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Marin's Butt.

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>pancake ass

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Mar̶i̶n's Butt


Long Marin is long.

why is she brown

Mn's Butt

CLAMP tier proportions

Why are her legs longer than her top half?

Marin's Succubutt

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Trash series.
It's funny seeing manchilds overanalyze it.

Someone edit in her cunt because this is uncanny. You don't even need to go NSFW, just a shadow of it it's fine.

No pussy flaps?

looks like shes made of plastic

It's not the 00s anymore

Sex Marin

Marin's lack of butt.

You're right. You probably should be able to see her pussy and asshole from this angle

Don't remind me

I miss the slits animators would slip in there for 1 or 2 frames

kek, now thread is beating marin

Hey, come on now. It's a nice butt.
Not every girl has a puffy vulva.

How fat are you?

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It was mostly just that scene for some reason. There are better examples believe me brother

what butt? she's flat as hell

Okay Jose.

Someone edit in a mosaiced flaccid dick

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"too big to be called a dick. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was more like a large hunk of flesh"

i agree

They really nerfed it in the anime.

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Would you???

I would read the everliving shit out of this doujin.

Probably outsourced that ass, sadly.

Let's be real, this just looks like a giant scar on her back lol

A shame. Juju's rump deserves the highest quality.


go be a nigger somewhere else

Why hasn't anyone fixed her skin tone color yet?

wtf? cloverworks couldn't handle the extra uohhhs?

Her ass is bigger than that in the manga.

Marin SEXubutt

They censored her nipples and pubic hair, Did you really thought that they won't nerf her ass?

Because that's what it's supposed to be.

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It's a very nice butt.

What? She literally got a tan for this scene, that's what she's supposed to look like.

Her "tan" came out of a bottle.

Marin Rinko cosplay!

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this character is literally built for NTR

I want to teach her how to swim.

tanned herself to make a cosplay of a tanned character

>tanned herself
Tinted foundation, user.

Marin hips

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In vol4 in polish they translated it as "tanned". Or "sunbathed" or smth alike.

Read it again, user.

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It's only up to vol4 in poland, hence why I didn't know. thx for the page

That is from a preview of the next chapter, in Vol. 5, that was in the English Vol. 4 release, user.

I SERIOUSLY need to watch this show, so much tasteful T&A

put yo grasses on nuttin will be wong