Middle schooler

>middle schooler

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yes? this is what the average middle school girl raised on a first world diet looks like.

>grade schooler

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More fit to breed than her older sister.

I can happen. You guys either didn't pay attention to girls in middle school or just haven't don't see many girls at all.

I had really shit taste in middle school. wish I could go back in time and slap my younger self in the face

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Check out more instragram and tik tok, this is how 14 years old girls look like now.

42 years old

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For me middle school was 1999-2002. I went to a K-8 school of about 300 kids total. Everyone there was completely flat, far as I can remember. High school was a different story.

There's something in the water nowadays, and I like it.

>I can happen
No you can't.

I didn't watch this nothing show. I thought the big moment was when the MC saw her in a state of undress and she had a petite uohhh body wtf is this... Why is her bosom so large now?


wrong girl. that's her imouto

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Fluoride in the tap water be hitting different

there's also fluoride in tea leaves

I’m in love

I wish I was raised on a first world diet...

>up to volume 5 only the chibis tits have been shown in full display
Damn travesty.

Complete ruins the JC appeal

What the nip? Did older sister grow up poor or something until younger came in? You would think that if they were fed the same amount of food, then they would at least have the same waist.

Belongs to Atsushi Miyagawa

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Shinju stole all the fertility genes in the family

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I did. Took like a million photos of their butts with my nokia phone. Man we had some juicy girls.


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>just haven't don't see many girls at all

Woah, woah, woah. Hold up.

A: Different generations have different experiences. Older generations were not raised on hormone-laden food.

B: Even those of us who actually ARE millennials may have had SPECIFIC crushes on SPECIFIC girls in middle school, to the point where other girls showing the confidence to actively flirt with us (or... at least I think that was flirting) cannot pry us out of our longing for our crushes with even that confidence, let alone something as superficial as breast size.

So yeah, if Vegas odds are the vast majority of our classmates weren't that buxom, the vast majority of boys would have had specific crushes on specific girls who happened not to be that buxom, and at the time, not have noticed anyone else. We didn't take a full sampling of all the eye candy around us like we do now, because we were only partway through puberty, just like you were at the time.

I wouldn't ascribe malicious intent to the animators or fandoms of such anime. They should be given the benefit of a doubt, even if it feels a tad creepy.

But so should the people expressing skepticism at the realism of such portrayals.

You do realize genetics can play a role in appearance, right user?

And that not everyone who has the same set of parents received the exact same chromosomes from both?

>15 years old

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So, there was this girl in middle school who had massive boobs, I don't know if she had that condition that makes breasts overgrow or what but I swear, she was bigger than most of the teachers.
Of course, being middle schoolers and from a generation not overexposed to the internet, we didn't know any better, so we bullied her everyday and she had to change schools eventually.
Not even today's youth with their bodies full of hormones compare to her. I wish I could see how big they got after puberty.

that boy looks a bit young

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I genuinely believe people forget that there were kids that hit puberty that hard, or else there'd be a decrease in people going "BUT SHE'S 14"
Girls are looking older and older despite their age and getting their periods early now either because of human genetics or whatever they're putting in the water so we'll see where that mindset goes later on


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Its mostly because of better nutrition

Better nutrition is a misleading way to put it. It's because of obesity.

People on average eat more.
Because almost no one in the first world is starving, that means periods and growth start earlier and earlier.
Just because the other end is getting fatter, doesnt mean obesity.

Obesity causes early puberty for girls.

So THAT'S why plump girls keep thinking boys don't want them... their first impression of boys was formed back when she hit puberty and her classmates didn't, hence her failure to turn them on.

lmao nice pimple, bitch

JS for sale.
Never used.

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Fuck. Is that why I'm growing mantits too?

I can firmly say that there weren't any girls with that body type in my middle school

No they got bullied in highschool because they were fat
Chicks who get big tits early only get bullied by other girls

I want to fuck Hotaru

Candy ass

Everyone gets bullied. Everyone. The fat, the skinny, everyone. So no, that doesn't explain why they think boys don't want them.

11 year old...

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My 13 year old sister has massive tits and is taller than my dad. Not even joking.

Would post that 14 year old tiktoker girl with giant jugs that cosplays characters like Tsunade/Lucoa but I'm pretty sure mods would just delete the post.

There were 2 girls I knew that had tits the size of their heads by the time they were 13 and neither were fat
And one girl at my highschool who had some disorder that was the complete opposite and looked like she was ~10 and was probably gonna be that size forever

My boner is confused but I know what I like: cute big titted shy girls cosplaying as a handsome boy(girl)

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user, you know what to do



Still not as unlikely as anyone finding Wakana good looking.

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Literally made for my 23yo cock

>come on officer just look at that
>and the defendant than because thrusting at the victim saying “come onnn”