ITT: anime tropes you dislike

ITT: anime tropes you dislike
>School festival episode

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Mine is
>op is a dumb satania poster

>Beach episode, most of the times is just like a filler episode
>School festival episode

>female character practically having an orgasm while eating whatever food she is enjoying

at this point any Japanese culture wank.


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beach episode
there's nothing more annoying than wasting an episode that could have been used on plot just so i can see some cuntoids throwing around a beach ball
if i wanted to jerk off, i would go to it doujins or eroge VN

>"No MC, you can't use THAT technique, you'll permanently damage your body!"
>MC proceeds to spam the move every chance they get

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to be fair this kind of episode is what inspires and encourages the fans to draw all sorts of lewd arts. They still pretty dumb tho

>Two people argue
>They run out of words
>One of them begins to laugh
>The other one starts laughing as well

>student council has ridiculous amount of power with little to no adult oversight
>everything comes to a screeching halt because of fanservice
Just keep the plot going when there's tits on the screen.

Flesh fangs
Tsundere beating the shit out of someone and the act is treated as a joke
Pervert character
"I'm just your average high school student"

>Technique shortens the users lifespan
>It's a complete nothingburger because the series ends long before they die

i don't mind fang, I HATE the flesh fang

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>school rooftop
Are school rooftops in Japan really that easily accessible?

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Nippon food best food
Rice with raw egg? Best food ever

>not making season 2

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>Technique kills user
>Used right when another character conveniently acquires revival powers

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Name 3 anime/manga

not him, but guys one isn't it? follow shonen closely and you could name ten

>devil fails in being evil

Mine was permanently closed after some cunt tried to an hero.

shitty template threads on Yea Forums

>explanation of thing
>confused looks
>explain thing again slightly rephrased as if it's a tl;dr for laymen and not just the exact same explanation

>superior childhood friend secretly pining over the mc only to be trashed in the end

everyone is MC sexual
>MCs harem
>every female he meets in the school/ town/ kingdom
>sister, mother or any other relative
>his rival
>the two non threatening male guys that are his friends
of course
>big bad (probably a loli)
you can bet your ass off

oh and I know I dont have to mention it but the MC is completely asexual while everyone tries to hump his leg like a dog

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Good. Have you seen the manga? I'm glad they didn't make s2 to avoid the huge drop in quality and remember Satania as great as she was.

Graduation episode

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No one ever writes about the MC finally getting into a relationship because most people just care about the road leading to it

Ready, Yea Forums?
Running to school with toast in your mouth.

it's really because the writers have no romantic experience

>Tsundere beating the shit out of someone and the act is treated as a joke

Why are people so mad about this?

>anime is set in school
>anime is set in a video game

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>Draw a girl call it a boy

Any type of love story

tsunderes are more than beating MC up as a joke

>parents have no idea what their kids are up to in school and extra curricular activities
>MC wakes up and casually tells their clueless parents he is leaving immediatly to the other side of Japan because their bukatsu qualified to a tournament 2 episodes ago and noone bats an eye

Yeah, they are usually the best girl of their series

only if they are flat and twintailed

Why? It helps you detect the best girl 99% of the time.

I prefer a natural unstyled flow

>meme an entire generation of young men into thinking they're bi
We may never recover from Astolfo's damage

boob mole

This, they can't write relationships even if they wanted to

> let me come with you we will fight them together!
no, you can’t.
> you can’t stop me, I’m going, like it or not!
Fine. You can come.
> let’s g-…

Is the chop supposed to imply a knockout that forces one side to stay out of the conflict?

Love this shit.

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>mc refuses to kill evil villain because muh braindead pacifism
>villain comes back later to fuck everything over

MC acts like a kissless virgin
>h-her hair smells like shampoo! I’m getting turned on…

Of course… you’ve seen it before. Don’t tell me you haven’t

Best trope

it opnes the spot for
>villain gets killed the second time for real

Ive seen this scenario a couple times in different media though the chop isnt always a chop to the back of the neck. Like in ZnT where mc spikes louises drink cause she would die in the battle if participating (mc died anways lol)
Do you have a specific time you hate it?

>breast envy
>onsen episode that just exist to provide sex humor instead of providing torso-level relaxing bathtime with a private talk and is treated the same as in every other scene but in the nude
>when a series with a mixed gender cast, regardless of gender ratio, show a bath scene of only one gender instead of both
>when a series set in modern times or beyond only provide either bath or (standing especially) shower scenes instead of both

breast envy is hot you fag

No it isn't. It's just a lame trope that's even constantly shoehorned on a small-breasted character that otherwise doesn't show any signs of being breast-conscious, it feels so out of character and unnecesary.

>If I drink from the same bottle, wouldn't that be... a-an indirect kiss!?

And any kind of sperging over indirect kisses, is just not funny.

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except even the most timid kuudere flattie would turn MC's face into minced meat the moment he mentions the word flat

Again it feels so out of place for fanservice sake and doesn't show any significiant impact on characterization.

its fucking anime
3/4 of the season doesnt show any significat impact on characterization

Depends on the part of the country.

In my prefecture, all the schools roof yards were closed - but we were in an area where the school had big grounds/out areas so it wasn't a problem. This closure came after someone killed themselves by jumping.

But city places like Tokyo, often they're open just like in anime, because the schools don't have much outdoor space on the ground.

And most public schools in Japan do look JUST like this. They were built during a building boom, nationally, to very similar schematics.

Breast Envy in het harems is just there because it has to be, hot or not depends on may different factors like the other girls.
Yuri Breast Envy is where it is at.

That only applies to haremshit, CGDCT, isekai and some fujoshit. At least in other genres (even battle shounen) they would show some semblance of significiantly progressing characterization regardless of quality.

I'm not concerned about the size of my dick either, but if I get in a bath house and everyone there has a giant cock, I would be upset.

>if I get in a bath house and everyone there has a giant cock, I would be upset
Some series with bathing scenes usually doesn't include this kind of sexual trope, the interactions would be treated the same as in every other scene.

>this only applies to 80% of anime in recent ears
how many anime in the last decade can you name that dont qualify as harem