Unhealthy couples

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How weak.

>Tags: Comedy, Romance, School Life Shoujo, Smut, Bullied Female Lead, Character Who Bullies the One They Love, Classmate/s, High School High School Student/s, Live-in Lover, Male Lead Falls in Love First, Mean Male Lead, Scary Male Lead, Student-Student Relationship

>I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun...
>Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend...He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me...Ah and doing perverted stuff...!!
>And he's also living at my place.... I'm definitely not his girlfriend, so please let me go already!!!

I don't see anyone in your picture wearing bandages from being beaten.

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This thread is now for shoujofags only.

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I'm not into noncon

What's noncon?

Araragi and crab.

Non-consent. It's a smut writer's way of rebranding rape.

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Shoujochad here

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>posts unhealthy thread
>doesn't like non-consent
Full consent is disgusting anyway

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Get out with this garbage.

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You're right.
Kirino and Kyousuke are too good together to be considered unhealthy

Why do I keep seeing this two in every thread about unhealthy couples

Why do women do so much?

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Give it up, harem cucks, you can never win.

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They never dissapoint.
Why are they so good at making unhealthy relationships appear so delicious?

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i found this pairing to be entirely wholesome

They're toxic. Watch episode 6 of Season One and you'll understand

Are you sure about that?

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They just keep winning and winning.
The Virgin Higehiro:
>Protagonist doesn't even have a given name or maximum self-insertion
>Second episode already has to make it clear how everyone is in love with him.
>>I'm still a virgin, lol
>Everyone needs to flatter the protagonist

The Chad KoiKimo
>Protagonist is fully fleshed out
>Side characters all have their own love drama
>Protagonist is rightfully accused in many cases of being hypocrite
>Protagonist has actual love rivals
>Love interest is an actual creep and the story doesn't hide it
>Evil wins

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>their child is the love interest in the next work

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>wasting pages on side characters

They're gay zombies

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I liked KoiKimo's anime, is the LN/manga over?


give me one example of shoujo rapey male leads

Every one in scums wish


Obviously Maid-Sama! comes to mind.
But Cheeky Brat, Diabolik Lovers, and L-DK also come to mind as big ones.

>That spoiler

Ai doesn't give a shit about Junko.
Junko doesn't give a shit about Ai.
They're not even friends and they have nothing in common besides the fact they are both idols and even at idoling they are in complete disagree.
They don't share hobbies, they don't share dreams, they don't talk to each other like fans think they do. Basically Ai is more close than Saki or Sakura than she is to Junko

>readers scream "NTR DROPPED" at the mere existence of another male character
That explain so much

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It's hilarious how much the term has been deflated by self-inerters.

they both look healthy to me

picked up

search for Yandere tags

>brown tomboy wearing male clothing
stop that, my dick can only get so erect

8man and this autist

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Ah, I see you're a man of rape culture as well.

my fetish

Is it gay to fuck your tanned tomboy childhood friend teacher?

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Dropped Higehiro because I'm not interested in the adventures of a retarded whore. Dropped Koikimo because the audio has so much reverb it sounds like they recorded it through a pipe.

Shonen MCs are such bad influences. One shonen manga I read had him have sex with every tomboy and only fuck the tomboys. As if that wasn't bad enough, he doesn't use condoms or birth control either. A very bad influence on the reader.

People shit on Diabolik Lovers, but it has a better plot than 99% of harem, and 80% of romance titles and on top of that the “gothic erotic horror” is really good.

The blonde fag and Claude from Black Butler season 2. I was glad to see Blondie gone. What an annoying prick.

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>“gothic erotic horror”
I read horror porn games before. One had lesbian vampire rape scenes. Another had routelets and virtual reality. The one that stood out to me the most was this haunted school sex game where these elementary schoolers and a fat old guy try to rape you.

those boys were so hot wtf

>partially initiates the kiss
What a whore.

Purityfags deserve no rights and sluts are hot.

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all women are whores

For me, it's Raito.
>Charming hat
>Wickedly charming voice
>Bite-kisses legs, though he could do it a little higher up the inner thigh
>Uses “boku”
>Alternates between “bitti-tyan” and “kimi”.
Being affectionately called a slut while being leg-raped, I can't even.

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>he doesn't use condoms or birth control either.
Based, strong and healthy children.

It's wholesome enough because she ends up becoming his toy instead, though she's too tomboyish to admit it. Her sweaty hikki friend and her cute trap boyfriend are an even more adorable and healthy couple though. Arguably the most in the series.

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No, user, he is a bad influence.