Dragon Ball Super

Are you going to buy tickets to see her movie?

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Jobs to pic rel.

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I just wanna say how much I hate you dragon ballfags. Not One Piece, although they too have some dumbass shit, not Black Clover, not Hunter X Hunter, these don't have fandoms as disgusting and neck beard as you db spics.

All those other fandoms aren't great, but they never even com close to make me embarrassed to be a fan of said series. This fandom makes me sick, embarrassed and it makes me hate the series so damn much. I am quite impressed at how repulsive you are and how you always manage to get worse. This threads are radioactive, I am baffled that anyone even participates, but then again it could just be the same 10 African Americans and Latinos that just circlejerk each other.

You insult "moeshitters" but you're the laughing stock of the entire Yea Forums board.

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Yes so I can see you fatsos irl and laugh out of my breath as I watch the film

Did not read.

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>this fucking thread already

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Gokubro btw.

Firstly, it's SHIThan's movie and secondly, fuck no. I'm not watching that moevie featuring Jobccolo, P*n and nuSHITly (especially after he RAN away from a fusion weaker than MUIJ Gokek).

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Read in it’s entirety. Very funny.

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What did Beerus do this time to piss Zeno off?

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Too old.

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kneel bitch.

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I would buy tickets to not see her movie

say it again.

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the strongest.

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>Hmm? Goku wants another shot at MY title? When will that clown learn he's no match for me.

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The first Super Saiyan... I kneel...

Are you kneeling yet, Bejita?

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Sit down, dog.

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I don't like ofr model garbage. Boobs are ugly.

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What are you, gay?

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Built for greened

Forgot the image

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No, a man of taste. If I want to see balls I'll just go play sports. Don't give a shit about balls that you can't KICK.

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Goku is Smart

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I had sex with the character below

Based Gayrenbro.

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>Don't give a shit about balls that you can't KICK
I guess that means you're the champion of NoFap then, since that implies you don't jerk off since you don't care about balls.

If dragon ball was made by cartoon network


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how did your bussy feel?

I do not understand the Retard language.

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is this supposed to be female goku?

You do like off model garbage, you just have to find the right off model garbage.

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A glare that can KILL.

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That isn't Jiren... so the stare that will tell you how much you fucked up for crossing him.

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yamcha was so lucky..

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Having fun reading Super so far. I read all of Dragonball for the first time and enjoyed it, Super is definitely a different perspective but it feels fresh, I like it.

Glad someone enjoys it.

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