You will not reincarnate

You will not reincarnate
You will not be teleported to another
There are not second chances
Your current life is all you have.

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Why did she need to power up her magic aura just to stab him in an already sneak attack?

Skulls are not so easy to stab through

equating working service and moving to gambling and gooming is kinda retarded. Always bugs me when I see that webm but I guess Japan's disdain for its economy has been self-evident for the past 30 years

Skulls are not conducive to being stabbed normally

ye better watch chinese cartoons and shitpost on imageboard all day

garbage anime show.

I always wonder in kind of story where "someone (usually the main girl) mistaken MC as the one that wronged her before so she will kill him", what will happen if the girl killed the man before the misunderstanding is resolved?

I'll start an insurance company in another world!

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I feel like there are more efficient ways to kill someone than to stab a blade into the side of their skull. That's like, pretty hard bone. What if the force of the stab pushes him over and doesn't damage the brain enough?

that's why she used her aura

girl is cute picked up

it's yuri

Why not stab him literally anywhere else that's lethal?

If I had to guess it's because destroying the brain's most immediate. Considering the guy's body self-destructs despite dying instantly, you can imagine what would happen if he had the leisure time to bleed out.

she wanted to kill him fast, brain is the fastest way, otherwise he'd use his power to retaliate

you stab a guy in the head from the top of the skull. because the head can't move and the knife has nowhere to go but into the brain.
if you stab the side of the skull, the head can tilt as the neck moves, and the guy can fall over, it's less ensured that you'll penetrate

All life is meaningless. It's all about whether you can realize that, and not care.

Who needs second chances? I'm perfectly happy with how everything has gone, and is going.

Skulls are pretty hard. But behind the ear in the temporal region is the best place to stab someone, that's where the skull is the thinnest.
Also, obviously, go for the eye socket first. Easiest route to the brain.

When using a knife you have to aim for the throat or neck as skulls are very hard to pierce (unlike in anime/vidya). Using her strength buff was needed to overcome the threshold and swiftly destroy the brain (evidently, the guy was still strong enough to retaliate after that)
Stop asking stupid questions retard

Because women are fucking weak.

The dude clearly had ill intentions with his power. He could literally delete shit. Dude genuinely deserved it for the safety of all the remaining innocent people in that world.

How would you do things differently if you were in his place Yea Forums?
I'm not surprised by many things and so I'd try keeping quiet like an autist. Though I'm sure I'd die just like him if the bitch keeps egging me on to discover and use my power. She didn't really care what the kid had to say, just one look at his power and the pure world ending potential it had was enough for her to get into kill mode.

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Cromartie High was too based for it's time

I don't think you can do anything about it. She'll just kill you in your sleep.

bob and weave

You're dying no matter what regardless of how fucked your power is, she just wants to know to make sure it's not
>I'm immune to stabbing implements
before she tries to stab you in the brain

There is literally nothing you can do other than stubbornly insisting that you have no powers and will never use anything but your wits here
Menou might let you go because she is a a softie, but she will still to have to report that shit so you are going to get a visit from another executioner later down the line anyway

Doesn't prove anything

Two cute girls then, nice

Just because your life is meaningless doesn't mean everyone else's is

>Your current life is all you have.
Like something bad.
When you die, consciousness can change the timeline in which you survived. So you will never die.

I was worried about this. I don't WANT quantum immortality!

Were the Prince of Persia games any good? I remember playing a few times on my brother's playstation when I was young and not much else
Bullshit. You'll just travel in time like in Tokyo Revengers.

They're cool platformers as far as I remember, but I haven't played them as an adult

>life is meaningless
Oh yeah you sound like a really happy and fulfilled person all right

Enjoy the time travel. If there was only one life, then the universe would have already died of entropy and black holes.

Is this guy's power the most OP there is? I read in another thread that most isekaijin have continent-destroying powers but Null sounds like a literal existence-destroying power. You could nullify entire universes not just the isekai one.

>believing pseudo science
Found the joe rogan simp

Nothing to do but to invoke the curse of Yogiri and hope she's tormented by the wheel of fire

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Shit anime. I hope it flops.

This but unironically. Try to think about the last time you died. When everything around was lined up in such a way your death seemed unavoidable. Then something happened to narrowly avoid mortality. It was reasonable, the universe still follows laws after all, but that you lived was the most unlikely case. Happens all the time.

is he in the room with us right now? if you're so keen, go ahead and slam a knife into your skull yourself.

While I agree with you, only a normalfag can say things like this.

Why is it bad?

There's probably another character with a power just as ridiculous.

because he thought that the dead guy was the mc


The self insert was killed.

Except not really he comes back as a cute lesbian

It's a really dedicated shitposter that tries hard to derail any discussion about this series

Ain't that the truth.

Is the local schizo going to stalk this series threads 24/7? Faggot was banned like no tomorrow yesterday and nigga is still larping and shitposting today in both threads


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>Your current life is all you have.
That is true. Can't wait for finally being able to have real gunpla battle in 5-10 years now that Bandai actually working on it. /m/ chads always win babies.

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The girl is still alive though, guy was not self.insert and virgin shit will flop because it is just another generic isekai.


seethe seamonkey

Apparently this a feminist propaganda according to the schizos who have totally watched this

What about Tokyo Revengers then?

>Only one death.
Pussy shit. I bet the entire main cast would still be alive by the end of the series as well. This is why modern isekai is a joke. Writers these days don't have half the balls of Tomino. Isekai peaked with Dunbine.

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That is both comforting and distressing at the same time.

On one hand, I won't get reincarnated as a slave, or woman, or thrown out into the middle of nowhere or a dungeon to survive. No corrupt monarchy to deal with.

On the other hand, no bitches, OP strength, or cool magic powers. No grand adventure to explore new worlds or take down a big bad. No women that will actually love you. No slaves to fuck either.

Say what you want about all the ennui for this age, it is super fucking comfortable if you aren't a poor fag or an imbecile (and live in a free country). Food from around the world, all the spices, water piped into your house, shit piped away. Climate control, pest control, pets for companionship. Robots and machines that handle the worst jobs. Health care that is not voodoo shit, but not quite sci-fi yet.

Delinquent is a dead culture in Japan now that the police started to crack down even more of these stuff. Even the yakuza moved more towards white collar crimes so don't expect to join unless you have the equivalent of a Toudai econ degree.

Cope yurin*gger

"You" is mostly a chaotic aggregation of neural impulses, given a semblance of existence, not dissimilar to images which can sometimes be seen in TV static.
What nonsense are you talking about, it's almost Hokuto-no-Ken time now.