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If we're talking about a full adaptation what's the projected total episode count?

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Zero, if we only count the good episodes.

I am thanking god (Hitogami) that the thread is not another Eris thread

If this dies I'm making a Hitogami thread

Silly user. That’s the wrong version.
But to answer your question, something like 125 or so episodes

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Dumb phonefag.

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Based Banana lover

She used to be cute and feisty, then she imitated Sauros and got loud and violent

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Makes you wonder if the trauma of growing up in the Boreas family as an effectively single child is what drives her to want a bunch of kids

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Yet somehow, Eris is both the most and least perverted wife.

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Still, gotta pity poor Ars, being stuck in an unga bunga iron maiden for 9 months.

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>a full adaptation

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I thought they set up a studio just for animating all of this?

That's after the series gets bought by Disney. You ready for black Elinalise and trans-Orsted?

Plenty of the staff left after the second cour finished airing and the studio itself is focusing on other non-MT projects.

>Plenty of the staff left after the second cour finished airing
Why? Wasn't this some kind of love project?

say no to the black wenches

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For the director yes, but anime production is still a business. The staff frequently changes employers and Studio Bind itself was already heavily relying on freelancers, most of whom are working for MAPPA right now.
It's identical to the WIT situation:
>some higher-ups of a parent company fall in love with the source material
>a subsidiary company is created and is given massive resources to make a single blockbuster season
>the subsidiary company succeeds, establishes their name and moves on to other projects

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Thanks for the explanation, a shame that it runs like this though

Now that doesn't mean we won't get more seasons, but keep in mind that
>1st project of a new studio is always given more resources for brand recognition and to draw investors in
>succeeding seasons are given less resources than S1 since they're almost always less popular than S1
>FOTS is much more profitable than continuous adaptation
So for all we know Studio Bind may spend several years doing something else and then churn out Mushoku Tensei 2: Overlord S3 edition

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Of course, the doomposters are at it again.

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I love Eris.

They will always be wrong though. Rule of MT doomposters is to always be losers.

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Stop making it look like Eris can't fight!

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The weak must fear the strong

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>projected episode count
Oil prince will answer accordingly, the projected episode count is as much as god wills it.

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>MT will never get an anime
>MT is impossible to adapt
>MT won’t be adapted cause it’s finished
>MT won’t be adapted cause it’s not popular(lol)
>MT won’t be adapted cause it won’t sell!
After anime was confirmed and movie tier PV.
>It’s just the PV I swear the anime will look bad
>it’s going to be such a shit adaption!
It was funny when the anime actually improved some scenes from the PV
Next, when the first 2 episodes aired and the whole bilibili fiasco
>MT is fucked the next 9 episodes will look like overlord season 3 I swear no chink money it’s over for MT!
>no no cour 2 will look like overlord s3 I swear!
>MT will never get 2 seasons!
>MT season 2 will look like absolute shit I promise!
>Everyone will drop the show during the academy arc for sure!
Doomsisters have some shame

>thanks for the explanation
Thanks for the explanation my fucking ass, imagine being so gullible.

Now then things that went right:
>funded by bitcoin oil prince
>producer becomes an MT fan instantly after reading 12 volumes thus he immediately starts preparations to create a new studio JUST to accommodate MT
>director confirmed to have read Aisha arc and digging it
>professional staff who are paid well
>excellent VAs
>quality stayed consistent
>as faithful an adaption can possibly get despite cutting corners here and there
>anime doesn't have an OP it's all animation
>some episodes didn't even have an ED
>some PVs can be mistaken for a movie trailer like the demon continent one
>first cour was consecutive #1 on nico-nico for 11 whole weeks and was #1 streamed seasonal anime
>second cour keeps being #1 as well
>has the support of enormous amount of people in the industry
>in the interview Tappei Re:Zeros author mentions: People say that "CLANNAD" is life, but for me, "Mushoku Tensei" is life
>kumo's mangaka btfos the naysayers
>shitty gacha keeps making money
>A whole new manga label was established just to adapt an MT side arc "magician of misery"
>author himself was the scriptwriter for the entire final ep of cour2 as seen in the credits meaning he has a lot of involvement in the project
>unaired ‘filler’ BD episode premiered in the cinema with tickets costing 2500 yen

This is unironically anime's fault for overhyping Eris's abilities during the snek fight and then nerfing her abilities in her duel with Rudeus since Rudy never actually choked her in the novels although he did still beat her by straddling on her but that's totally different from overpowering her like that completely he simply led her and she fumbled on her own.

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Btw I'm not complaining it was all good eye candy just wanted to point that out.

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it's bullshit either way. Eris should be able to cleave boulders with just a sword and physical strength at this point, no way she gets subdued by an 11 y/o

Well that's the point she didn't get subdued just led and she fumbled on her own. Also she's not THAT op back then, but she does improve little by little in fact her from demon continent and her in Millis are totally different levels already PRECISELY because she lost to Rudy she went bonkers with her sparring with Ruijerd and took it way seriously.

Also do you know one funny theory some user mentioned in the past threads?
By Rudeus getting the eye Hitogami not only managed to avoid her and Roxy meeting but it also directly connects to why Eris left after SEXO since this event also reminded her that she's not good enough or something along those lines.
It was a pretty amusing theory.

I think the primary reason why Eris left was because she jobbed infront of Orsted while Rudeus actually managed to land a hit, and after having that traumatic event he just picks himself back up and starting preparing for a second encounter.

Hitogami wouldn't be able to foresee this as Orsted pretty much corrupts his future sight and any events that happen due to his influence things that he can't see.

I know but it doesn't mean the theory is wrong as Hitogami might've been trying already to ruin Eris's self esteem which eventually still did happen but in a different way.
Considering the kind of butterfly he sets up to ruin oldeus it's not totally impossible of course unlikely but still a fun theory.

meant for >butterfly
Butterfly effect*

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I'm still pissed LN 12 spoiled me before I even got the chance to start the volume

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Did you finish it already?

Butterfly effect is only really a thing in our world where fate is essentially non existent, and there are no external forces deciding events in the future. Its kinda like pushing an object in space and pushing an object on ice. While if you push something on ice it will drift a bit, it will still stop because of external forces like friction, however if you push it in space it will never stop because there is nothing to stop it.

Eris was advanced in sg before she got teleported, which is the rank Paul is who we know can cleave boulders, and she's been fighting monsters on the demon continent and training with Ruijerd for like a year at this point. Fighting her would be like fighting a gorilla, it doesn't matter how you grapple her as you simply don't have the strength to hold her

Not yet I went to bed after I read the quote page bc I was annoyed they'd do something like that, I'm planning on starting and finishing it at work in a bit.

When Hitogami keeps experimenting on Rudeus during his tarvels in vols 1-6 the results he ends up are different from what he was seeing, meaning it's not necessarily that Rudy's descendants will help Orsted however because Hitogami believes it so what happens is that he still antagonizes Rudy and we get a self-fulfilling prophecy on his end. He plays himself.

But otherwise fate is not something so omnipotent so to say it's simply pre determined history of the world. However external factors like people not from that world like Rudeus and well of course Hitogami and Orsted with their powers can totally alter that pre determined history and create butterfly effects, for example:
When Hito was only using Rudy for his history changing experiments, Zanobas arc’s conclusion is basically direct consequence of what happened in previous Shirone arc that ended with Pax and Zanoba’s exile by using Rudy, seemingly nothing important at first however which resulted in the destruction of Shirone due to Hitogami's butterfly effect which means Orsted no longer knows where Laplace will be born meaning he’s fucked and he would probably decide to forsake the loop if not for Rudy and Orstedcorp.

Those are the kind of butterfly effects I'm talking about and they certainly exist in this story user what are you on about?

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Paul's touki is basically at saint tbqh but yea you're not wrong

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>Paul's touki is basically at saint
I don't think he necessarily is, at least I don't remember the novel stating so.
Remember Soldat was slaughtering frost dragons left and right in his introduction and he's only advanced in sg. Advanced-tier is already well in the "beyond human" realm

Girls' womb nicknames.

Sylphy - 2 and Done

Roxy - God Killer

Eris - Baby Cannon

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Sylphy - Barren World

more like
>Eris - The Scrambler

imo there's enough wiggle room in the story to make Paul st. teir. At some point, Rudy internal monologues over Paul's abilities and figures he is st-tier b/c he is advanced in all 3 styles. Ghislane earlier in the series internal monologues over feeling sorry of Rudy b/c of Paul being purely instinctual about sword fighting, relying on his raw talent and therefore unable to actually teach Rudy anything, including the Water and North God styles (which she also couldn't teach, but felt suited Rudy's personality better).

So, you could basically retcon that while Paul was not officially ranked saint in a particular style, he was saint based purely on his raw talent.

Why do powerlevelfags struggle with the idea that that an intermediate swordsman with precognition can pin down an advanced swordsman and yet lap up the idea that an advanced swordsman with multiple styles at his disposal can fight on the level of a saint?

I'm pretty sure Paul being a saint is a thing he can be comparable to any saint really a reminder that ranks are simply karate bets and while not directly stated him being advanced in ALL 3 styles and how he fought in begaritto vs a certain hydra was pretty remarkable he's definitely above advanced and has plenty of combat experience unlike Eris.
I mean it's a no brainer if at that point Eris decided he had to kill Paul because of what happened between him and Rudeus and actually did challenge him to a duel she'd get her ass kicked.
It's a totally believable scenario in the novels I still think anime overdid it a bit but eh it's like whatever.

>Why do powerlevelfags struggle with the idea that that an intermediate swordsman with precognition can pin down an advanced swordsman
Rudeus is, physically speaking, a normal albeit well-trained child of 11 years. Eris has touki which allows her to perform superhuman feats that even a gorilla couldn't do. What kind of retard do you have to be to not to understand that the strength disparity renders any kind of jiu jitsu moves completely useless

She doesn't have super strength tho does she? Show me anywhere in first 3-4 vols where that's stated.

>If we're talking about a full adaptation what's the projected total episode count?
You got your full season. The show's over. Go home.
If you need more isekai, there's a new one starting today. It's not Mushoku Tensei, but that shouldn't matter; it's isekai.

Obviously, during a mock combat, Eris doesn't use her battle aura, or else, she would accidentally cleave Rudeus in two with her wooden sword.
Because yes, people trained in the great styles can cleave rocks with wooden weapons.
Just like Ghislaine massively slows down and has easier to block strikes when she trains Eris and Rudeus, while we know that she can easily strike at the speed of light when she's being in serious combat mode.

>Obviously, during a mock combat, Eris doesn't use her battle aura
When was it said that touki is something you turn on and off? I thought it was a permanent physical buff
Anyway, if Eris wasn't serious she wouldn't have gotten so upset over her loss

Touki is something you wear.
Orsted's saint dragon touki for example is something he wears and he can turn it off.
It's literally ki/battle aura that you develop naturally and later when it amasses to a degree can even control it.

meant for Also see pic relateds

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Touki is permenant but you can't just activate it on your will alone unless you have Orsted's Saint Dragon Touki.

The superhuman buffs that Touki can give you can only be accessed through techniques, so you can use Touki to accelerate yourself up to the speed of light but you can't use it to casually pick up a 1 tonne boulder whenever you want.

Or at least I think.

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When is the 16th LN volume out in english?

There's a large gap between Advanced and Saint tier.

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For you and only for u

>nooooooooooo don't talk about the best isekai talk about all those other fotm inferior isekai
How about no LOL

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>other user asks for release date of the English versions of the light novel volumes
>user thinks he's supposed to post the youtube video about the fourth turning point


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>The superhuman buffs that Touki can give you can only be accessed through techniques, so you can use Touki to accelerate yourself up to the speed of light but you can't use it to casually pick up a 1 tonne boulder whenever you want
Well this is stupid. So touki users are using a specific technique every time they do something superhuman even just running and jumping? It makes a lot more sense to assume they have a permanent physical buff but can develop techniques like SoL for even greater superhuman feats

Not the same user earlier in the thread but I finished 11 last night. probably start and maybe finish 12 tonight. Elinalise has really grown on me