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>Rubber Gum
>God Speed
>Rising Sun
>Little Flower
>Dragon Dive
Why does every transmuter have an absolutely broken hatsu?

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wait nvm Genthru is a conjurer but my point still stands

Maybe because Transmuting seems like the hardest category to really get started in. Similar to conjuring, you need to have a deep connection with what you’re transmuting, but properties are harder to define then an object, in my opinion. We’ve never really seen anyone start from 0, Killua doesn’t really count because he went through lightning torture, so that was easy for him.

I don't think nen was meant to be a balanced system, some people are simply born with or aqcuire better abilities than others. Killua for example was born into extraordinary circumstances and his hatsu reflects that

>>Dragon Dive
I thought Zeno was a an emitter

no he transmutes his nen into the shape of a dragon because he's a chuuni

Because they're just jutsus from Naruto.

Why are conjuration and emission different categories? At first I thought emitters were just enhancers but with ranged attacks, but it turns out they are actually just a better version of conjurers? From what I can tell the only difference is that normal people can't see things people emit, which seems pretty minor.

conjuration is taking your nen and transmuting it into a physical object. Emission is a pure nen attack without the transmutation. Like in Drangonball how Piccolo can use demon magic to make a sword. That's conjuration. Emission is more like a Kamehameha wave.

Exactly, for example, the best way to get rid bungee gum is sprint the shit out of it, if you get too far it will lose effect

How would anyone sprint out of it if it were attached to them? The thing has insane tensile strength.

Because it's really hard to come up with a good ability. I've been trying to think of a good hatsu for each category that hasn't been made already (and isn't some cookie cutter boring shit) and transmutation is the only category giving me trouble.

What if it's just that? transmutation of one thing into another thing. Like alchemy from fma. it's all I can really think off the top of my head.

God Speed is probably one of the smartest abilities ever

Killua should control the weather that way he could start a storm and have infinite electricity at his disposal

transmute all the salt in someone's body into pepper

you don't even need to sprint out of it, you just need to be strong enough to where hisoka can't pull you around, which is easy for enhancer. we saw this during the dodgeball match where when razor's clones merge and hisoka can't pull the ball from the nen clone that was holing it.

this plus Hisoka literally broke his fingers trying to catch Razor's ball

Dragon Dive is the most useless hatsu in the world. Literally all it does is destroy a large area and kill non-nen-users while nen-users can easily evade it.
>I never killed an innocent bystander ever in my entire career as a professional assassin even though my signature move is designed to cause catastrophic damage to innocent civilians
Yeah sure Zeno.

Not how it works, only aura is transmuted

It looks cool though

transmute aura into mustard gas

That would kill you too

which is why they'll never see it coming

Are you kidding? Transmuter Hatsus are easy.
>Poison(you don't need a respirator, just un-transmute any that gets near you)
And that's not getting into more "iffy" things like gravity/vacuum/human flesh

What would be the point of transmuting your aura into those? It's not conjuration, keep that in mind
Also radiation would utterly fuck you up

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Genthru might be a conjurer but Little Flower mainly uses Transmutation. It's Countdown that uses Conjuration to create the bombs, but Little Flower is simply him giving explosive properties to his aura with Transmutation. It works because Conjuration and Transmutation are close to each others.

His base ability is to solidify his aura and give it the shape of a dragon, which is full Transmutation and not Emission (since the nen-made dragon remains connected to his arm). His Dragon Dive sub-ability uses a lot of Emission though, in order to keep powering the dragons even when disconnected from his body, but Zeno is a grand master of Nen so even though he's a Transmuter, he still is proficient as fuck with any category except Specialization.

>grand master of Nen
Who else than him would be called that aside from Netero, Silva and Ging?

If I was a Transmuter, I'd give anaesthetic properties to my aura. You, I'd be able to make anyone sleep instantly or induce numbness in the limbs of my target simply by touching them. I think it could be very broken.

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Botobai, Biscuit, Maha, Linne, Morel, Beyond, probably some other Zodiacs.

Gold is heavy, malleable, and ductile. You could easily make inescapable handcuffs, weights, etc.. for using on opponents, and it makes a decent shield. Though probably just straight steel would be almost as good on weight and much stronger. Metal in general is useful, being able to get the properties of a metal can make your aura incedibly resilient and heavy, you could very easily crush and/or trap people.
Plastic is used for the same stuff, but also things like thin sheets which could be used to sufficate, restrict, etc enemies and also protect yourself from various things from electricity to poison to water, as well as the ability to safely contain and move almost any substance.
Blood is basically all the common water tricks, like water hammer pressure cutter/etc... as well as being able to be effectively immune to bloodloss, which is the main cause of death, being able to dope yourself for increased endurance, not needing to breathe by oxygenating your blood artificially, being immune to many pathogens by being able to perform dialysis on yourself, etc...
As for light, it starts at lasers and flashbangs, then goes into microwaves, radio, x-rays, etc...
As for radiation, just like poison, it's only aura, just undo the transformation around your own body.

Admittedly all these straddle the lines between transmutation/manipulation/conjuration and could be good in any of them depending on the situation. Though that's actually almost a benefit since I'm certain they'd fit easily into a multi-category hatsu and become fairly strong because of all the restrictions.

How would you guard yourself against your own ability? That's the issue with transmutation.

We just know she's old, no?
He's an exceptional fighter with a great deal of experience but as far as nen itself go I don't think he's any better than Hisoka, Illumi, Razor or Chrollo

I'd create a very thin layer of anti-anaesthetic aura on my skin.

he was fighting ants for like a straight month it's not about the power is about how you use it

>We just know she's old, no?
She's old as fuck (actually the oldest hunter in the all Association now that Netero is dead, and we all know what it means to be super old in a shonen. It means you're one of the strongest around) and was one of the companions of Netero who not only went exploring the Dark Continent with him but came back alive. She's obviously an absolute S-tier monster.

God I love that madlad
>be a manipulator
>still have one of the most versatile transmutation abilities in the series
>hard carried everyone on his back for half of the arc
>had to be dragged away from the action, middle finger blazing because his student wouldn't let him die to finish their mission he's that hardcore
>still shows up afterwards to make sure Gon can be healed

I don't think that having blood-like aura would actually help you since it's still just raw energy that you've made coagulate when exposed to open air now. If you really want to use blood you should probably just manipulate your own or conjure some.

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>If you really want to use blood you should probably just manipulate your own or conjure some.
One of the mafia guys do that in the very last chapter.

I really liked the anime. Wish it would come back, don’t they have quite a bit of stuff to adapt still?

The question is how "blood like" does something have to be to work as blood? I mean artificial blood made out of plastic actually exists, it's not like you have to perfectly replicate human cells.

Is it strange that I literally forgot the last chapter even though I remember the entire hunter exam arc perfectly?

Yeah those could be good in theory but as you said you need manipulation for all of those at least, and emission too

They have a lot to adapt, yeah. You should definitely read the manga.

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>One of the mafia guys do that in the very last chapter.
Yeah, I really want to see him in action because apparently he has a blood related ability that lets him search entire floors.

>I mean artificial blood made out of plastic actually exists, it's not like you have to perfectly replicate human cells.
The point with that satan is that artificial blood is still physically there. I don't see a precedent in the manga for transmuted aura being able to replace body parts aside from making prosthetic limbs.

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>blood related ability that lets him search entire floors.
A blood manipulater could do that easily, and it's consistent with him doing that. That's a really terrifying ability, he can probably instantly kill, capture, or control any number of people without nen instantly. Scouting, assassination, kidnapping, torture, hostage taking, suicide bombers, etc... Plus all that shit about being effectively impossible to kill without grinding his body into paste. He could literally put all his nen into defending his brain and puppet the rest of his body like a corpse.

Overall, the three mafia guys abilities seem OP as fuck. It would have been interesting to see the limits of the boss ability, like can he turn an entire room into an animal or something like that? Imagine standing in a normal room on second and one second after that you're in the mouth of some giant predator, and the chairs in the room have turned into fangs, and the carpet is now the tongue.

>but Little Flower mainly uses Transmutation
Little Flower ONLY uses Transmutation.
Unless you count the aura he uses to protect himself as Enhancement.

Just combine two elements, like light and metal or something.

>light and metal
For what purpose

Yea combining 2 elements is the coolest part of transmutation. It's really hard though, I think the only example is Bungie Gum which is basically combining the same 2 things.
For example, what advantage could combining light and metal even give? Or rather its hard to combine 2 things without contradiction or being redundant.
Or even further, it'd be easy to combine stickiness with a bunch of different things but obviously it would be too much of a copy of Bungie Gum

I feel like Togashi was actually careful to make the nen users he's introduced over the years mostly for Hisoka's personality stereotypes, I guess it's not bullshit after all

I was thinking of maybe having really thin metal lines that bounce of stuff, I'm not sure if that would work.

Would probably require a ridiculous amount of training

>like can he turn an entire room into an animal or something like that?
Nah, he can only turn weapons or machinery into animals. Which does still mean something like a ship's engine could be converted into an animal but he requires access and contact.

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What the fuck kind of name is this

Yea Forums is definitely a mix of transmuters (shitposters) and conjurers (autists)

>This dude can give wings to his remote
Best ability ever.

>he can give sentience to your onahole

Is the Chimera Ant the best shonen arc in existence ?