Hajime No Ippo bread

When in the fuck is this retarded mangaka gonna decide to bring Ippo out of retirement?
It has been like 400 chapters and YEARS since he retired. It's getting fucking annoying because every intermission between arcs is full of bait
>oh Ippo still wearing the weights amazing
>oh Ippo's punches are still strong
>oh wow Ippo is still so fast
>oh wow Ippo has eliminated all his weakness
>If he returned now maybe he could...
>If he came out of retirement now he would definitely...
The latest chapter is the last straw for me. Fuck off George, get it over with you piece of shit.

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>Nobody on Yea Forums gives a shit about Ippo anymore
Bump but I don't blame you guys honestly.

I’m still waiting

I think he's waiting for some turn of events, or he's just enjoying making Ippos slice of life

Yeah, they all gloat around the daily 3-4 One Piece threads

It's been too long, I don't know what he is waiting for but the manga has been filled with meaningless fights that nobody gives a shit about. Like this latest one with Mashiba. Does anyone REALLY cares about Mashiba, at ALL?
Especially to the point that we need 30 chapters for his fight alone?
This manga was always bloated with bullshit but it's getting ridiculous now. He even dedicates a few chapters every now and then to Imai's fights and who fucking cares about Itagaki's rival?

I am just tired, bros. George needs to do something with Ippo fast or he is going to die with the last page being Takamura's balls or dick or some stupid shit like that.

I couldn't give a fuck about Ippo coming out of retirement, the manga would still be the exact same thing

>Does anyone REALLY cares about Mashiba, at ALL?
Yeah, me
Imagine being in such a state of braindamage that George actively has you foaming at the mouth over the idea of Ippo GRITTING HIS TEETH HARDER and STEPPING IN REAL FAST again, when those were the worst fights of the manga

I took a peek at this chapter just out of curiosity and yeah, I don’t understand where the author is going with this. I feel like the series should have ended with his retirement but the author seems keen on continuing the series with no clear set path or even destination in mind.
kek. this is all sad but true.

The secondary characters getting fights and moving up to the world isn't filler you mouthbreather, Ippo fighting a monkeyman and a guy who made his gloves too loose is filler
Something I'm sure you'd love at this point given your only concern seems to be the MC punching another jobber to near death

I've been loving this arc. Probably one of my favs.

>Does anyone REALLY cares about Mashiba, at ALL?
wow...that was retarded
Mashiba's latest chapters were widely commented on everywhere
Just because (You) don't care doesn't mean the world doesn't either

Finally someone said it, this retirement arc has had better fights, better humor and better development that the 400 chapters before the first Alf fight (Ippo beating nonames and gimmick champs), the only weaker fights were Alf vs Sendo and arguably vs. Keith (although the lead up to it was A+); a fire was lit under Morikawa's ass after the Miura incident too, so I'm confident Ippo will get back to his place in due time, people get too caught up in "It's called Hajime no IPPO", some of the best fights in the manga involve side characters

who cares? We've got this

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It's so fucking obvious what the play is here. Takamura will go blind/lose, Coach retires/dies, and Takamura will take over coaching Ippo.

100% agree. I personally hope he doesn't make sendo and mashiba both win titles though.

Takamura will die before losing, mark my words.
Ippo will be alone and coach himself

You're tasked with writing coach's destined death, how does it go?

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That would be dope. Why wouldn't that be an amazing story?

Oh come on, Sendo is nowhere near Ricardo. There's no chance.

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I think every re-occuring Japanese character getting a title would be a bit much, but it's also the type of Japanese wank I entirely expect from George
And then when they all made it everyone will be like "but if all these people Ippo beat are world stage level....how strong is Ippo?!?"
Then Kumi kills the coach

He's still on retirement?? What's this series is about, now? SoL with boxing?

Dies from a heart attack while banging kumi. Pure devastation

Always has been

I know right, I definitely don't read HnJ for SoL with boxing

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Ippo will be inspired in Mexico and come back. Also always enjoy seeing Yea Forums filtered by basic ass Ippo shit. It's always been about the Ippo generation not just him.

You're right. He's been shown as a god of boxing the entire series. There is no way he'll let a side character take the win. That being said I like sendo's character more than mashiba. So between the two Id rather it be him

Dunno, I kinda like the fact that side characters are getting more development.
Also, we know Ippo will get out of retirement for one last try at world championship.

You think watching the fights will make him want to come back?

I do as well. A lot of people dislike nothing happening with kimura/Aoki/itagaki though

Feel like itagaki gets it the worst though. Wouldn't mind him justn quitting boxing and just being a buddy

>Does anyone REALLY cares about VOLG, at ALL?
I remember several idiots saying the "same" thing at the time and then they were silent when the fight/story was exceptional

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I’ve been out of the loop with the whole retirement thing. I remember Ippo was made out to look like he had brain damage (couldn’t draw a straight line) and then he tried to come out of retirement only to lose his first match. Did the brain damage plot go anywhere?

It's worth reading man.

>Feel like itagaki gets it the worst though
when Ippo comes back, Itagaki will leave the Kamogawa gym to have a shot at fighting Senpai

Did Woli have his fight yet? I read up to the chapter where he arrived in the city but life happened and I forgot to keep up.

He's currently sparring with Volg and they are both getting serious

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Even better. Will get comfy tonight and catch up.

whenever someone talks about him coming back, someone else commented on the brain damage
and he hadn't retired, he was just resting and recovering... after the fight with Guevara he retired

>Sendo tries bruteforcing his way into trades
>We get a repeat of this scene except Ricardo is perfectly calm

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I predict Sendo will down Ricardo for real this time, unlike in the spar where Ricardo slipped. But he will still lose.

my boy woli will beat martinez, sendo and ippo

He might get a hit in or something but the powerlevel disparity in the spar seemed so stupidly large that the only person I can envision beating Ricardo is Woli (1000000 combates)

Sendo was nowhere near Alf, either.

That was only Alf's opinion

Alf was on the ropes against Ippo.

>Sendo loses to Ippo twice but inexplicably beats Alf, the guy who ended Ippo’s boxing career
power levels are bullshit

Not only that, he beat Alf by doing exactly the same thing Ippo had decided would never work on the world stage.

Morikawa is 56 now. He has to deal with the possibility of being axed if he starts something new, so he's going to milk this to his deathbed

You even read the fight? There's plenty of bullshit in the series but Sendo winning was actually throroughly explained and made way more sense than most fights. Is the hate towards that fight a meme here or are you really unable to read a children's sports comic?

NTA but I remember Alf was afraid to counter Sendo’s punches when he wasn’t afraid to counter Ippo’s

The story got better after he retired.

That's true, also Sendo threw Alf's timing off so that he couldnt hit with full power as Ippo noticed, also Alf being fragile and unable to outbox Sendo was stated by his coach. Sendo was a terrible match for him and his victory made perfect sense


mmm gorilla chinpo

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He retired in chapter 1208.
We are getting 1378, so exactly 170 chapters disingenuos faggot.

I agree that Retirement arc should have stopped at the 100 mark though.

>Imai's fights
your head is so small that you don't realize that those few chapters are just to show Ippo's opponent on his return? that he's not just a fodder?
and even that fight of few chapters was more fun than many of Ippo in the last few years

>Fuck off George, get it over with you piece of shit.
See you next week.

>>Nobody on Yea Forums gives a shit about Ippo anymore
Because faggots can't make threads without it being pure bitching or bait; there's no actual discussion going on, since retards think being overly dramatic and hating everything makes them special or unique. It's just as well, because Hajime no Ippo threads, like most anime/manga thread on Yea Forums have been dogshit for a long time, regardless of the actual quality of the series.

When something happens in Hajime no Ippo we have actual threads and discussion, it's a shame said threads are almost always with these horrible bait threads made by miserable cunts who think stating the obvious makes them original.

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>When in the fuck is this retarded mangaka gonna decide to bring Ippo out of retirement?
Why does it matter when Hajime no Ippo has greatest strength, outside builds for the fights and slice of life chapters/comedy was the secondary cast when Ippo isn't the focus?

Takamura is literally halfway done to conquering 6 weightclasses and Mashiba, Sendo, Woli and I guess Miyata are close to challenging for world titles. That's plenty of non-Ippo shit going on. Ippo's progression is still going on in the background, which is why Morikawa is hitting you over the head with these footnotes.

Shit like this happens all the time in boxing
The Ricardo Mayorga > Vernon Forrest > Shane Mosley > Ricardo Mayorga set of fights comes to mind.
It's just a style matchup thing like says, and why the battleboardfag approach of "X beats Y and Y beat Z therefore X beats Z" is retarded

Hajime No Ippo has the greatest side characters of any manga. How are y'all going to complain about development.

It's not like the MC isn't growing while all of this is going on. If you only want only fighting then watch Baki. Where they magically heal themselves after getting their skulls bashed in.

These characters are supposed to be real life. They are going to have flaws, injuries, and issues that they will overcome

The only real fake shit is that Ippo hasn't banged Kumi yet. That's the real crime of the show.