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what killed the hype?

Requesting the right pic with Chariot du Nord getting her belly button licked by Akko Kagari.

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I'm not familiar with vocaloid

Requesting Officer Jenny with the Bulbus glandis of her Growlithe stuck in her ass. Draw her on all four with the Growlithe on her back like when a dog is stuck with a bitch. Just lift Jenny's skirt and with her panties down. I would like a rear and frontal view.

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I'm extremely late to the party, but thanks for doing my silly shitpost request!

Requesting Irene Belserion as an MGE Dragon

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Requesting Pecorine from Princess Connect with a short blunt bob haircut with her normal bangs and no braid.

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Requesting Lalaco with Conquerer's Haki


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Requesting Sun Seto (Seto no Hanayome) in any of her idol outfits and idol Matome Mayonaka (Akiba's Trip: The Animation) singing together.
Further refs: imgur.com/a/fBvhIUJ

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requesting tatsumaki getting cum all over her butt

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dead drawfags

Requesting Saki from Saki wearing the wedding dress in the middle gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6407920 but adapted to Saki's flatness, or any other lewd wedding outfit you feel like doing

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give me a simple idea and ill doodle it

Sorry bro, doodles are worthless

Requesting Gammamon getting petted by his tamer Hiro just like the right reference.

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aw man welp guess ill go back to reading mangos

no i'm here, all these request posts suck

Requesting Izusu tape gagged, handcuffed, and walking a plank.

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Pitz as a Pepe

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Cuddle time

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Mahjong Soul is finally Yea Forums!
Requesting a BOOBA reaction image with Ichihime

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Typing in the drawthread "yeah these requests suck" with a smug and or mischievous face.

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Requesting the Kyoukai Senki mascots wearing proton packs trying to bust a ghost-like version of Ghost in a ghost trap like in Ghostbusters.

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Requesting any of the following:

-Matty pushing Ernie off a cliff saying he is not over powered enough
-Ernie teaching Matty how to build gunpla
-Ernie and Matty showing off their doujin stashes
-Ernie and Matty sword fighting
-Ernie telling Matty to come to /m/ by bribing him with cupcakes
-Ernie and Matty trying to train their own Larvestas from Pokemon generation 5
-Ernie and Matty bragging about their power levels
-Matty encouraging Ernie to get a crest
-getting drunk on marijuana beer
-surfing on obscure shark species
-karaoke singing Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran

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Requesting loli cosplaying as onaholes.

Requesting God Sigma and Tetsujin FX limping toward the finished line for English translated mecha titles. Bonus points if Godzilla (Final Wars version if possible) is the flag waver.

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Taking pailoli requests
Or lewd Manga TIme Kirara related requests

Requesting the left image but with Haru

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Requesting something surreal its my favorite art style

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Requesting Medea in a maid outfit, could be any maid outfit, but classic black and white color for the maid clothes and maid headband is a must.

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I always wanted to see Whis from DB Super open an abortion clinic.


Seconding this

Juri eating a donut

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Requesting Rias wounded with a big see through hole in the abdomen

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Thats kinda dark.

Here's a challenge I'm gonna post a spongebob quote and a character reference and you have to draw that character in a situation that fits said quote.

"You never really know a guy until you stare at him for eight hours through high-powered binoculars"

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Requesting Tenshi-chan from Angel Beats" (left) as Azur Lane's Takao's Full Throttle Charmer (race queen) outfit (right).

Preferably full body
Somewhat full frontal
Make her very sexy, but keep her cute
Keep the leotard highleg
Not thicc though
Give Tenshi-chan the ponytail

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What would Inori wear? It could be anything.

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How do I draw the cutest lolis

Mermaid tomoko

Sonya from kill me baby being interrogated by having her dick teased

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Very cute Juri! Thank you so much for the qt!

Requesting a redraw of pic related but with Perfect Cell as Dio and SSJ2 Gohan as Jotaro

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Hungry dino

Requesting Midnight dressed as Do-S

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Requesting Cure La Mer getting really flustered/aroused over remote control vibrators. Something like this pic here: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=703401

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Requesting Rei Ayanami as the SQUIP from the musical Be More Chill. What I'm looking for specifically are a version of it from act 1 and one from act 2 (aka when it's more malicious side comes out). Rather than her usual red eyes, she'd have glowing blue eyes that have black sclera's instead of white ones as well as glowing blue circuit board patters on her. Act 1 would be Rei in her plugsuit (or school uniform if preferd) with the circuit board patterns only by her eyes, and act 2 would be her Rei/Lilith form from EOE with the circuit patterns covering her whole body. Since this probably looks like a lot, I'd be fine with just one or for you to do one at a time. I'm patient.

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Requesting Mayuri from date a live wearing a latex outfit with her navel exposed whilst holding a whip and looking at the viewer as if he was walking garbage.

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Requesting Fujiko Eto wearing a sluttier version of the Team Rocket Grunt uniform

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Looking good! Not OR

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Requesting Hinata sneaking in Naruto's room while dressed in sneaky ninja garb.

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Wow, love it user!

Requesting Aki Nijou wearing a similar sweater leotard to the Melony fanart on the right

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Requesting girly Vodka in a dress with her hair down and tomboy Scarlet in a track jacket and shorts with short hair.

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requesting the Ryuuko redraw thing but with big-ass Maiko instead

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