Season 3 when?

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Stop that.

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Megumen is so fucking hot

Haha she's inevitably going to grow breasts and you can't do a thing about it!

>Stop that.
hurts doesn't it

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she's literally already 17, she's never going to grow tits

Small breasts run in the family.

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Who's gonna tell him?

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Megumin appeal is that she is flat jackass

You children will all be dark haired chuunis with red eyes and no social skills.

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good, i want to breed with Yunyun so hard but taking responsability of course

Yunyun is decent


girls, girls, girls

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good, i like crimson demon color palete.

who needs boobs when you have explosions

you need boobs to have, explosible boobs which are better than boobs or explosions

mother nature refuses to be suppressed

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Post the dark elf edit.

they grow so fast.

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I fixed your Megumin, bro

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Women grow tits when they get pregnant.

this, impregnate megumin multiples times and you gonna get a big tiddy lady.

I fixed your Megumin, bro

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Megumin is willing to sleep with Kazuma, but only if he takes responsibility.
Kazuma has not crossed that line yet.

Does this mean he's not willing to take responsibility?

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just a reminder that he was happy and willing to do it with Yunyun

before having kids
1 kid
2 kids

How old is Kazuma again?

No man could resist her.

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For me it's pounding Kazuma's tight butthole while the other girls watch.

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Yunyun has finally snapped and used mind control powers to force you to marry her.
How do you escape?

Keep in mind that divorce is illegal by crimson demon law.

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Crimson Demons are Catholic?

He is, but everytime they're about do it they always get interrupted. It's happened so often that he asked Aqua to check him to see if he's cursed

i don't escape
no but you can convert them, never forget corinthians 7:14 "the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband"

So why haven't they said whether or not this new animation project is a new Season or not? It been 8 months since the announcement...

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depends on the kind of mind control. if i have any sense of self and autonomy, i would find loopholes in orders that would give me enough freedom to make yunyun realize how cruel her mind control is, then i would marry her anyway because i love her

They dint need to make another anime when the LN is over and they can make money off merch and a gacha

Then what the fuck is it then

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Virgin spotted.

Implying that making another season of the anime won't boost sales of merch, gacha and LN.


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What does Megumin smell like?

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>tfw no pet Megumin to take on walks and play fetch with

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someone get this kid a sandwich

when megumin grows boobs

aqua could easily give her a splendid boobjob and fill those honkers to the max with the best boobie fluids for perfect boobie physics. but she doesn't and rather mogs her on a daily basis.

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>tfw ywn impregnate megumin's megumins multiple times a day

>Aqua touches your balls
>sterilizes you

coincidentally, did you know that aqua can enlarge and shrink her boobs at the tips of a party trick? imagine.

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Based and yunyunpilled

>wanting to breed Yunyun
>haven’t read THAT comic strip

i'm going to make comic strip about yunyun having a big family

Please be a dear and tell me more about THAT comic strip

I have a feeling it's because the project is going to be of one of the spin offs, sort of like Railgun for Index, but we'll have to wait and see I guess.

Yunyun gets pregnant and have a miscarriage because the fetus rejects her.

Poor Yunyun.

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