Jujutsu Kaisen

I know it's break week but I'll do the honours of dumping extras and whatnot for volume 19

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didnt the volume just come out in japan? how has it been translated already?

19 came out in Japan. This is 15, only just released digital. Oh fuck, i only just realized I fucked up the title. Sorry

That'd be it for volume 15. Sorry for the titling fuckup, no extras at the end or anything. Predominantly Gojo stuff, thought it'd be better to dump it in a seperate thread rather than in the shonen jump ones

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Thankieee! More Itadori when?

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I miss Nobara

She'll be back

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Holy shit. Thanks for posting this. I missed them the first go round and I really wanted the reactions from this extra

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You're more then welcome user, didn't know someone already posted the vol 15 ones before

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Maybe it's the influence of Kemono Jihen vut I'm starting to fall for the cat. That wonderful expression in the last panel made feel things and think things that are morally questionable.

Gege fucking hates his first editor lol

Gege is around my age. You think Ive a chance?

Gege's sicklyness doesn't help either. Hopefully the cat is getting the rest he deserves

When did editor change happen

>Almost 30 years old

It hurts

Dumb gay cat

good question. no idea.

I think it was before Gojo vs Jogo

Obligatory smolbara for Nobarabro

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If the thread doesn't get a ton of traction (which I understand since it's break week) I'll just link it in next week's chapter thread. Just wanted to have the pages out incase anyone was curious

Enter, TENTbara.
No, really, what the fuck am I reading?
She’s so sweet! Chapter 125 is definitely my favorite one.
I wonder if we’ll get black-haired Nobara when she returns…

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Punished eyepatch Nobara will definitely be a cool as fuck visual. I echo your sentiment though, not being a math nerd I pretty much was just awwing at the cat

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Oh before I forget aswell Nobarabro


With your Yuri ship tastes I thought you may like this one. Has a nice Nobara X maki part

Ah, that’s a pretty video! The Nobamaki part was nice.

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Exit ihooenoneofyouniggerswereretardedenoughtobelivethefakespoilersBARA

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Seeing a yaoi MEP channel upload a Yuri MEP was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. Can't wait for the Suguru content tsunami come hidden Inventory

Plus the inevitable edits of Nobara taking out Half of Mahito

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thanks for the dump OP
I love this dumb cat so much bros, such a shame he sort of moved away from those extras featuring him

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You're welcome user, and same. I'm hoping we get him as an anime Easter egg again, sort of like how OP 2 had a 1 eyed cat. Either that or a Gege curse

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Thanks OP

The "cast of jujutsu kaisen" pages aren't unique every volume are they? Just wanna make sure I didn't miss anything. The volume just directly ends on Kenny saying "let's talk about the world to come"

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Ousama Ranking dude debuted in his forties I think

Our conquest of cinema going strong!

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I'm glad he finally explained this.

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Based Gaygay making volume extras just for gojobro

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>next WSJ cover will be a JJK one for its 4th anniversary
can you even imagine how it will look like when half of the cast is dead? is gege even capable of drawing yuji smiling nowadays?

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>Kenny versions of fallen sourcers when

It was weird without any explanation in the manga
Anyways, how are you doing Getobro

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Tired but relatively okay. Hope things are well with you too

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>Go to Tumblr for whatever fanart I can scrounge up
>Expect lots of gayshit
>Not much somehow
>Instead assaulted with many Fem YN fics
>tfw found them hot
Oh no

Oh yes user

Always warms my heart to see someone referencing World Trigger. I wish Gege would draw something WT-related, maybe on the 10th anniversary next year

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It's weird to think about how new authors ten years from now will be nerding out & making references to stuff we're reading right now

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>Fem YN

>Yuji smiling is probably just Sukuna smiling through
>Megumi is Megumi
>Gojo is stuck in a box
>Nobara is a cyclops and likely dead though obviously not
>Maki doesn't even look the same
>Breadman dead

>manga running for 4 years
>gojo and nobara only in it for 2 years kek

Female Self Insert fics. Toji and Gojo are the most popular. Not suprised with Gojo but Toji is, huh.

>obviously not

>always the same 3 retards spamming every thread
Kill yourselves

Come on user. You'd expect that her death would at least be explosive or something.
>inb4 she comes back just so she can do some Wobuffet bullshit on some enemy, killing herself with them
JJK girls are made to suffer and she hasn't suffered enough.

>You'd expect that her death would at least be explosive or something
Her face exploded

>Seething eventhough I dumped the extras

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>If Itadori hadn't nailed him with Black Flash, Mahito would have torn him to shreds
Amazing how Yuji got saved from getting wiped out by Mahito 3 times.

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If Yuta was permanent MC Yuji would've been a pile of bones right now

Smiling Yuji on Halloween. What a troll

>You'd expect that her death would at least be explosive or something
That's reserved for characters people give a shit about

If Yuta was MC this manga would have been a pile of bones right now.


Funny enough, the manga almost became a pile of bones before Gege had Sukuna "kill" off Yuji way back then

Don't make fun of him, he tries his best

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Would you anons have much interest in an extras dump come next volume aswell? I'm never sure how much enthusiasm there is for em

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Yes please

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I'll see what I can do in a month's time

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