Lolicon is translated as "pedophile"

>lolicon is translated as "pedophile"

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>Grand sponsor Tokyo day, oh Christmas is translated as "This program is sponsored by"

Lolicon is pedophilia

That’s a compliment, yes.

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>translation is accurate
No way.

That's the correct translation, ironic lolicon.

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cope harder, pedo

Where's the lie? Why do people get so offended by this anyway unless they touch real kids and are afraid of getting caught

i can't believe there are people actually defending localization

lolita complex = child fetish = pedophile

it's the same terminology.

Some people take exception at the fact that "pedophile" implies just what you wrote, that they are people who would diddle children if they had the chance to
Some people also say that "lolicon" has different implications because it's more about cuteness and affection, like moe, than romantic and sexual desire, and it's confined to fictional worlds anyway

The correct translation is my wife Misogi is cute.

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Imagine being so bad at Japanese, you think translating lolicon as pedophile is wrong.ロリコン/ロリコン/ロリコン.htmlロリータコンプレックス辞書/日本語-英語/ロリコンロリコン
Because they're subhuman low-IQ morons who think pedophile = child molester.

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>Because they're subhuman low-IQ morons who think pedophile = child molester
Case in point:

It's accurate. Why do people keep making these threads?

ITT: People who can't differentiate something real and tangible, and something fictional that is not tangible and does not exist

That's literally how the Japanese use the term. When one Japanese character uses the term lolicon to refer to another Japanese character, they're not calling them people who jerk off to little anime girls, they're calling them people who jerk off to little girls. Lolicon referring specifically to 2d attracted only pedophiles is a weird western cope.

I wonder something for the lolicons who swear they'd never touch a real kid and satisfy themselves with fictional drawnings. Let's say the fictional kid suddenly becomes real, they look the same, they act the same but they are right in front of yo, would you still want to have sex with them or find them sexually arousing still?

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Some people like certain types of fictional characters and don't like being accused of something they're not/wouldn't do.

He's using a Shinobu pic. It's obvious he's an ironic lolicon.
Lolicon has never been a term exclusive to fiction in Japan. Never.

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imagine letting imaginary people on the internet judge you for things you enjoy

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how the fuck do they look the same? 3d cannot replicate the look

i like most of these characters :)

kill yourself

I know right? They should know by now to use a less charged term like "Minor Atracted Person".

Instead of answering the question you become angry and evasive. How very left wing of you. stand by your convictions or disappear into another grift

Anime characters aren't real, they don't look real except for a few anime/manga with a slightly realistic artstyle. Last week I sat on the bus 4 seats away from a child. I had no arousal, only slight annoyance. I like cute anime characters because they're cute.

>I fap to drawn adult men, but I'm not gay
>I fap to drawn feet, but I don't have a foot fetish
>I fap to drawn children, but I'm not a pedophile
>3d cannot replicate the look
Watch Candydoll, you absolute newfag.
Good for you poser.
You will never belong here. Fuck off back to

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>OP spams his failed thread

Cope harder you refuses of society, all pedos would in fact molest children if they tought they could get away with it

Reminder that if you say you're a lolicon you can get arrested and saying "it was a joke" didn't work for madthad and won't work for you

politics are for faggots, and as if it wasn't obvious, the answer is no because 3dpd looks gross as a rule

Where in my post did I indicated I was angry? Where in my post am I being evasive? I answered your question you fucking idiot.
>How very left wing of you
Im not a politictard so that doesn't work, it effectively mean absolutely nothing. What does that even have to do with anything?

"I'm not gay, I'm a fudanshi, I'm only into boys who arent real I swear"

But anooon! I have to save face and defend myself of the accusations of jerking to 2D girls with child proportions!!! That doesn't make me a lolicon!!! Noooo waaaaayyy!

Pedophile doesn't mean "someone aroused by every child in existence every time they see one," just like heterosexual male doesn't mean "someone aroused by every woman in existence every time they see one."

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>you fap to rape, that means you want to rape women in real life
>you fap to incest, that means you want to fuck your sister in real life
>you fap to lesbians, that means you want to be a lesbian in real life
Your comparisons are retarded.

If I exclusively masturbate to 2d men and 2d gay sex, but I have no interest in 3d men, am I still a faggot?

Politics literally shapes the world you live in every single goddamn day to not be political is the height of willful ignorance.


Mad Thad went a little beyond joking though
As in, the pedo porn he joked about having was in the exact same place he wrote on FB about

>ironic lolicons are centrist scum

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I don't care if they children. An anime character's age mean absolutely nothing to me.

>Watch Candydoll, you absolute newfag.
>go look at the thing that's said in literally every one of these threads! surely that will convince you!

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>I fap to drawn adult men, but I'm not gay
>I fap to drawn feet, but I don't have a foot fetish
Do you agree with this or not, faggot?
Guess you're not a lolicon then.

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>you fap to rape, that means you get horny at the fantasy of raping a woman into submission
>you fap to incest, that means the taboo of having sex with sibling turns you on
>you fap to lesbians, that means you get turnt on at girls pleasuring each other
And now...
>you fap to lolis, that means...
End the sentence.

Now I know you're a certified retard who only seen everything thing in politics. Im sorry to say im none of the things in your post, especially not a victim of politics brainrot.

Too old.
Here's a better image.

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But the reason is that it refers specifically to 2d in the west, and may or may not include 3d, besides being a very rude term, like suddenly calling someone a nigga or murderer out of nowhere. Isn't suddenly calling someone a murderer weird?
>a drawing will pop out the screen looney-tunes style
Even if that were to happen, it would be a weird situation, would you consider 2D drawings popping out the same as irl 3ds?

i don't understand the big fight over labels. can you not just like what you like without having to fight with faggots on the internet what label should be attached to you and especially others?

>he only called you a real life murderer because you killed someone in a video game, why are you so upset?

>at the fantasy
Meaning you're not attracted real rape but the fantasy of rape. Likewise, someone be attracted to the fantasy of loli without being attracted to real world equivalent.

Is it true that normal people overwhelmingly find 13 attractive?

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But user, they would *never* actually hurt a child, they'd just leer at them from afar, take creepshots at the park, and buy CP from Russians on TOR! They're totally harmless, why are you persecuting them?

das right

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>me playing Fifa doesn't mean I like real life football bro totally different things

>But the reason is that it refers specifically to 2d in the west
Why should translators pander to western sensibilities instead of providing accurate translation?
>Isn't suddenly calling someone a murderer weird?
A murderer is a criminal. A pedophile is not.
See above.

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What the fuck does the age matter? She's literally the same.

I love children. nonsexually of course

mainly talking about the ironic/unironic crowd. they freak the fuck out if you like part of what they like without fully backing them and get angry and demand you can't have their label anymore.
I get the issue with saying someone is something that is literally a crime when they are not.

18-25 is a bad age for fake lolis. The only good fake lolis are mature women. Cakes or Mothers.

And the fantasy of rape is based on what?

sub-100 is weak

Pedophilia is literally having recurring fantasies about children.
Ask loli artists. They obsessively focus on the (underage) age of the loli.
>they'd just leer at them from afar
Never done that.
>take creepshots at the park
Never done that.
>buy CP from Russians on TOR
Never done that.
Provide a source for your claims or fuck off.

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It depends on the context. If they only like 2D stuff translating it as lolicon is probably more appropriate. But if they're referring to the real world then it should be pedophile. This is a very basic principle of translation, I don't know why people get so mad on both sides.

>Why should translators pander to western sensibilities instead of providing accurate translation?
I myself think it depends on the tone and context of the anime. Why would you add shocking value to a comfy manga? But in some situations, they may translate it the other way and make sense, as in, a character calling the other a lolicon likely refers to the latter. The fact it refers to 2d in the west, though, likely stems from those same characters being 2d in Japanese media using lolicon when speaking in Japan, otherwise.. no one would use the Japanese term in the first place. inb4 cope
I thought both are criminals?

Found the Russian.

I don't care what they call me I just can't stop fapping to cuncun

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Nah, older than an average lifetime is fine but it has some drawbacks. Especially 100, some her friends have just died of old age so she's probably depressed. I want my lolihags to be upbeat and energetic. For me its 30-60 and then not until 500+, where they've gotten over the hump of "everybody I love will die".

The breaking of a taboo like incest. Just look at . Even though both characters are exactly the same both mentally and physically, "unironic" lolicons supposedly prefer the one of the right because it's more taboo than the one on the right.

And that's all it's based on. A fantasy not the real world.

that's the correct translation, yes

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I'm sorry, but if you're going to make outrageous claims about an entire group of people, you need to provide a source.
>I thought both are criminals?
No, a pedophile is someone attracted to children.
A murderer is someone who has committed the criminal act of murder.
Only one of these is a criminal.

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