Why are anime imouto like this?

Why are anime imouto like this?

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art imitates life

My little sister did this all the time. She was so fucking obnoxious.

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To make the chinpo of my kokoro erect.

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They want more attention.

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I do this to my own underwear sometimes so I kinda get them.

>beats me. My imouto took some of mine and used them as shorts for a bit. They were New.

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You sure belong to the retarded generation.

I miss imoutos.

Surely it has to be bait? Right?

I know most of these im just not just the two that are all moonrunes. (i think they are bunny girl) and the one tat is KOJ

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user you forgot to turn on the light, here you go

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uoh kirino erotic

Kirino is not for lewd.
Kirino is for wholesome baby making cuddle with the light on

Perfect loli imouto gf.

Kirino isn't a loli, you fucking retards.

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Yoko? My FAVORITE loli!

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>some gook in my picture said it so it's true
This isn't the definition we use. The point of the word is in distinguishing between pubescent and prepubescent.

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>some gook
The source for the age limit of 15: two early Japanese lolicon pioneers, one of them being called "the father of lolicon."
The source for the age limit of 14: Comic LO.
Just admit that you lost.

sister = wife
brother = husband

No one cares about your argument from authority. What is your political agenda behind trying to soften the definition of lolicon and make it a useless term?

I'm making it stricter. Legal lolis and normalfags appropriating lolicon culture are cancer.

kek, that's pretty based!
I'm always tired of normalFAGGOTS and legal loli FAGGOTS trying to deny that my lolidaughterwife Yoko is a loli. She fits the criteria PERFECTLY.

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>including pubescent girls indistinguishable from anime adults as "loli" is making the term stricter
No. Fuck off retard.

You will never be a real lolicon.

how old is lolita again in her novel?

>another incest blogging thread
can't you faggots stay on discord or something

12 early parts
14 late

Girls' puberty can start as late as 15, but that's rare. The reasonable agreed-on cutoff age is generally 12. The word with its definition as it's used serves the specific purpose of referring to prepubescent girls; not adherence to some authority "father of lolicon" or the original source of the word. Kirino is a fully-grown pubescent girl with boobs and a fat ass.

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Incest blogging is peak Yea Forums culture you faggot. Now go hug your imouto and post results

When the subject is Jap slang, Japs are the authority. It's their gay language.

If Japan says my lolidaughterwife Yoko is a loli, then it's because SHE'S A LOLI. It was the Japanese that invented this Russian term, it's THEM who decides when it applies.

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That's an autistic obsession that's yours and only yours. Our version can be different. What is your agenda behind trying to manipulate language and gaslight people like a jew? Are you reinforcing the anti-pedo sentiment by making it seem like we're trying to claim there's no difference between prepubescent and pubescent girls?

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Where do you think you are?

>made up schizo stories and erp’ing is Yea Forums
I guess cancer has always been apart of Yea Forums

Pubescent lolis are a thing.

Loli is a bodytype, not an age. If Yoko were technically 18, no one would say she's a loli. But no one thinks Shinobu isn't a loli because she's 600 years old.

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Don't you guys ever get tired of this debate? You can hardly blame it on a single schizo if the very mention of "ironic lolicon" or "pedo" is enough to derail a thread and fill it with a never ending loop of the same 3 arguments and counter arguments.

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Blame agefags. They get validated ONE TIME, DECADES AGO, and now they want to pretend they're the Council of Lolicons.

She is totally thinking about it

play eroges with your imouto

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Pedophile rings need pedophilia to stay taboo in order to be able to use it for blackmail. That's why the people who are the most adamant about condemning lolicon art always turn out to be child molesters. They're also collecting virtue points to cover themselves. Yea Forums is an easy platform for manipulating discourse/psyops because of the anonymity, and there are a lot of pedos here. The more divided lolicons are, the less likely they are to convince the public to treat the subject rationally and without condemnation of non-criminal behaviour, thus lessening the blackmailing power of the elites.

Normalfaggots not freaking out over loli is not something that is decided by a bunch of nerds arguing in a Mongolian puppetry board.

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All discourse must be manipulated as much as possible, and this place is an easy target.

Because imouto shows are for degenerate virgins

what are some good imouto manga?

A lot of lolis are pubecent

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>The reasonable agreed-on cutoff age is generally 12

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If they're on the verge or just beginning. Big difference from claiming Yoko or Kirino are loli because they're 14.

I think he means "looks like" age, not real age obviously, depending on the art style and character design a character even in high school can be a loli, and of course loliBBA.

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Kirino looks like pubecent 14 years old,Yoko looks like a grown adult woman.,thus no loli.
>Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic (that is, demoniac); and these chosen creatures I propose to designate as ‘nymphets’

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>Why are anime imouto like this?
Because real imoutos are like this. They are evil things who covet their Onii-chans clothing

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You can go ahead and call her a nymphet, but she's definitely not a loli.

>has never read LO

fat kirino butt