Hunter X Hunter should be classified as BL

Hunter X Hunter should be classified as BL

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most of these aren't even me, I think I just happened to save the same file as them by chance

Kill yourself tranny spammer

wasn't HxH supposed to be a gay romance manga originally?

I dunno but I know T wanted to make a manga about Kurapika only who would be a literal trap. Togashi post YYH is the faggiest author.

HxH is unironically the best romance story ever written

Should shota and loli be treated as child porn or nah? Explain your position.

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victimless crime is a meme

If you even think of touching a child in a sexual way, you should be executed .

people who like loli and shota are pedophiles and should be treated as such however loli and shota porn isn't cp itself


If I draw a fictional character dying, should I be convicted of murder?


liking shotas is unironically not gay at all


Found the pedo

Victimless crime is a meme as in being the kind of person that is jacking off to shota and loli isn't a crime or it isn't victimless?

What is gonna happen to these sirs?

They are about to be executed for sexual abuse of a little boy.

shotas have dicks so it's very gay

> HxH
> Baki
> Getbackers
> Hikaru no Go
> Naruto
Is it a mere coincidence that early 2000s shonen anime have this queer vibe?

shotas don't have the secondary sexual characteristics that adult men have so shotacons are not gay

A proper way of dealing with what they did

what if you think of touching a fake and non mimetic 2D child?

>queer vibe

First step that leads you to become a pedophile. Execution.

yeah but they have primary sexual characteristics so it's extremely gay


Hard to take you seriously when people on Yea Forums are lusting after real life child actresses as we speak. Unless you think cartoons are more important than real children?

You forgot one piece

HxH is the only series that still consistently attracts shotacons so it's probably the gayest shounen series ever

>hard to take you seriously
rude, I'm just asking a question, I don't have an agenda and I'm not yet decided either way.

One Piece had zero queer energy in 00's and now it only has Kiku

Cartoons (Japanese) indoctrinate people into finding underage people sexy. It's not like the line between 2D and 3D can't be crossed.

some of you fail to understand how jaded the average shota poster is, literally nothing you say could possibly hurt a shotafag at this point

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Oh I know, I can only imagine their dead empty eyes.

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That's why you have to spam bait threads every day to get some attention?

I've posted like 2 or 3 shota threads over the past few months, although I'll admit the user who keeps posting shota threads on Yea Forums every day is based as fuck

He's just a pedo tranny like you

HxH is easily one of the greatest love stories ever told

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Gon canonically fucks


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Gon fucks anyone

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The troons yelling the loudest for shotafags and lolifags to be condemned as criminals are pedo themselves.

Their own prophet was a massive pedo.

Togashi is so fucking based

this thread will probably get deleted so I'll just post as much killugon fanart as I can until it happens

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He is.

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Wow the pedo spammer is obsessed

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are the jannies asleep or something

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please stop me

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uhh that's kinda hot

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