious manner after they declared war against the worms
He is clearly seething

My question is, why do they want to train Koga?
I'd have gotten if GOAT or Kazzy pushed them into it, but they are the ones jumping at the opportunity to train Koga? Why?

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He almost had him

While I enjoy Koga getting stronger, the way it's getting brought up right now is starting to feel... forced? a bit Gary-stue-ish? At least, very low effort.

I didn't even recognise him. I'm still too used to his name translated as Lolong

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as long as you aren't a worm or Terashi Lolong is very chill

Lolong disconnected before he could respawn

Everyone loves Koga, he gets the hottest babes and trains with the coolest dudes


At least he's still getting his shit pushed in


They know.

Any drafts?

It's even funnier due to how big Xia fucking is
This has to be the lowest effort assassination in the world of assassinations
Everyone would see him coming


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>Lolong's re-introduction is him sitting

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>[Xia Ji]
Come on is the label really necessary on this panel

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I can't fucking believe Sanwich is gonna kill Himuro without even giving him a single fight or win

I really hope Himuro actually accomplishes something.


>Himuro will be the first kengan casualty

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It's like he forgot that he's a master espionage agent with specialties in sneaking and assassinations

>Xia absolute unit 6'6, assassin.
>Terashi absolute unit 6'8, assassin.
>Eddie absolute unit at least 6'7, assassin.
Kengan assassins are just built different.

Can he even makena swing with all the people around him?

Agito is freelance right now and didn't seem to have a problem with coaching other fighters
Rolong (formerly lolong) on the other hand no fucking idea, probably so sandro can bring up his shitty military backstory agaib

Koga through his closer connections to Kazzy and GOAT than other fighters in either organization reasonably got introduced to Agito and Lolong. They probably like the kid and see much potential in him

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's weird how everyone wants to suck Koga's dick all of the sudden.
It'd be one thing if he was an undefeated prospect with one or two high profile wins, but he's just a middle of the road fighter with good eyesight.

all kengan chapters end the exact same way
>here's this character doing something cool
>now give them a one liner and show their epithet on the bottom panel

My guess is that after Ohma sparred offscreen with Koga Ohma told Kazzy that Koga has limitless potential which Kazzy phoned to the org top brass and by extent the veteran fighters. Remember when Raian told Koga that he couldn't 'fight right now' before the tournament? They were always planning on seeing Koga's growth.

sandwich has to be fucking joking with making me think xia is going to do anything, he has gotten shit on constantly ever since koga poisoned him with jobberitis.

I honestly completely forgot there was a chapter today

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So Himuro is going to be the fall guy to show that Xia is actually strong if he has the right mindset huh. I'm fine with that

its a joke about how Lolong is drawn completely differently this chapter


Although it looks like he took the bigpill too

Rolonbros.. we actually did it

Watch xia win and keep following kazzy till this happens again

>More Xia ryona kino incoming

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look I know guns are useless in fighting manga but Kazzy isn't a martial artists. Does Xia just not know how to use a sniper rifle? And why is he attacking him in public?

>That tattoo in Xia's hand
wtf? Is he actually a worm? I thought it was just a schizo theory.

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He's like a two heads taller than everyone in that crowd I'm sure he could give it a good go


>Fist Eye has drawbacks

Nice to show that it's not some "haha you win" ability when used.

You've had 400 chapters to notice this user.

Because Koga is based and will learn from anyone



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What if Xia was just trying to make a deal with Kamoshita?

you're literally 15 minutes after it dropped, stop feigning lack of interest weirdo

glad to know you're back bro

If either of them are as strong as Naidan then Himuro gets his ass kicked

Xia Ji is gonna kill Himuro, calling it now. Last chapter foreshadowed that Xia is actually really dangerous although cowardly. Kureishi and especially Joji were just too strong, but Himuro is the perfect mid-level guy to show of Xia's cunning and strength when pushed

This is the jobber supreme card, whoever wins will graduate from jobbing school

You missed the .rar.

Man, the food they're eating looks so fucking tasty.

I was going to say.

We've never seen Himuro actually get a chance to fight, outside of getting beat by Kaneda.

I'm ok with him wiping the floor with Xia, or Xia killing him. Himuro is probably my least favourite of the four stooges.

>He doesn't have 2 of the most talented fighting manlets in the world decide to randomly train him for free because he stood vaguely near some 1 sided fights while literally everyone else present was stronger
>With no implicaiton any even noticed he exists

Lolong... SMILED???

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>Xia kills Himuro
>Okubo goes on a quest to avenge him
He will ENTER once again

Holy shit! He is back.

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Ogi wins but sacrifices Tenjin

Not a huge fan of Lolong and Agito both training up Koga.
Cosmo and Kureshi doing Kazzy a favor and training Koga was fine. And them becoming buddies beyond that was a nice little miniplot.
And Seki just runs a gym that trains up dozens of people anyhow.

But getting one on two tutelage from fucking Agito and Lolong is a bit too much for Koga as some random mid-low tier fighter.

Shokugeki arc when

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>Xia is actually really dangerous

Yeah, which I hope they focus on re-establishing. He snuck in and killed a Ranjo, who likely would have sensed if someone was sneaking up on him.

Agito at least talked to Koga a bit, Lolong being there would make sense if GOAT made him do it


>With no implicaiton any even noticed he exists
I'm pretty sure that getting a referral by the first tournament runner-up and second tournament winner is a big deal.

>Xia Ji in the crowd.

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>kureishi and joji
user, their last appearance turned them into retards who lost track of a cripple literally crawling on the floor while leaving blood everywhere

Okubo kino always works for me.

His fight was a little underwhelming in Purgatory but it was nice to see him get a resounding W.

Terashi why can't you be more like Koga?

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I want Xia Ji to kill Himuro so bad.. but knowing Sandwich making villains underwhelming he might make Himuro and Kaneda kill those 2 beavis and butthead while Xia squirms and escape like the worm he is... I hope we get Xia redemption soon and the dragon awakens within him.. Ji should fuck himuro in the ass and assume top, that gyaruo nigger smug needs to get reality check

rolon literally looks like naidan there

Fuck you, Sandwich


>who lost track of a cripple

To be fair, I think Xia's a slippery little bastard. Him getting away from Joji and Kureishi should indicate that. We still don't really have a clear idea of Xia's strength

>A 6'6 tall lean blonde chink tried to blend into a crowd of japs
peak comedy

So Lolong is just a short version of Agito?

>Lolong with that character development haircut

>noooo only weak cowards like Kazzy are allowed to have eyehax!!!
The series is literally called Kengan you fucking spastic.

>Cut his hair
>Lost the wifebeater
>Doesn't look like he has a giant stick up his ass anymore
>Looks like an actual chad now
>Can crack a smile
>Is allowed to show some semblance of a personality now that he isn't literally Kuroki for Ohma
Bros... Rolon redemption is real!

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I forgot those two big niggas tailing Xia.

Maybe Himuro gets killed in a 3v1?

dude escaped from raian too, gotta admit he's got pretty good survival skills

I know people don't take villains seriously but does anyone think Himuro isn't getting sacrificed on the jobber altar to make Xia show why he's a dragon

Sanwitch and his retcons.. joji and kureishi are senile prease undestan

Lolong was always a chad, the only ones who didn't like him were yumigahama-tier autsits threatened by a fictional character lol

So Koga is Itagaki from Ippo

Really sandwhich

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RIP Himuro

why did sandro nerf koga

I hope he gets more spotlight than this. Calling him a worm hunter and then just not using him would be a huge waste

Lolong was the protagonist during his fight with Ohma.
This is just him finally getting to be his true heroic self.

Isn't it funny how whenever Ohma and/or Raian aren't around, the chapters are actually good?

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>you now have to enable them (despite never having to do it in the past)
>it quickens exhaustion
>it leads to loss of focus

Why did he pull these out of his ass?
Why not just say
>you're dodging too wide, it's wasted movement
>you're getting tunnel vision and only move to what your eyes tell you

Hassad soon.

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This reads like Mary Sue bullshit, why would Kanoh and Rolon give a shit about Koga?

>Xia surviving Raian.
>Xia surviving a full on beatdown from Kureishi and Joji, one of the fist of the seeker GOAT characters in terms of strength, without ending up in the hostpital.
>Yan and Sheng saying he's actually strong, just dimwitted and cowardly. Yan probably being what Xia would have been if he wasn't like that.
>Himuro trying to fight him.
Himuro is absolutely fucked.

user, Himuro clearly said that "they're" under inspection.. i think that tom and jerry is currently getting raped by the new and reformed hatsumi and rei yin yang combo of the wuxia land.. so Xia Ji gotta awaken his inner dragon soon if he want to live.. Himuro is likely going for the kill next chap

Bros I'm starting to think Koga died in that stabbing and is living his best dream life in Lolong's premonition

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Koga has connections also he spent 2 years in Purg so it makes sense Lolong knows him

It's never been a "you win", Kazzy's ancestor died in the finals iirc.

>implying just having good vision is some kinda magic you have to "activate"
Sandwich writing is cringe and so are you by defending this crap

Good bait

Whenever things aren't revolving around Kure/Wu shit and Niko style it's usually nice yeah. Shame that won't last

they're as in the worm in general user

>omg le based le cringe
Fuck off then if you hate it so much.

man lost all his design for a bit of personality, like come on they could've atleast kept the wifebeater

I asked this in the other thread but its almost dead, can you repost that script for ripping from comikey, if that was yours? If not, then just ignore me.
I got linked to it, but the pastebin had died.