>want another monogatari season
>nope, you will have your madoka spin-off, a strike witches spin-off and some texan "anime"
Fucking why?
Arent the monogatari series popular enough for another season? last time i checked, they have for at least two more seasons

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Fuck Nisio. Shaft should cut ties with him.

>monogotari literally ruined the studio
>where's muh monogotari reee
Oh fuck off.

Why are you blaming NisiO for this?

>texan anime
nani the fuck?

RWBY (the Roosterteeth production) is getting an Anime done by Shaft.

they got the greens thanks to monogatari, the fuck are you talking about?
pic related

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He means Californian, he just made the mistake of saying Texas because it's a common thing for Cali businesses to move to Texas for financial reasons but rest assured, those faggots aren't Texan.

do nips like rwby? why the fuck is that shit gerting an anime?

my guess is that they held out on new gatari announcements for the guca anniversary, and since productions have been a little delayed that's moved things back. their target for gatari now is probably the Nisio 20th special

Apparently it's popular in Japan.

Shaft havent done anything good since OG Madoka (fuck the spinoffs)
Monogatari is trash as well
we dont say "nips have shittaste" for no reason

>they got the greens thanks to monogatari
Yes, that's exactly what ruined them, turning them from a studio that does a lot of cool shit into monogatari shop that does other titles sometimes, which resulted in the massive talent drain to the other studios and massive drop in their general output. They finally started to barely recovering and you want them to go back there again.

>and some texan "anime"
It's just 13 episodes that'll all come and go like piss in the rain. Relax.

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Oh so obvious of a post by so sad an user.
Shaft is free to make money as much as they want and should Shinbou work on another season of anything I will be happy.

they are now a madoka shop, user
what is funny is some attention whore from RT already tried to boicot the anime by trying to cancel Ubukata.

RWBY >>> Monogatari

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Monogatari gave us the toothbrush scene
That makes it a million times better than some trash made by sjw muricans

>Ubukata involved
>google the people involved into this
>Butcher involved
>Huke involved
>top tier VAs involved
>Nobuko Toda
>Toshimasa Suzuki
>that guy who animated all those cool fights in madoka
>all reunited just to animate some gaijin trash
it baffles me all these veterans of the industry involved in this shit

Ok Yea Forumstard

>top tier VAs involved
>tfw they voiced all those shitty Maya animated volumes

jesus christ, the franchise died of old age years ago, let go

>Huke involved in this
jesuschrist, am I in the twilight zone?

The witches are gonna be cool.

>muh monogatari
Read the fucking novels if you want more of that trash

Monogatari already had a proper ending, so I am okay with waiting for more.

did some schizo billionaire unironically funded this anime adaptation?

>did some schizo billionaire unironically funded this anime adaptation?
Yes, Warner Bros. Japan

Shaft coulda milk another 2 monogatari seasons, zaregoto series, ningen series, saikyou series, and boyaku tantei series if they want.

Last time i saw the adapted Bishonen Tanteidan series, i thought it will be gay af.
it is, but it still exceed my expectations, it was stellar.

WB wants this MMD diarrhea to be the next big thing since Neon Evangelion Genesis. The same WB that AT&T's scrapping off to dump on Discovery's lap for making them lose shitloads of money.

I'd love to read the rest of the novels IF THEY WOULD SELL ME THEM
But they stopped releasing them at Zoku FOR NO REASON

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>for no reason
You mean because there is no more anime to act as advertisements for Vertical to consider it a reasonable investment to continue the series.

Fuck you the first one they put out was Kizu in 2015 before the movies even came out in Japan
If they want more English BD sales they should try not charging over a thousand fucking dollars to own the whole series

Kizu was first because NisiO requested it and Monogatari was still ongoing at the time.
You're also right on the pricing of BDs though. That shit is fucking cancer and it's not like we're getting anything special for it.

>Butcher back
Fucking why? Make fourth Madoka movie already instead of spinoff trash and this shit. Or better, make something new, what's the point of Urobuchi even being there if they don't write anime original shit?

Where the fuck do you think you are?

Looks like one of those cheap gacha adaptations

you've had 50 gataris already. enough

>Fuck you Shaft, you ruined it
>Fuck you Nisio, you ruined it
You should know that studios and authors don't have that much power to decide what gets animated and what not. If you want to blame someone, blame Aniplex.

rwby and rt are owned by warner. and since anime makes money, warner is burning money trying to force rwby into a mega success

Don't worry, once Shinbo is done working on the last Madoka movie, he'll save Shaft

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>warner is burning money trying to force rwby into a mega success
why not just hire actual writers and animators on the original instead instead?

>Assault Lily
>Strike Witches
>it was teased that shaft will do Heaven Burns Red in the future
Is shaft the new "mahou shoujo but not really" studio?

SHAFT are fucking shit and the reason why monogatari visuals are so poor and cheap.Hopefully a more competent studio can adapt it in the future.

too bad only one of those is good

>it was teased that shaft will do Heaven Burns Red in the future

Madoka is also good!

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They just made the pv for it, isn't really teased or anything.

Well, yes, it doesn't mean anything. They made pv for Kakushigoto too

They did the short animated segments for this pv.
When announcing it on stream, the producer said they plan to continue to work with them on the animation for the franchise in the future.

I'm actually don't care that much about rwby adaptation but it ruined comfy shaft threads because now we have to deal with gatarifags throwing a tantrum combined with rwby fandom.

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I have no idea how anyone can get like 10 instances of the franchise anime and still get mad when most adaptation of anything get like a single 12 episodes show and that's it.

Assault Lily is the worst piece of shit Shaft has ever made

Kill yourself bastard. It's more like the only good thing they ever did. The rest is weird fucked up shit that looks ugly.

Give the people what they want, Another season of 3gatsu.

are you sure you're not imagining things? are those ruined threads in the room with us right now?

was popular until it became a filter arc with no clear goal like in the original stories.

3gatsu is boring shit.

You're boring shit

you're in one right now

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