If someone have gone through multiple isekai reincarnations while still keeping all of their previous lives' memories...

If someone have gone through multiple isekai reincarnations while still keeping all of their previous lives' memories, can they function normally and tell who they really are at the moment? Shouldn't they eventually go insane and lose their own sense of self, or at least have existential crisis from time to time?

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has anything changed or is this your mental breakdown of what is and what was?

Help your old classmate take over an empire

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Oh hey, that sounds a plot point in another manga.

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I recently read chinese story with this exact premise, mc was coping with pain by selectively shutting off 80% of his memories and getting distaracted by women reverse raping him a lot, but he did forget who he was before reincarnation by the time story starts, so there's that.

What's her offer

Childhood fiend.

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Source? Cant reverse search this since it was spliced toghether.

I don't see any downsides


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Pantsu? Black box?

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The author isn't dumb enough to leave Ira's tiny body unmanhandled, right?

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I want to FUCK Ira.

What's happening in Evil Lord lately? Did Liam capture Cleo yet?

Who doesn't?

>just three remaining chapters
Ira will probably be for the afterstories if ever
Also everyone seens to think Noel is Anna, but what-if Sakurai is Anna's reincarnation instead?
Or maybe Sakurai and Noel are each half of Anna and will fuse to become her again.

>three remaining chapters
Did the author confirm the exact number?

Noah > Eir > Ira >>>> Mortals

Hot. MC is a faggot for refusing her.

Will the Shadow Eminence anime reach Alpha being betrayed and falling into despair?

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Yes. Not that he couldn't just decide to write more like he already did at the end of last year, but in the author's note to the chapter before the most recent one he said there would be four more chapters.

I hope the anime won't pussy out of showing Alpha wanting to commit suicide like the manga did

Author whined about fan tls or something and the tls got pulled

Not a chance, it will only reach volume 2 at most even by rushing things. you would have to wait until season 2, even longer if they extend it more with content from the spinoff.

Oh please the material isn't that dense.

4 episodes per volume is a rather common pacing for ln adaptations, it would be a bit rushed in Shadow's case yes but I can see they just saying fuck it and rushing to the end of volume 3

It is with shadow's fight autism, a single one of his fights can and will take most of an episode on it's own if it goes full sakuga, or even half sakuga.
It makes no sense to do that when the end of volume 4 pretty much needs to be a season finale but the volume itself is nowhere enough stuff to be a season on it's own.

>It is with shadow's fight autism, a single one of his fights can and will take most of an episode on it's own if it goes full sakuga, or even half sakuga.
You're assuming they're gonna put a lot of budgeted fights. At most the 1st one and the Beatrice & Sister vs Shadow fight.

You never know, and budget is a meme, all you need is one good animating autist.

Anime adaptations aren't usually made thinking about season 2.


kill yourselves, footfags

Life threateningly based

I wonder about that. One things I wish is that I could know all of life's lessons as soon as I was born, instead of slowly learning them the hard way years after everybody else. I would not be like that idiot MC and would actually learn from my previous life to try and make the next one better. If it does start to bother me, I can always just learn to forget, like that 3000 y.o. vampire king in Isekai Nonbiri.

This will end in "Hey kid, wanna /ss/?" Right?

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>Selling somebody into slavery in the capital like it's no big deal has massive implications that will probably ruin your world building (if you ever bother to do any world building beyond having a church so comically evil they release murder monsters into the same capital).
>Assassinating her would have made way more sense.
I was speaking specifically about the superstupid aspects of the kicked-out plots. Like, instant popularity, the weakest was actually strongest member part where it should have been obvious to the party members and so on. For example the plum really looked useless and it was only discovered she is not later.

Usually the kicked-out stories don't even bother to find such excuse.

Pic unrelated but hot

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>Cleric's armor
Why is it always the healsluts?

This is not /ss/ because the prince is older than her

>They won't suspect advanced magic.tech
That sounds like the opposite to me. Anyone daring to cheat would normally use something advanced, it's actually having scribbles on your hands that I'd buy as a cheating method that can pass.

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barbed penis

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y so slow today

>Momo got cucked out of her own arc by Anna
Poor momo

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she hot

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isekai women are made for big bestial cock

What if all the heroines of a story where the mc's childhood friends?

I'm busy reading instead of shitposting.

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We need more Isekai where the Demon Lord is actually active and not just a unit that sits in the final dungeon.

not even rubbing your dick in her feet? what a fag

We need more isekai that are centered around other conflicts than "hero vs demon lord".

He probably wins

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>Demon Lord shows up the moment you arrive, kicks you in the dick, backhands you to the ground, punches your face in rapid fire, stops, then repeats with even faster punches before standing up, spitting on you and calling you a bitch ass mother fucker.
And there will still be anons who'd want to be dark side.

that elf

>person you hate makes a sex-slave clone of you
>you see them each time they fuck in your dreams
Alrena did nothing wrong.

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Any series were the MC is the DK

>Alrena did nothing wrong.
She failed to get rid of Shirone and Chiyuki.

You are right, her mistake is being too merciful.

If she hadn't panicked and sealed Kuroki's memories he probably wouldn't have made Kuna so in a way she's her own worst enemy

What isekai made you feel like you're going on an adventure?

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>your sense of identity is so weak you break before 1 million reincarnations

I haven't read it completely, but I was hoping for a 4-some harem end with Mona. Am i setting myself up for disappointment?

I see, so for ecchi tagged stuff, you need to login to view it at weloma.

You are. Both Mona and Kuna are crazy obsessed with their respective creators.

>being too retarded to crop an image
That's sad.