This is premiering today. Is anyone watching it? It looks comfy.

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It's genuinely good good Abeganda.


Just gonna say that this will end up being the anime of the season and leave many people in tears
Screenshot me now

thats a good portmanteu. I like that word

I will, going there blind as I have not read the manga

can't wait for Elise's show to start

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I am.

Subs where?

After it airs in Japan


It already did


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Is this the usagi drop of our generation?

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Very cute daughterwife.

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namaiki loli

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Relationship over with old dad, singing manju is the new dad.

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So he will marry her later so he could still get his hands on the shop right?

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seducing JK next

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>rival daughterwife appears
Is this daughterwife harem show?

So is he going to fuck the loli?

how did you get JP sub?

watch straight from jap tv

These kind of shows are going to kill me.

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Typical comfy shot, i like it

His love interest is the red dress woman?

This sounds like it'll be a really comfy show. I'm looking forward to it.

It looks so comfy. I'm definitely watching this.

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She's his ex, as I recall.

>upgrading from old hag to cunny
So apparently this is show airing free with subs on YouTube, easy to access with VPN, might even work without it. Also they have thank god subbed the op and ed.

*English subs

>The uploader has not made this video available in your country

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I think it's SEA only. CR rips is out anyway

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I think that the decision about merging Funi with CR was a good thing.

damn she's actively looking for her dad. that's sad.

Before it aired I assumed both MCs were high schoolers. Am I retarded?

Is this raising a daughterwife, or is it actually just a daughter?

Last I read, daughteru. Iirc there's another jailbait that wants him and his ex is still in the race.

Do I need to watch Digimon before this?

Do they really eat cherry tree blossoms?

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