Why does the "old anime looked better" myth still presist?

Why does the "old anime looked better" myth still presist?

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Because the new one is wayy hotter

That does look better than any modern anime

makoto shinkai style is basically old anime but done digitally, so yeah old anime does looked better.

Holy delusional!

because idiots keep falling for bait incorporating it

the rough 90s-00s aesthetic is just different compared to the cleaner look of the ones in the 2010s, and that makes people think it's inherently better

Painted with real paint on paper that was photographed with a camera. Gives a natural, handcrafted look that digital can't simulate yet.

do you have any idea how long it takes to paint one frame? it's completely unfeasible to make an animation using it

I actually have a pretty good idea. And yes, it just not worth the trouble today. And that makes old animation even more impressive.


You're not the boss of me now!

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But they did it though. For years.

No they didn't. Paint is mostly used for backgrounds, not animation. Pic related took 6 years for 95 minutes.

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Because it's true. That image looks better than most modern trash.


>Shot on 8mm film and mastered in 360p
>"Muh texture and grain!"
Literal snake oil seller buzzword.

Everything was handmade back then, of course it was better. All the material they used were expensive and required specialized knowledge, so they were forced to hire professionals. now everything is done on computers and a large part of the process is automated. Painting the frames doesn’t require a steady hand and mistakes can easily be undone on a computer, meaning they don’t have to hire actual artists for stuff like coloring. work can also be outsourced overseas more easily. everything to make it cheaper to produce. It doesn’t help that there’s a well-known shortage of animators in Japan right now.

And yes, cels were painted just like the backgrounds, ignore the retard above.

Because through time, people weed out the bad things and only the good things remain in their memory. There is some dogshit old media out there. When you think of music or world renowned albums from like the 70s and 80s, a lot of them are names you heard of, but the shit music you haven't heard of was simply forgotten by time because it was that uninspiring and shit. Same goes with anime. Everybody remembers the "good" things from the 80s and 90s but they have no idea how much it was trash.

I just recently rewatched Cowboy Bepop and holy fuck the artstyle, mood, colors, fluidity od the animation is sooo much better then nowadays anime. It's like all current anime came from the same color paletes, similar assets, like a 100x game made in UE4

Old anime could have more janky animations somethimes, worse framerates, and lower quality here and there but new anime are NEVER getting even remotely close to the SOUL level of old anime.

This, purely survivor bias if you were to pick out old and new anime at random both would look equally shit.


It was all handmade by mostly professionals with years of experience, so yeah, it had a higher quality sometimes

Distant shot looks great in old anime

loaded question. its no myth and the reality is that it has more soul.

Because shitposting gets (You)s.

Because the shit is forgotten and the good is remembered.
Eternal reminder that Mitsuo Iso, the person who made a lot of the "old masterpieces" people post here (Asuka vs production evas, GiTS tank fight, FLCL, Blood, Porco Rosso, Gundam 0080) was one of the visionaries in modern animation, making Dennou Coil using CGI.


I mean look at it.

not my problem


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Not cherrypicking as we have confirmed in these very threads.

Because people are comparing your average seasonal shit to stuff like Akira, Gundam, or Cowboy Bebop.

Analog > Digital
Tell me anything that this ISN'T the case.

This is pure cope. It has nothing to do with whether or not the anime is good, it has everything to do with cell animation versus soulless clean looking digital.
Digital takes too many shortcuts. The old talent isn't used to doing digital while new talent never learns to do many things that the program will do for them.
The worst thing about new anime is the effects they put on top like bloom. It looks insanely cheap and just seems like them masking the animation imperfections. Compare that to effects like this
at 6:13
Digital bloom, lighting, shadows, none of it looks this good unless you go full CG. The techniques used to accomplish these effects are lost by Japanese animation studios.

why the fuck would you post that frame without the subtitles

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The reason why I'm calling it cherry picking is because OP intentionally chose a small, blurry, smuggy screencap of something that is obviously not a HD restoration. If you're going to compare new HD stuff to the old stuff then it's only fair to do it with a HD restoration to see the skill and passion that the animators and background artists wanted you to see.

I'd say yes that the good stuff of the old is better, but that's not to say that digital techniques are inherently bad. What makes it bad is that they're almost always used as cost cutting techniques instead of just new tools through which passion and skills can be used. It's the artistic passion and skill that's been squashed out of the industry.

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Inking is the same thing as painting, don't be an asshole

Why doesn't the ''new anime looks better than old anime'' myth stay on reddit where it belongs?

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The good stuff of the old is worse than the good stuff of the new. I can honestly tell you that Kaguya (the movie) is the best piece of japanese animation ever produced.

It's not a myth you fucking phone watcher.

Biggest flaw of digital is the use of filters for light rather than putting hard light onto the scene. and characters like in OP. Yes we know the sun glows but soft light just looks shit on animated shows because anime isn't detailed enough


the modern period was 200 years ago

>Climactic scene, a culmination of all that has happened
>Random scene
Damn, I kneel.

Only tiktoker newfags won't agree with this statement.

What specifically are you comparing it to tho? If you're comparing one specific thing to a whole time period or trend, then that's cherry picking again. Is Kaguya better looking than say, the show Escaflowne? I'd say no, but that's my subjective opinion because I also think that's kind of an apples to oranges comparison to make.

The only new anime that I've seen that rivals the look of the old stuff is Ousama Ranking. It's a beautiful show.

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old anime was allowed to show nipples
that makes it superior by default

Because it had soul

And had loli fan-service.

bacause zoomer's anime is gay

Actual anime cels were painted with acrylic, I don't know what he's talking about. The inking itself was usually done using a xerox from the pencil drawings.

Old anime really is the best.

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Feels like a Jeremy thread tbqh

Fuck you op you’re a nigger and Akira will never be surpassed by any gay digitally animated film,
And there were plenty of other films that were on a similar level in terms of animation quality like pic rel.

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>Looking good

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Why arent you using tv anime?

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or posting Noas weird ugly face?

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Noah is cute you take that back

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The difference in quality present on all levels. Oftentimes that was considered to be mediocre back in the day is a step above than modern mediocrities.

What's wrong with these? They look good. I like the background here, too The colors in old anime are so nice.