Did part 2 even start yet?

I want my fat titty divorcee NOW!

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She's too busy being bred by her new man meat.

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>too fat to be an OL

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no fucking way that pic is real


It's real, he's really that happy.

my divorced crybaby neighbor

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Cute man eater

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What about milk?

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where are these from? his fantia page?

or fanbox. i forget which he had


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Too big

She's a big guy

Looks like COOL, but I ain't certain.

It's Zyugora

CHeeky Irish bugger.

I hope the road trip isn't skipped over. It has the potential to be a fantastic and wonderful arc. There is no need to rush the story.

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>pussy isn't hairy



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Imagine the aroma

Yes, but where is the super lewd womb massage?

what is that fucking anatomy?

Where is tummyposter?

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Meant to quote

That's a lot of moisture

Picked up

She's pretty

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Did she piss herself?

Someone stop her!

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TLanons please save us!!

>"Oh god I'm so lonely and horny and my tits are just so fucking fat"
>"I hope Sawari-lun will will knock me up"
>"My J cup tits will become M cups and spray milk constantly"
There I just translated the whole series

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That's hot ty TL-kun

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>"I cannot make it through a day without Sawari-kun tweaking and sucking on my plump nipples"
The End.

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She's a mature woman. Where's the hair?

Bushfag grannyfuckers kill yourselves already

hi I'm new to [a/ are sexy pics allowed in here? lol

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Welcome friend, yes please post sexy pics

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okay here's a sexy pic, you can save it if you want.

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>Everyone's always leaking Zyugoya's fanbox
>No one ever leaks Reverse_frog's fanbox
It's not fair...You guys only go after the people with popular twitter series.

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I want to say he mentioned a week ago getting serious about getting this and Blue Skin Big Tits back up and running... the latter is his main source of income so that's not a surprise
Last week's fanbox comic

>Last week's fanbox comic
Post evidence

sorely tempted to join it since it's a good way to toss him some money for the comic but damn he doesn't update anywhere near as much


She'll smell like yeast, then.


God I hope so

Why won't Zyugoya draw nipples when they're literally drawing pussy juice everywhere and the characters obviously fucking in half these fanbox images

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Yeah I was actually a bit surprised there's nothing on kemono


>Did part 2 even start yet?
So the part 2 is when we find out she is a serial killer and kill her ex husband, right?

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She has inverted nipples

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