No Drop-chan Snekkick thread


Fuck Per-chan

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I like snek

yeah, the snek s cool, but fuck per-chan

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nips fear this

I'm the user who used to complain about the threads being necrobumped all the time. Not anymore though. I have come to embrace snekromancy.

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You are truly evolving.

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No worries, snekposter.
I'm here to help you bump the thread.

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Haven't checked snek threads in a good while, did I miss the reconciliation episode?

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Per-chan has had enough

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Any news on the 10th anniversary yet?

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Miku in three hours

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Why is snek on Girls Frontline?

Why not? Got to get season 4 going. Snek is an entrepreneur.

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She feels out of place to be honest. Snek doesn’t even use a gun.

What type of gun should she have?

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heavy machine gun. fuck it. two of them. double wielding machine guns is super badass.

An AK107. ARs fit snek’s personality the best.

10/22 is the only correct choice. Bull barrel with snek flutes.

Why do Snek cultists love the term "Fuck Per-chan"?

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>Fuck Per-chan
It started with this image. Also, fuck Per-chan.

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Wide snek.

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>Haven't checked snek threads in a good while
Have you accepted snek as the main character yet?

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Finally a snek thread, I was starting to get the shakes.

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Fuck Per-chan!

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absolutely based

Are drop sneks like drop bears?

This is a very primal image

Punching in earlier than usual

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Welcome, fellow official cultist.

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Does snek taste good?

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Ask Pekora.

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Proto Mei had not bathed and was said to smell like a beast
If so, does Pekora stink too?

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Don't stop there snek! Finish her off!

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There is doom snek at?

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I saw a post on 2ch the other day saying that Ultimate-chan got so famous outside Japan that they want her back in season 3. I hope it happens.

Snek got a revolver of some type from Mei in the manga, but couldn't use it because she covered it in crap when trying to hide from Yurine.

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Snek loves to torment Pekola.

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Salutations Minos, Pekola, Perchan, Medusa

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