Goblin Slayer Year One Chapter 69

bloody chapter.


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i guess i do it myself.

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Where's the god damn Goblin Slayer? I thought this was his prequel, not Rance's.

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Oh dear

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Fighter girl is so cute.

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Man, fuck this spooky shit.

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Todd Howard, you did it again!


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This is obviously a prequel, so we know Warrior Dude and Cute Monk make it out of this alive, but by present time, you'd think they'd have more prestige to their name since they have: "Surviving/Killing a goddamn Undead King and his fucking army" as an achievement under their belt.

But present day just seems to treat them as bumfuck rank and file adventurers still.


Jesus fucking christ. Year One feels a lot more violent and gory compared to the main story but that might be because it's humans getting brutalized and not goblins.

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not gonna lie, the ancient king looks metal af

I was wondering about that myself. Maybe they're going to kill off the other party members seeing as they haven't shown up in the current storyline.


this shit is way more interesting than the 'real' current manga

Conan probably stole all the credit

I'd say that's because the current main chapter is less action packed compared to Year One's current arc. I wouldn't say the main story's arc is bad though, it's just slow.

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Or maybe Rance gave him the credit for some reason so that Conan regains some honor because he was destroyed by some random goblin

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She's so fucking cute

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If the Barbarian knows that a dark ritual is going on, wouldn't it make sense to destroy this sacrificial pillar of corpses in order to increase the chances of the ritual failing?

>ancient evil awakens

At this point we'll have rapefags asking where the rape is and GSbros asking where the goblins are

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>it's an army of darkness

Thank you, user.

Will Goblin Slayer kill all the goblins in the end?

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Dude straight up has a pistol now.

Elf has the right mindset

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>Dies and Priestess becomes the new Goblin Slayer
>Transported to the Green Moon and endlessly slays goblins
>Slays the concept of goblins, destroying himself in the process
>Successfully genocides the goblins, lives happily ever after
Pick one.

Where is rape

I pick all of them.

Imagine how disappointing that must be, to go through all that work and end up rezzing the wrong guy.

Thanks for the dump

user. its already too late by the time he come and hunt them down. the sacrificial altar of corpse already there before him, meaning the dark elf already achieved their goal but somehow they still failed or messed up during their ritual.

I really like the king's design.

Is this fight going to be connected to GS' quest at all or is it just a contrast to GS taking care of a normal goblin quest while those guys are out there saving the world?

I have to say I hate this constant chatter
It feels like running commentary for the mentally challenged rather than actual dialogue

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>Maybe they're going to kill off the other party members
Noooo, not the dog