Dragon Ball Super

>n-new form for JOBhan just you wait!!!
What now? Weaker than Piccolo btw.

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Are these the CHADDEST Super designs we've seen since Beerus and Whis?

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Almost as strong as Cell.

>Muh fanfic numbers
Reminder that this spic believes this is true btw.

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*ToP android 17.
Sorry, they BROKE my mind

>the most eye-pleasing visuals
DBSBrolybros... it's over.

Yes, yes they are

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For a videogame MOEvie, yep yep.

Lamma 1 and 2 survive and replace DOGhan in the story.

People who hate vegeta really can't seem to stop thinking about him.

RedRibbonCHADS, wer'e relevant again

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And you are?

Is there a single member of the CHADgon Team who is disliked?

Sounds like pure shilling. Kinda sad.

It is. Buu got obliterated a lot. He only survived and won because he would just keep reforming, thus tiring the stronger opponent out. Bejita was winning for the most part at the beginning, but he got tired out. So those numbers make sense.

>Sub Cell tier

That could also be applied to:

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This looks like a cutscene from a video game

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>Bejita was winning
Holy kek. B had no way to beat CHADjin CHAD.
>"NOOOOO if you didn't have your abilities you wouldn't have won this"
Do you know how stupid you sound like?

true, same thing with the androids, people joke about vegeta jobbing to 18, but even in the manga he lost because she didn't get tired, 17 even intervened when all the z fighters tried to help him because it should've been "too much" for her

Hardly anyone posts about those. When they do it's no more than a couple posts.

>The strongest androids.
>Equiped with ultimate power to compete with Goku and the Super Warriors.
Both stronger than Post Broly Goku and Vegeta

>Hardly anyone posts about those.

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All of the Z fighters? used the chamber.

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>Said the SHITgang poster after posting a nostalgiafag artstyle

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well, caulifla in particular would benefit from a more pointy style

Cute Gang > Your favorite character


My favorite duo.

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The name being posted doesn't mean it's negative. Also people mostly use Bejita around here. Not to mention things like "SHITgeta" and other variants.


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Bejita has less results. And this is obviously doesn't include all the ways we call those characters in here.

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You're an idiot. The point is that Buu wasn't superior in terms of strength, his regeneration ability allowed him to win. If can't get tired, you'll eventually win by exhausting your opponent even if you're not superior in power.

Ma Junior destroys the SHITgang with his

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Take SHITcha out and replace him with CHADku and I will agree with you.

Goku and Ten are a duo?

roshi? undefeated
piccolo? groveling on the ground after the heroic sacrifice

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>wasn't superior in terms of strength
Please tell me you don't actually believe this, Buu CRUSHED his opponents.
>if can't get tired
Browno clowno.

Always were.

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Holy based.

>Browno clowOUCH

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>using real names

Roushi made Piccolo sweat more than any other villain.

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>Daman Mills

>trying to make HEROku and EMPERORza bros fight
Nice try.

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Unless it was all filler, why was he getting destroyed by base Vegeta's attacks?

The GODvie will be a success and it WILL revive the CHADnime

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I don't like characters because of their personality, design, or place in the story... I like them because of their power levels.


you'll be at home here

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Based 13 year old DB fan

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You'll love Z Broly

Based gokubro.

Finally... a fellow Zenobro.


Gents... DESTROY.


/qa/ WON.

ironic how people thought zeno would've ended the power level wankings

Z Broly has his own charm as a maniacal monster Super Saiyan with occasional shit talking and more than Nu-Broly will ever have.

WAY too many things to search if I don't.


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DBS CHADly has a personality.
Z SHITly never will have that.

I don't understand those symbols, BYE!

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>DBS CHADly has a personality.
What is it? Tell me.
>Z SHITly will never have that.
Did you not watch the movie? How can anyone say M8 Broly has no personality?


Would you have been interested in seeing a scenario where Bejita becomes a villain, as mentioned here after 20 is killed sooner and tries to kill the Z fighters?

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