Weekly shonen jump

>Jujutsu Kaisen will be on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #20 commemorating the 4th Anniversary of the series.
still no toc

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Let's beg for the TOC until the leaker gets fed up and makes us wait three extra hours as punishment

Is this the same issue in which Mashle's poll results will be shown?

>5ch's jeremy is having a breakdown over kimetsu again
holy kek i'm convinced that user crack theory that they are the same person may have some merit

ウィッチ C
読切 C
夜桜 C

表紙巻頭 呪術
C マシュ あやかsい(重大告知あり) 読切 

>shugomaru that high

it's likely fake. 5ch doesn't really believe it. well some dumbkek on mh does kek

What? Why? KnY ended, anime 2nd season also ended. KnY even left the Oricon chart. What is he sheeting about?

because someone mentioned kimetsu. just the name can make someone seethe that hard.

Wasn't there a fake toc that was believed for a while a few weeks ago, and even the twitter account reposted it before the actual one came out?

in case it's real

yeah trolled everyone.

>manga has been running for 4 years
>2/4 of the main cast have been in it for just 2

are you okay, user

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by jjk leaker
hope it's not a fake leaker being smart

Which manga?

now that I think about it, JJK seems to be barely over the halfway mark, so maybe it will keep jump alive a little longer since IIRC gege had more breaks than oda last year thanks to the month+ long hiatus and constant breaks, meaning it will probably take 3~4 years to finish at this pace instead of 2 like he said

jjk I think

I hope we get a Gear 5 cover or color page soon so we can see the color scheme.

>ToC's here! Next week, Jujutsu Kaisen takes the cover while color pages will go to MASHLE, Ayakashi Triangle and a new one-shot!

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>shugomaru escaped the bottom
>HSF that low
High school sisters ...

I'm happy sakamoto seems to keep doing good

wasn’t this the week that WSJ changed the methods they used for the TOC survey? Maybe its so weird because of that

holy shit it's fucking real

What did they do to it ?

>changed the methods they used for the TOC survey
what changed?

we're doing fantastic mate
praise sakamoto

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Really weird ToC, the bottom 3 rotation broken just like that?

no newfags. we will see the result if it means something in 5-7 weeks

predict how hard akane's and earthchild's ranks will tank next week

Isn't it the fucking youtuber shilling chapter? His sheep fans actually voted because he appeared, lmao.

I don't know what chapter you're talking about

to be honest we had that one week where mashle was at the bottom three and shugomaru escaped the death trio

they added more questions but it seems only digital.

Damn, that's a very consistent rank for akane. Lets hope it stays in the middle till the volume release

Doron Dororon and Earthchild will be axed in the next round. Screencap this.

mfw ayashimon is living

>he doesn't know

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you mean shugo?

Oh I don't read shugomaru I thought you were talking about high school family


inb4 Yea Forums starts acting like they always liked shugomaru

Okay, assuming that the toc is real, then:

>nice second position for Akane, but I'm waiting for more rankings before being sure. I expect the rank to go lower next week.
>Middling position for Earthchild. I expect it to crater in the next issue or the one after that.
>Shugomaru is unexpectedly higher than usual, but given the abysmal sales, and the fact that it's ranked last a few times already, I highly doubt that it'll be like HSF.
>I'm not completely sure about Ayashimon, but the fact that it's still in the bottom 3 is not a good sign.
>Doron is pretty much confirmed axed at this point.

if it doesn't start at bottom/ near bottom then rank usually drops in chapter 3.

>assuming that the toc is real
It got posted to the Twitter account I think it's real

means nothing

1 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 344 - STARS
>One Piece was on break 8 issues ago
3 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 77: Replacement & Roboco
5 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 2: SIX YEARS
6 ・ Black Clover ・ Page 324: Kids' Playground
7 ・ Earthchild ・ Chapter 1 You Are the Earth, and I the Moon
9 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・ CHAPTER 51: SUGOROKU 1335
10 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・ Chapter 12: Protect Me from Aoi, Shugomaru!
11 ・ Ayakashi Triangle ・ CHAPTER 80: THE MAN THEY CALL MASURAO!!
12 ・ UNDEAD UNLUCK ・ No. 099 Save Me, God
>Ayashimon was on break 8 issues ago
13 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 74: In the Snow
14 ・ Doron Dororon ・ CHAPTER 11: SUPERHERO

it's posted by jjk leaker. well unless he's trolling everyone again

>3 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 77: Replacement & Roboco
that was a fun one indeed
but I'm really curios about the reception for 78

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>6 ・ Black Clover ・ Page 324: Kids' Playground
Good to see it being lower than the previous one. Japanese, rightfully, don't seem to trust BC's villain anymore (or maybe it's just because of Yuno being there).

>just straight up using his image
Wow that collab surely must be worth escaping bottom 3.

>10 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・ Chapter 12: Protect Me from Aoi, Shugomaru!
the trann hapter lol

are you the guy who trying to make p6 general everyday?


>Protect Me Shugomaru


Where does /wsj/ stand on Roboco? I quite enjoy it as well as high school family

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I fucking called it. Shugomaru will live whole the other two will shine(die)

New questions about volumes, maybe those start factoring in now

gag manga aren't popular on Yea Forums (or the west really) in general
but we do have some robobros on this board, like at least 10 people

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eh not my thing, I like the wholesome bully

>p6 general
oh so it begins, huh?
time to say goodbye to comfy thread I guess.

>13 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 74: In the Snow
So they don't like the school sleepover arc, pity

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What a shame it's was great imo

No, it's the trap chapter.

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There is no such pattern. It can drop as soon as chapter two, or four, or five, and so on. Don't try to force this.

Shugomaru bros we might live after all

Busted face but nice body desu

I'm gonna jack it to her erotic knees!

I thought the trap chapter was last week
that's a straight up tranny mate

there kinda is tho. i'm not trying to force anything just stated shit base on statistic. it's not 100% accurate but saying there's no pattern is not correct.

Go back to school, dummy.

No, that was Chapter 10, which ranked 2nd to last 2 weeks ago. The Shugomaru chapter ranked this week, Chapter 12, involved one of the main characters tryimg to seduce a tranny.

Dude roboco is not for lewd

Then post your statistics then, instead of just pulling shit out of your ass and immediately backing down on it. If you're going to make such a claim, then post what evidence you have supporting it.

it's getting axed