Are there really people out there who fancy old hags? They show up frequently in manga and anime...

Are there really people out there who fancy old hags? They show up frequently in manga and anime, but they never seem to be in the running for the MC bowl yet they somehow gain popularity.

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More Regura bug women when?

fuck off newfag

People fancy cute/sexy females regardless of age. Even "used goods" is a dumb meme term compared to "MILF".

Why are you posting hentai here you subhuman

Yes, In a world where women are whores I have given up on the idea of finding a woman my age who hasn’t taken more dick than I have fingers is impossible. So I rather have used but untouched goods like a hag. But that’s 3DPD and that sure as hell won’t happen if I continue being a n33t.
Most anons like hags/cakes/milfs because they are usually drawn with big fucking tits and curvaceous bodies. ignoring the fact that older women with slender bodies exist. Crows feet, saggy tits, erotic
They never seem to be in regular non h manga because no one can portray them differently they are either passive or a massive predator /ss/ hunter. Why do you know this is hentai you degenerate?

Literally says r18 dumbass

Humans are the real bug women

It's because of my mommy issues.

God i wish I had a mother like that

>He watches harem

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>Booooo.... sexual suggestive lady

Because I hate responsibility and wish I was a child again to be babied by a mother who also deals with my sexual needs.

i hope she gets mating pressed by dark skinned males fr fr no cap

Yes, me. I believe women peak in the 28-32 year range.

People have preferences

>no bug women
>just does 24/7 shotashit now
The curse of a hagfag, half your content is either shotashit or NTRshit

>wanting the god of cake/shota to go back to bug women.

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exaggerated femininity. it's pretty hot.

really though why not both?


this, he found his calling like Agata

I WILL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN TILL THE END OF MY DAYS. I hope this author knows how miserable she made my life with this

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it's sexually arousing how easily available they are. you don't need to make an effort wooing them since they're just desperate for sex and secret affairs.

I'd love to fuck an 40 year old who still had a sexy body but start telling her in the middle of sex that she's an old, ugly bitch. it would really turn me on to say cruel degrading things to an older woman like that.


ill even take bug cake/shota, i just want more bug women

>wanting the god of cake/shota to go back to bug women.

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Fancying one right now

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Emmanuel Macron.

Name a more iconic duo than hags and hot spring baths

Cakes and sake

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Nah at least shota doesn't have shitty storylines, mean spirited dialogue and retarded women

Thought she was pouring the sake in her clevage

A good idea

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How does she sleep? Won't boobas get in the way in any position unless she's standing up like a horse?

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>manga and anime
You are surprised about people having fantasies that ignore realistic details?

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Bra-less hag breasts

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Kubo knows my tastes well

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Yes, I love cute moms

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I don't see why he can't just combine the two and get us a shota being abducted by a bug woman or a shota who likes playing with beetles finding a beetle woman who playing with shotas.

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Is this the delivering girl from that doujin?


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Good shit user

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I hate when that faggot Freud is proven right time and time again.

It's hot to see milfs cuck their daughters.

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kys newfag, Yea Forums always had lewd threads, it's ok if it's not explicit. You fucking retards deleting threads forget that based period when nipples were allowed if you spoiler them.
Ecchi is the part of the anime culture and you agendafags can go suck dick in other place.


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