Nobody liked Irina's anime!

Nobody liked Irina's anime!

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Sad :C

Why are black haired vampires less common in anime than blonde haired ones?

shitty romance melodrama can only get you so far with ADHD autists

That's a lot of buzzwords.

I watched it only for Nikita Khrushchev

I did!

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Speaking of not liking an anime, the west didn't like Yashahime but how was it received in Japan?
Moroha was the main reason I watched it.

I liked dumbpires anime and I know for a fact we will get season 2 with the american counter parts

>I know for a fact we will get season 2 with the american counter parts

He made it up.

Maybe cause Irina kept stealing chickens and washing machines before being corrected by nlaw.

I want to make Irina into a mommy!

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Ultimate proof that a waifu can't carry a bad anime by herself.

Lick the vampire.

sad but true

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I somewhat liked it until they showed the Earth animation.

Extremely arousing.

o rly

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Thanks for the reminder to go watch the show. I keep getting sidetracked but want to watch cute dumbpire

You lie!

Stop because I've already masturbated today.

You wouldn't masturbate to Irina in the spacesuit.

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>You wouldn't
Don't overestimate me, user.
How did Irina avoid getting a buzzcut for her flight?

You can't cut vampire hair.

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Waiting for the translated lightnovel.

I liked it, but overall it was okay. I appreciated that an anime went to such lengths to show an accurate representation of the USSR that wasn't just "frozen hellhole with bears", but I can't speak about the romance aspects since I don't usually watch romance anime. Because of the irl war, I doubt we'll get a second season of Soviet wankery any time soon.

Post wing girl

She looks like Arknights copycat

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go home, dog.

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I didn't watch this show together with Yea Forums so I don't know which one the "wing girl" is, you're getting Anya instead

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That's the smug missile girl.

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That's her

you'll never be japanese, mutt

You've heard of anti-ship missiles, this girl is a pro-ship missile

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My bad, I misunderstood "wing girl" to mean a girl with wings and not "wing man but a woman instead". I think she was my favorite character in the whole show, actually

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The absolute state of furries

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she was great yes, suprisingly so.

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Man, pixiv has so little of her and of this series in general.

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I liked it, but not enough to read the LNs.

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it was QUALITY

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it lacked SPACE

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Vampires in space? I wonder if the storywriters read Blidsight/Echopraxia.

Wow, she is tiny.

I think Anya is very cute

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She is the cutest girl no one will ever see again.

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I didnt expect this to hurt me as much as it did.

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It was a really comfy show to watch before Christmas.

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I just finished it today on my day off. I needed to do blood tests this week and it reminded me of this title being in my backlog.

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shameless bump

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her mission as a cosmonaut is over, send her to the breeding grounds

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But I loved Irina's anime?

no, she'll be training with me and we'll have lemon seltzer after.

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What's the point of this? Cute vampires and cosmonauts doesn't seem like it would mix. Didn't the Soviets send a bunch of dogs to space? Is that what they are doing with the vampire? That would seem unnecessary.

>Cute vampires and cosmonauts doesn't seem like it would mix.
but it did and tasted like lemon. just wish it had a bigger budget.

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Because vampires aren't a Japanese legend. And foreigners are blonde. Therefore vampire girls are blonde.

No, the idea was to send something as close to human as possible who could fill a report about their experience so they could improve their space capsule design, hence vampire girl since she volunteered.

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