Gets molested by mother

>gets molested by mother
>dad knows but does nothing
>gets erections at 9yo because of it
>towards unconventional things like the Mona Lisa's hands
>grow up with a hand fetish
>also an urge to kill
>only women though
>usually bitches and whores (probably due to being abused by one as a child)
>all father can do now even after death is support his son's morbid habits (due to the guilt of turning a blind eye to wife molesting his child)
>all Kira wants is a quiet life, no need for a wife or friends
>just wants to be alone and at least salvage his life as an adult even with the urges to kill
>ends up having a horrible life anyway due to meddling kids
>dies an extremely traumatic death

Yoshikage Kira may be one of the most well-written and sympathetic villains in manga ever written. His story is so gut-wrenching that it made Araki cry as he wrote the Kira spinoff "Dead Man's Questions". I honestly don't think any other character in manga or anime compared to the depth or complexity that Kira has and Araki made him completely on a whim. Amazing.

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>gets molested by mother
>dad knows but does nothing
I don't remember this, and I read Part 4 manga. DUWANG scans, though.

The only other character in anime that I can think of with a similar complexity is Char.

>born into corrupt politics and bureaucracy
>loses mother at a young age
>father is killed by people he lead and trusted
>the weight of his father's principality is now entirely on him
>finds out about the corruption in his own party
>learns to hate as a child
>fakes his death and joins the military again under a new name
>slowly gets revenge on the family that killed his father
>loses his humanity
>finds it again in the love of his life
>she gets killed by the military's opposition
>loses his humanity once again and learns to hate even deeper
>learns to love the one who killed his true love but it's warped and twisted with malice
>tries to regain his humanity
>finds a son figure in Kamille and learns to have empathy again
>finds out his daughter figure was brainwashed by remnants of the family he killed
>said son figure becomes mentally handicapped in an act of war
>completely shatters his ego and mind
>does nothing but hate from this point on
>secretly wants the one he put all of his trust and love into (the one who killed his true love) to kill him and put him out of his misery
>dies in a blaze of fire proclaiming his love was that of a mother to him (a love he has never truly felt before her and never will again)

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Araki confirmed this was his backstory in an interview. He had to take it out because it obviously was too dark for Shonen Jump's readers and it would have made him "too sympathetic". That's why not much at all is said of his mom and why his dad tries so hard to help him regardless of how fucked up the situation is.

Another sympathetic "villain" in Jojo that was extremely well written is Funny Valentine. Part 7 in general may be the most well-written part in the series. Wondering how David Prod will handle his character and the story.

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Makes sense, since the whole reason P8 Kira is a decent, if prickly, guy instead of a huge piece of shit is because he had Holly for a mom.

>well-written and sympathetic villains
He's not sympathetic. He's a pathetic, escapist faggot. Jesus, you're fucked, op. What is wrong with NEET garbage like you? How did you turn out to be such a waste of flesh?

Hi Koichi.

Is it really pathetic when he was given an extremely raw deal at life? He was broken and it caused him to have habits that are extremely morally questionable, it doesn't mean he did nothing wrong but the tragedy of his life should make you feel sorry for him. Unless of course you are too far gone with your moralfaggotry that you cannot have any empathy at all towards anyone not strictly following your moral code.

He even begins to have empathy for others himself (when Stray Cat attacks Shinobu and he worries for her safety). I feel like if he would have found someone sympathetic towards him and would have accepted them, he could have changed his ways but the fact he was too far gone is tragic in its own right.

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I enjoy the parallels that he wrote with Part 8's characters and the previous universe's. What I still don't get to this day is why Josuke had 4 testicles and Yoshikage had 0.

>deep, complex character is a pat bateman ripoff

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Considering how close the release of both American Psycho (the book) and Part 4 are to each other, it makes me question if Araki was even able to read it before he came up with the idea for Kira. From my understanding, it was completely coincidental how similar they are but I could be wrong. Never know with Araki.

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So this is the well written villains threads?

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Yes, actually. I posted my thoughts on my favorites (Kira and Char Aznable) would love to learn about others. For instance, who is that you posted, looks familiar and interesting.

>who is that you posted, looks familiar and interesting.
not trying to be rude dude, but if you havent watched Rurouni Kenshin, the fuck are you doing here?

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I've been expanding my anime tastes lately, but never heard of it until now. I live under a rock. Thanks user, I'll look into it. Why do you like him as a villain?

Why did he do that to Koichi tho

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It's peak 90s, Venom even shows up near the end.

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>Why do you like him as a villain?
Shishio is a great villain because despite being a total asshole all his motives are justified. He gets betrayed and burned alive by the goverment he helped to get the power, and also is right about Japan working better as a militaristic nation rather than just western colony. Even Kenshin admits he probably is right about his beliefs in the end, but he only fights him to avoid any further cilivian bloodshed.

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He was interfering with his quiet life. What I found even more interesting is the fact that Kira breaks Koichi's face and then offers to clean it up with a napkin. Could be seen as toying with him but maybe also he saw himself in the young boy and feigned empathy like I'm sure his mom or dad did.

if you dont have a handkerchief with you when going out, you are pretty much a peasant and deserve to be punished for it

Thank you very much Anons, you've piqued my interest. I have always liked that 90s anime aesthetic, I grew up on stuff like Gundam Wing and Trigun, this show just flew under my radar. I like the samurai look, too. Interesting OST as well.

>wants a quiet life
>keeps killing people like a retard

If we're talking about good villains, Zeke ended up being the only well-written part of SnK. What a tragedy. Fuck Isayama.

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Like I said, he had flaws and urges. How he killed them, he would have never gotten caught if it wasn't for tubby stealing his sandwich. It was pretty sloppy of him to leave his handfu in the bag, but at the same time how would tubbs be able to put 2 and 2 together that this random guy with a hand in a bag was the Morioh serial killer? The only victim he knew about was one that Kira didn't even take her hand.

Koichi was a manlet

Was it specifically "molested"? I thought the actual type of abuse was more vague

iirc he mentions how he could vaporize Koichi instantly but wants him to suffer for making him endure humiliation.

>gets erections at 9yo because of it
Pathetic, earliest boner I popped was at like 2 y.o. when I saw a tiddy on a TV screen.

>We should just literally export our problems to other random countries to deal with because they would probably do the same to us if they could

He's not sympathetic.

It's interesting how "evil just because he's born that way" is a really shitty way to write a villain on an epic scale, but when he's just a weird guy with OCD trying to keep his head down it works

Yuropoor detected
America is the only important country

Kira was a good boy and should have gotten away.

When it's worded like "His dad knew but feigned ignorance" it seems easier to look the other way for molestation rather than direct physical abuse that cannot be ignored as easily. Would make sense as to why he's a pervert, too.

Something like that is so relatable to me. Like when I'm talking to my coworkers (which I try to avoid doing because they're all fake and every conversation is meaningless smalltalk) and if I mispronounce or say something out of place they tend to laugh. They tell others about it too, and they all make fun of me. I'd love to make them all play for it, humiliate them all in front of everyone else but have to play nice.

Japan didn't even start to care about child abuse until the 90s

That is when Part 4 was written and also Araki does not represent all of Japan as a country. Maybe child abuse personally affected or bothered him which is why he would think to write about it.

My point was that no one would report shit when Kira was a kid

You were exposed to sexual acts at a young age and it mindbroke you, that's not an achievement.

not that guy but I was rubbing my dick to feel good way before I had any sexual thoughts or even knew girls had different parts. I never understood why it takes so long for the "average" kid to figure it out.

I don't think that's why his dad would ignore it though, it's a delicate situation where he had to decide between keeping the family together for selfish reasons or his son's happiness. He didn't have to report it, he could have just divorced her and took him in but didn't.

Usually kids that masturbate under the age of 10 have been exposed to sex or molested.

Isn't that because Kira and Yosefumi's are "transferred" to Josuke8? Though I don't know why it only applies for the balls and not the eyes or tongue.

What's sad though is that his dad felt guilty about it still

Your gonna get ass fucked by china in the future. Your people are a joke, your politicians are a joke, your country will be used up and discarded like the trash it is.

Lmfao cope harder turd-worlder

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I always find it funny that people seem to want China to be in charge of the world

China are barely in charge of themselves. How many chinks are going to be escalator'd before they even remotely think about the safety of their own people?

Until Armin ruined him too in paths

And here I thought he was just a smug asshole.
I've never liked mechs that much, especially gundam designs, but I guess it's time to watch it if the characters have this sort of depth to them.

Pointing out that China will overtake the US is not the same as wanting them to rule the world. Both countries are shit places to live but at least China's model is sustainable. America is going to implode once it finishes burning through all its working class citizens.

He’s the most realistic villain that’s for damn sure.
A super fit, super smart serial killer who loves blending in and would spaz out if he stood out, a weird fetish, and stays in a small town? There are probably tons of guys like Kira on the planet (hopefully without stands)

>too symphathetic
I dunno.
Being molested is one thing, being a serial murderer is another.

Dude you have no idea. Gundam is one of the deepest desires out there, the flashy robots are just the sell toys. It's all about the political drama. The toys are cool, though.

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Series* not desire
But it will give you a deep desire to build a Sazabi when you're done with it.

I wouldn't say ruined. He would have probably sudoku'd whether or not Mong talked him into it or not.

Did he smash?

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Please don’t steal my hands, they are ugly.

That's for me to decide, isn't it?

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He could have reformed and found happiness in being a family man if not for that creepy little kid that installs spy cameras in this parent's bedroom.

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Children can consent as early as they understand the word.