Normalfags ruined Berserk

Normalfags ruined Berserk.

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Berserk ruined Berserk and you know it.

Griffith ruined the band of hawks

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Idolmaster ruined berserk

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Anime YouTubers, ironic weeaboo culture, "Griffith Did Nothing Wrong" epic mehmeh and Dark Souls ruined Berserk.

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>my enjoyment hinges on other people
You're stupid, OP

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Will we get an ending someday ? They could release Miura notes...

If you would define the
>vgh Guts is literally me, moeshit is le bad
crowd as normalfags, then maybe. But even then, letting a fanbase ruin something for you is retarded.

Homosexuality ruined Griffith.

>You're stupid, OP
And you need to go back. Gatekeeping is mandatory.

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He didn't have any, in case that wasn't obvious from the meandering, directionless state of the series at the time of his death.

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Irrelevant. Even if the community gets ruined you can still enjoy the original work.

>Heterosexuality ruined Griffith.

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>Normalfags ruined Berserk.
What do they even think about it? I don't even know what normalfags think about anything related to anime/manga anymore.

I really do think before the boat he planned a much more dark and tragic ending. But old age and sickness made him pussy out.

Woah they made a dark souls anime?

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Who cares? There's nothing to talk about anymore anyway. We had a good 15+ years of being able to actively discuss and like this series before that anime turned it into a meme or whatever.

>May Kentaro Miura-sensei rest in peace, Miura-sensei was very fond of Yue Ayase from Negima. Whenever Yue got in an erotic pinch, he would send me a fax in excitement and was always happy to receive permission from Seruhiko-sensei, a teacher in Negima.

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How? All normalfag discussion of berserk is just some memes and Gutswank?

You know, the slippery slope has been proven to be a true considering how far LGBT has pushed its agendas and how now they are pushing for abolishing of the sexes as a biological term.

Thanks Miura for drawing this, Rest in peace

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Simple logic would prove the slippery slope to be true. If you don't define a limit, there won't be one.

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Dont the naked loli apostle filters any normalfag?

>Not the tentacles x schierke one

do Japedos really believe this? That country easily has the highest rates of rape and molestation but most of it doesn't gets reported because how shamfur it is to to your family if you get diddled

Goddamit I thought Berserk would be too edgy for them. Someone name me a series that will never be normalized for normal fags NOT EVEN IN 100 YEARS, tell me, I want something so disgusting and painful that no normie would dare read it/watch it.


Dawg I think the mangaka dying ruined Berserk.

So many redditors furious over it and calling it pedo stuff. Thank you user. I wanted something like berserk but even more violent and gory but this will do for another reason. Godbless

Kodomo no jikan

Berserk was shit since the conviction arc faggot.

How did dark souls ruin Berserk?

Angel Cop

Appreciate it. Angel Cop looks really damn cool especially.

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i enjoyed this manga and theres always tons normies seething in the comments, personally i dont get why.

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Miura drew disgusting rape scenes/monsters, brutal murders, disturbing and deep philosophical moments and yet was amused by those kind of things. This man truly was a mystery.

While the article has only provided 1 example, I still take it a bullshit. I haven't seen this yet but the plot sounds very cool. Im glad it's already on my watch list so I have some more futuristic dystopian movies to watch after Robocop 3.

When train gropping and tentacle rape is your country main cultural produce its no longer headcanon , but the silent truth....

Isnt it good for the author that their work reaches more people.

So right. If you let some faggots dictate if something is good or bad to you, you're a faggot yourself.

Why did Miura spent so much time on [email protected] He was a big lolicon right ? That's why he drew so many lolis toward the end and focused a lot on Schierke.

Based Miura

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You ruined Berserk, Clyde, you insufferable Aussie shit

I mean they straight up name-drop Jewish bankers as being the real masterminds of the plot

I though berserk was always edgy guess I should read it

There's a ton of lolis in Idolmaster

Well it IS edgy. But there's a lot more to it than just that. Definitely give it a read.

The author ruined berserk by not finishing it
Now I don't even wanna read it

Idolmaster has a lot of good lolis.

The series got less edgy after Miura became a hardcore IdolMaster fan, He added a lot of comedy, Slice of life bits and Star Wars memes as the series went on

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