Baki vs Jack rematch is actually happening

>Baki vs Jack rematch is actually happening

This is the best timeline.

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Time for Jack to lose to Baki a 2nd time! This time even harder than before!

Think we'll see Oliva again anytime soon? He's one of my favorite characters and I doubt Itagaki would kill him off screen in a hospital bed

Losing to Baki (the MC) is like losing to Yujiro. It doesn't hurt as bad as getting RECK by Memetobe, Pickle or Sukune

no doubt he's getting clapped but I'm looking forward to a Baki fight that isn't a complete stomp

I don't like it one bit. It's boring. Jack vs Baki already ended in a kino scene where Jack raises Baki's hand and gives him an applause. Why redo this? Why not let Jack fight Yujiro instead?

losing to Pickle isn't bad either, even Baki didn't beat Pickle

He's going to be fine, he will probably show up in the crowd for Baki vs Jack 2.

>Why redo this? Why not let Jack fight Yujiro instead?
Because he's obviously not strong enough to beat Yujiro

Could Jack beat Kuroki?

Baki will lose a hand.

Jack is to drugs what Kuroki is to martial arts

Jack should become the new main character.
Baki is just a boring Gary-Stu with a punchable face.

I think he would

I love both Baki and Jack

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He's obviously not strong enough to beat Baki either

Baki's a little shit but how is he a Gary Stu?

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Fat fucks said the same about beating Sukune.

Sukune is the MAIN character for the arc , jacksister.
After jack humbled him we need to see if he learned from the ass whopping or not.

Only initiated can reply to my post

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>Baki vs Jack is set
>day of the fight comes
>right as the fight starts, Yuujiro jumps into the ring
>"Let's make this a three-way, boys"
I'd mark out

>Baki is just a boring Gary-Stu with a punchable face.
That either means you don't know what a Gary Stu means or you're a newfag that probably started reading from pickle arc. Baki has went through enough struggle to actually earn his power and skills, he isn't just one perfect being throughout the story. He actually gets his ass whopped more times than he actually wins.

>Baki has went through enough struggle to actually earn his power and skills
Maybe to be #2, but he'd probably be in the top 20 of strongest people in the world just from his bullshit Hanma genetics. Hanayama doesn't train and he is among the fighting autist elite. And he's not even a Hanma.

Post anus and we'll talk.

user... we can literally compare how they fought against sukune to see how far they're apart.

>Baki vs Jack
One can hope we get some kino fight.
>inb4 but baki will win!1
Journey, not destination homo.

All Hanma's are overpowered, but I wouldn't call them gary stu esque outside of their outrageous fighting prowess and being amazing humans in general.

Baki wasn't born strong like Yujiro was. People tend to overhype how naturally gifted Hanmas are. They're not "up there" by default, they just have immense wellsprings of potential; Yujiro is an anomalous mutant. Baki's undergone numerous power creeps from fighting tough opponents. Without this he'd probably be vaguely superhuman like the Shinogis at most. Also "top 20" is such a disingenuous thing to say considering how far apart some of the fighters are in this context.

Jack will win. You can see it too, can't you?

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I don't think it's safe to say they're OP considering who they are and what their purpose is. Baki and Jack have been through some serious stuff, but they never left the grind which is why they're as strong as they are now. Yujiro is not "OP" in my opinion because he's the designated strongest, not some guy on the heroes' side who breaks the setting by being too strong. Rather the setting is functional because Yujiro, being the strongest, adds coherence to it

WILL Jack win vs Baki? I don't know, but I'd be fine with it.
I would not be OK with Jack beating Pickle and Kaku all of a sudden, though. I think they, especially Kaku, deserve to keep their air of mystique for a while

I don't care about the fight. I care about brotherly moments


Baki always loses early on in any given arc. Jack will beat his ass but Baki will kick his ass later.


>Hanayama doesn't train
He trains really hard even though he's already stronger than most people from the get go. He's like a Hanma but without the Hanma.
He does actually train.

You got meme'd by a wildfangism.

I can see Jack beating Kaku though. Biting is the perfect weapon to beat his bs
Bite and shake.

>yeah that montage of him training super hard is just wildfangism bro!
Read his sidestory you mongrel.

That wasn't a proper translation. IIRC what Yujiro actually said is that Hanayama could have trained in secret but didn't because he knows he's strong already

Name it, where does he train?

Wait. Didn't some anons post last year that Itagaki said that he wanted to redeem Jack the same way he did with Katsumi in SoO and Motobe in Dou I?

I don't see what Itagaki can do with Jack now.

His biting martial art is so damaging that you can only really use it on one-arc fodder characters like sukune.
No one cares if sukune gets his finger bitten off but if baki gets his finger bitten off for the rest of the manga that will be inconvenient.

which means any time jack fights one of the main recurring cahracters itagaki can't let jack bite them in a damaging way which limits what kind of fights he can come up with using biting-style.

The whole thing is just mirroring Baki challenging Yujiro at the end of New grappler. Maybe Jack will fight some other people before finally having his match against Baki.
Also, I don't know what happened but the whole Bakiverse seems to have been nerfed or become more grounded in Sumo Dou, like Oliva only deadlifting a fraction of what you would expect him to, or the whole gang not stomping the absolutely shit out if the sumo wrestlers during the tournament. I wouldn't be surprised if Itagaki wrote the gap between Jack and Baki to not be so big

I think Jack might actually die soon. It's been stated from the start that his fighting days are numbered because of his overtraining and drug abuse. I think he might challenge Yujiro soon to a fight to the death.

No thats just the bad translation of Ichido. Hanayama never trained.

>No one cares if sukune gets his finger bitten off but if baki gets his finger bitten off for the rest of the manga that will be inconvenient.
Reminder that they also have bullshit body reconstructing medical tech and the only reason Sukune couldn't have it back because Jack ate it.

Can't wait to see Jack being humbled, jobbers should know their rightful place after all, even better knowing Suckune will never be relevant again

Bruh they have superdoctors this is not an actual issue

part of me kind of feels like they'll 2v1 him in an ambush and kill him at the cost of leaving Jack dead and Baki crippled

Why do some of you people get such boners from putting down fictional characters

Jackfags are annoying newfags

Same reason people get boners over fictional characters (and want to waifu them). Autism.


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>been following new Baki chapters on Yea Forums as they've been coming out
>try to find a recent chapter on random manga sites
>all sites have only the shitty wildfang fanfic
Wtf is this?

Doesn't Jack realize that Goudou is very likely to spread disease and infection? Does he really want to do that to his brother?

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Will Jack be raped? Just like his mother? It'll be pottery

I don't think diseases and bacteria can survive inside Jack's body.

First come first served.

It's not that hard to create a story for Jack. First we need to revisit his childhood. Then we get an arc where Jack works for Canadian government like Oliva. Then Jack fights Yujiro. Win or lose it doesn't matter.

Kaku pussied out of finishing his fight with Yujiro AND pussied out of even fighting Pickle at all. He has no mystique, he's a loser. Jack would tear him apart.

>It's this coping faggot again
You don't write the series, Itagaki does. Shut the fuck up.

But there were better translations posted in Yea Forums threads that are nowhere to be found. It's so stupid that you have to go through the archive to read them.