Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru

Yet another fantasy series starts today. Is anyone looking forward to this?

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It depends, how overpowered is the MC?

That's the gimmick of the MC
He's a former demon lord who is reincarnated as an average villager

Is the LN any good?

>mostly newbie VAs

It is if you like osanajimis.

So pic related without the over the top smug MC?

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Best girl


MC's elf childhood friend is the heroine and is the only one he ends up with at the end. The rest of the girls are just beta orbiters

The girl on the left? The LN is already over?

I need the context of this scene

what's the gimmick?

>parents made the ultimate sacrifice to create the ubermensch

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>parents made the ultimate sacrifice

How lewd can it get?

wtf is this page? 2 male and female faggot pairs?

another magic-based native isekai series...
sasuga matty-kun.

That's fine and dandy, but will it want to kill myself like Red and Lit's slow life?


I think those are the parents

So do the parents die?

Yet another Silver Link fantasy LN adaptation which I will most likely watch just because.


The novel is on going.
So far elf seems to be the only one who gets MC because a girl who is apparently their future daughter shows up in their time.

>is anyone looking forward to this

>Is anyone looking forward to this?

uhhh i have better digits

They were homos but bred each other anyway to have a baby I guess.

uhhh, you don't get to bring friends


>Jahy staff

What's wrong if the Jahy staff did it?

This seems like an inferior Anos-sama. I’d rather watch S2 of that.

>OP'd demon king reincarnated to be average but is still OP'd because everyone in the world is weak and below average
Not this again.

Is that a "not this again" thing? Like Anos-sama was pretty proud of being the best at this shit and Matty-kun was reincarnating to become more OP.

Don't insult Anos like that, please. Ard is scrub compared to Anos who knows how to have fun and be OP'd in an entertainingly smug and cool way.

It’s hard to imagine Anos S2 with Goblin Slayer/Weather Report voice.

I hate seiyuu drama that ruined Maou Gakuin S2 for me and everyone who loves Suzuki as Anos. It is just impossible to replace Suzuki's role as Anos.

>seiyuu drama
Quick rundown on it? Did Anos’ VA change or something?

VA cheated on his extremely popular and famous wife

Better if you read up on it to get your own understanding of what happened. Long story short, cancel culture reared its head.

10 minutes

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Is she dead?

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MC is a stalker

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>Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru - 01 - 1080p WEB x264 -NanDesuKa (CR).mkv

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>downgrade version of Anos's anime

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I liked it.

still has loliface

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