Dragon Ball Super

Why does Vegeta still try to compete against our hero when the result is always the same?

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You think CHADgeta gets tired of winning against him?

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Good job he never has.

>And the prize for best design in all of Super goes for...

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Tooo hyphen Ohh (forever):


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Goku sisters...

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>b-b-but my headcanon

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>believing this when it's contradicted by Goku losing against Vegeta with Goku unambiguously stating that he lost to Vegeta
As retarded as your "hero."

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Goku "lost" the mini battle but won the war

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2? Prime number.
1? Not a prime number.
Gamma 2 > Gamma 1.

>believing this when it's [SHITnga headcanon]
See? I see.
All I see is BITCHgeta losing TWICE to GODABOVEHEAVENku.

I love you too, anonymous poster.

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>B-Beerus-sama, hurry up. LB FP LSS 100% Jiroly is going to arrive here any second. Y-You're our only chance!!!

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Is there anyone in all of fiction who could even come close to Krillin’s strength

Chi Chi after getting kissed.

How can the RAT even compete?

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>Chi Chi after getting kissed.

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Goku is Smart

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At this point, we can say without a doubt that Gokuposters are the most unstable, mentally unwell group on /dbs/.

At this point, we can say without a doubt that Bejitabros are the most unstable, mentally unwell group on /dbs/.

>At this point, we can say without a doubt that Gokuposters are the most unstable, mentally unwell group on /dbs/.

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Shut up, minority

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Good HxH fanart, Gon and Killua are the best shonen shotas.

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Bejita laid pipe to these two?!?

This is the best /DBS/ thread, no pedos or jirenfags, just civilized people discussing our loved serie


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Stronger than Gohan.

Arigato Sensei


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Yes, Cuckjitabro, it's true

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>Bejita is BLACKED

Kek I read it as this too at first

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Why are so many characters getting BLACKED?

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>Bejita is GREENED
someone post it

What’s he like in bed?

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I know but the real question is why people keep watching? The state of DB now is some of the worst shounen out there.

>Intense, severe IESLB
Yep. That's a Gokubro alright

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Power Bottom

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